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May 18, 2003 - 6:19 PM

Hello World!

My mother has volunteered to babysit for my children tonight. This is probably the only time in May that I will have free babysitting, leaving me with a dilemma: Should we go see X2 or The Matrix Reloaded? I'm dying to see what happens in the new Matrix. Between the religious themes, the X-Files-style conspiracies and the cinematography, I expect to be one very happy fan. But I love so many of the characters -- and actors -- in X-Men. And I feel really left out of all the online discussions about the movie.

I will have a similar dilemma next television season. I watch four shows religiously and three of them will be on Wednesday nights. Doesn't it figure that the WB would move Smallville into the exact same time slot as Enterprise? Now I won't get to watch it until Thursdays. Meanwhile, for the past year West Wing has been my excuse for not watching Angel, but really I just couldn't stand Charisma Carpenter. Now she's leaving, and James Marsters will be bringing Spike over from Buffy.

I went insane when X-Files and La Femme Nikita were on at the same time. If I fall in love with Angel, I'll be torn between watching it and West Wing after Enterprise, and annoyed that I already missed Smallville. And tonight, no matter which movie we see, I'll probably be trying to listen through the walls to the other one. Is it good or bad to have too many entertainment choices?

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This Week's Television Listings

On Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, UPN will be showing Enterprise's season finale, "The Expanse". Here's the official synopsis of the episode:

Earth is savagely attacked by a mysterious alien probe that leaves millions of people killed. When Archer learns that the culprit species is planning to destroy the entire planet with their next assault, Enterprise embarks on a new mission into the dangerous and highly mysterious Delphic Expanse to put a stop to it. Although T'Pol is given a direct order from the Vulcan High Command not to participate in this mission, she resigns her post in order to continue with Enterprise. Meanwhile, the Klingons, who are bent on destroying Archer, continue their hot pursuit of Enterprise all the way into the expanse.

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