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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2001

Feb 28 - Tholians Return In 'Interphase' eBook
Pocket Books releases fourth 'Star Trek: S.C.E.' eBook. Buy it inside!

Feb 28 - UPN, Home Of Voyager... And Vampires?
WB continues to dither on 'Buffy' renewal, throwing the door open to ABC, Fox - and UPN

Feb 28 - Taylor And Lien
Interview transcripts with former executive producer Jeri Taylor and Kes actress Jennifer Lien online.

Feb 28 - News Bullets
NAACP Awards, Psi Phi book reading, Mulgrew transcript, International DVD news and more!

Feb 28 - Site Columns
'Human Error', BBS listings, Two Year Ago and TV times.

Feb 28 - Belated Voyager Reviews
'Workforce I' from the Cynic and J-Team, 'Lineage' from STC and

Feb 28 - 'Friendship One' Info
Official site posts new synopsis and character list

Feb 27 - Site Columns
Poll results, a birthday, BBS & TV info.

Feb 27 - WGA Strike On Its Way To Being Averted?
Insider reports that negotiators on both sides of the dispute are optimistic about reaching an agreement.

Feb 27 - News Bullets
Andy Dick, Aussie video release dates, official site mammoth update and Tim Russ auction.

Feb 27 - Andromeda Bullets
Sorbo and Woolvett to be parents, Interviews, News, and reviews!

Feb 26 - New 'Human Error' Spoilers
More info from upcoming Seven-centered Voyager episode.

Feb 26 - News Bullets
'Hailing Frequencies', Stewart, 'Subspace Echoes', lost scenes and Peter David.

Feb 26 - Shatner Sober-House Cutback
Nerine Shatner Friendly House to have over 50% fewer places for recovering alcoholics

Feb 26 - Site Columns
Bad Day, BBS listings, Two Years Ago Today, A Birthday and TV times.

Feb 26 - A Briefing With Caillan: The Road Not Taken
What if Voyager had done things differently?

Feb 25 - Site Columns
'Battlestar: Galactica', BBS & TV info, and more news from the TrekToday archives.

Feb 25 - Sev Trek Roundup
3D animated movie news & trailers, new Sev Trek Movie competition.

Feb 25 - X-treme Football Extreme Flop
XFL ratings fall for the third week, UPN falls afoul of affiliates and advertisers.

Feb 25 - SFX Reader Awards Results
Picardo, Ryan, Beltran and Stewart place while Voyager comes in at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Feb 25 - News Bullets
Psi Phi, Netherlands TV, Stewart, VVS8 and more!

Feb 25 - Herman Zimmerman Also Working On Series V
Decade-long Star Trek veteran re-joins franchise for next series.

Feb 24 - Site Columns
TrekToday turns two, and we launch a new column to celebrate! Plus: poll results, a birthday & TV listings.

Feb 24 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' official site launch, .plan updates and screenshots, 'Bridge Commander' shots and SFCII & 'Elite Force' reviews

Feb 24 - McNeill Answers uploads their most recent Q&A session with Robert Duncan McNeill

Feb 24 - Still More Voyager Episode Bytes
Official site posts short snyposes and production info for final three regular episodes Plus: 'Workforce II' pictures (contains spoilers)

Feb 23 - More 'Workforce Part I' Reviews
Trekker Newsletter, Cinescape, Mania and IGN Sci-Fi give the goods on Voyager's latest

Feb 23 - Site Columns
ISPs and other annoyances, BBS listings and TV times

Feb 23 - 'Author, Author' A-Plot
Robert Picardo talks to Cinesape on Voyager's upcoming holographic rights episode

Feb 23 - Michael Taylor Talks Remaining Season Seven Episodes
New spoilers on 'Human Error', 'Friendship One', 'Renaissance Man', and more. Plus: 'Workforce II' Summary

Feb 22 - Enterprise-E Designer Developing Series V Starship
John Eaves returns to Paramount to work on the next Star Trek show.

Feb 22 - Article: My Tribute to the Women of Star Trek: Voyager
The Voyager women - the femininity and strength of Kathryn Janeway, B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine

Feb 22 - Site Columns
Supermarkets, TT headlines, BBS & TV listings, a birthday and poll results.

Feb 22 - Robert Beltran's 'Erroneous' Love-match
UPN 9 news interview with Robert Beltran on 'Human Error' romance (contains spoilers)

Feb 22 - Good With The Bad On The Nielsen Front
National ratings for 'The Void' and overnights for 'Workforce I'

Feb 22 - First 'Workforce I' Reviews - Good, But Not Great
Critics argree so far this week - TrekWeb and Section 31 positive about first half of two-parter

Feb 22 - 'Workforce II' & 'Human Error' Promo Online
UPN posts 20 second 'Workforce' promo and uses it to play up 'Human Error' - transcript inside!

Feb 21 - 'First Wave' Star To Appear On 'Voyager'
Rob LaBelle to return to Voyager for third time in 'Destiny'.

Feb 21 - News Bullets
Psi Phi books, New York Post article, Picardo interview & Ryan con info.

Feb 21 - Mulgrew Cast As Alien Priestess In Videogame
Janeway actress to provide voice talent for sci-fi action game 'RLH'.

Feb 21 - Could Actors' Strike Prevent Series V Promotion?
SAG might require actors to boycott press in case of strike. Plus: Writers' talks update.

Feb 21 - Gaming Bullets
'Borg Assimilation'? Plus: CCG interview, 'Dominion Wars' .plan, 'Bridge Commander' shots.

Feb 21 - A Briefing With Caillan: The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway
Captain Kathryn Janeway - Hero or Criminal. You decide in this special Trek Nation feature!

Feb 21 - A Briefing With Caillan: The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway
Captain Kathryn Janeway - Hero or Criminal. You decide in this special Trek Nation feature!

Feb 21 - Site Columns
Exercise, BBS Listings, Two Birthdays and TV Times

Feb 20 - No 'Final Chapter' For Voyager
First plot info on final four regular episodes shows no connection to finale.

Feb 20 - Site Columns
Gunky chocolate, BBS listings and TV times

Feb 20 - Shimerman Says Series V Sets Constructed
Quark actor speaks at convention. Plus: Paramount publicity plans?

Feb 20 - News Bullets
Deep Space Nine: Horizons news, Stewart, 'Hailing Frequencies', ODN and fan-movie caps

Feb 20 - New Sev Trek Comic
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Comic strip!

Feb 20 - New Voyager Episode Title Revealed?
New Voyager episode rumours, Series V airdate confirmed by CNN

Feb 19 - All Star Trek Series Set For Region 2 DVD Release
Paramount to issue per-season box sets, starting in June. Plus: 'ST:VI' DVD details.

Feb 19 - News Bullets
Picardo, Shatner's wife, DS9 Relaunch, Germany, DS9 Dinner & DeBoer.

Feb 19 - 'The Void' Critics Remain Hopelessly Divided
Voyager's latest earns the Cynic's strong praise and Michelle Green's scorn.

Feb 19 - Taylor On Janeway's Life In The 'Workforce'
Voyager script writer talks final season & own Star Trek career.

Feb 19 - Site Columns
Apologies, Roxette, BBS listings and TV info for today & tomorrow.

Feb 18 - Mulgrew Talks Taking Risks With Relationships
Actress on getting with hologram, but not Chakotay

Feb 18 - Site Columns
'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' (possible spoilers). Plus: BBS & TV listings.

Feb 18 - News Bullets
Dragonriders, Spiner, Trek to return to free-to- air in Australia, Mulgrew and 'Subspace Echoes'

Feb 18 - 'Workforce' I&II Bytes
New Part II synopsis, 8 new screencaps and a new poster!

Feb 17 - Sev Trek Roundup
Two latest cartoons and competitions

Feb 17 - Gaming Bullets
SFCII UK Dynaverse patch, special 'Bridge Commander' screen-shot-of-the-week and 'Away Team'.

Feb 17 - Site Columns
TV listings return - now better than ever! Plus: poll results, a correction & a birthday.

Feb 17 - News Bullets
DS9 relaunch, UPN schedule, UK DVD news, Trek Alumni and Michael Piller

Feb 16 - 'Workforce' Script Leaks
Snippets from an un-aired Voyager script make their way to the internet again (contains potential spoilers)

Feb 16 - 'Author, Author' And 'Workforce' Footage
UPN 9 news interview with Holodoc actor online - transcript inside!

Feb 16 - More Voyager Media
'Workforce', 'Seven Days' and Set tour photos

Feb 16 - 'The Void' Leaves Critics Divided
The first 'The Void' reviews are out - a Trek classic or a formulaic Voyager outing?

Feb 15 - UPN Invites Us To Beam Aboard Final Season
Voyager network releases new trailer promoting the last episodes.

Feb 15 - Shatner Marries For Fourth Time, Avoids Media Onslaught
Captain Kirk actor marries Elizabeth Martin in Lebanon, Indiana

Feb 15 - It's Official: Series V To Debut In Fall
Viacom confirms premiere date. Plus: more 'Birth of the Federation' rumours.

Feb 15 - Voyager Continues Slow Ratings Rebound
'Prophecy' national & 'The Void' overnight ratings now available.

Feb 15 - 'Workforce Part One' Promo Online
20-second trailer for next week's Voyager available for download. Clip & transcript inside!

Feb 15 - News Bullets
Set tour, 'Subspace Echoes', 'Dinner on The Promenade' tickets, DVD, UK tv, Media Trek and Pomers.

Feb 15 - Site Columns
'Hannibal', BBS listings and a new poll

Feb 15 - First Photos & Synopsis Of 'Workforce' Two-Parter
All-new info on final Voyager February sweeps episodes.

Feb 14 - News Bullets
ISS, 'Galaxy Quest'-like film, comic, new Spiner film & Picardo 'Seven Days' postponed.

Feb 14 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' & 'SFC 2' patches, 'Away Team' preview, 'Elite Force' postmortem.

Feb 14 - McNeill: Acting Will Have To Wait For Directing
Tom Paris actor talks about post-Voyager plans & '9mm of Love' indie film.

Feb 14 - Viacom Revenues Rise 78% After CBS Acquisition
Paramount parent announces Q4 financial results - UPN revenues rise, too.

Feb 14 - Voyager Ratings Slowly Climb Again
'Repentance' final & 'Prophecy' overnight ratings show first improvement.

Feb 13 - No Unseen Footage On 'Motion Picture' DVD
'Memory Walk' spacewalk sequence not to be restored for upcoming special edition.

Feb 13 - News Bullets
TV Zone, J-Team, fanfic, FASA, Terry Farrell, 'Chains of Love', Series V & John Logan.

Feb 13 - 'Author, Author' Synopsis & Cast Info
A member of the crew gets literary aspirations on 'Star Trek: Voyager'!

Feb 13 - William Shatner To Marry Again
Elizabeth Martin to become fourth bride of Captain Kirk actor.

Feb 13 - Decipher Acquires Official Star Trek Fan Club
Trek Customisable Card Game & RPG license holder obtains FANtastic Media.

Feb 13 - News Bullets
New billboard photo, Nimoy, 'Battlefield: Earth', Stewart & Jeri Ryan.

Feb 13 - Series V Gets Even Closer
Payroll rumoured to start next week, Berman interviewed again.

Feb 12 - Mulgrew On Final Day Of Voyager Filming
Janeway actress expects to be 'emotional basket case'.

Feb 12 - Television Industry News
Writers guild talks continue, UPN orders cross-dressing sitcom, Viacom eyes stations.

Feb 10 - UPN Drops Voyager Tribute
Voyager to go without fanfare as UPN becomes cost-conscious

Feb 10 - Site Columns
Elections & Politicians and BBS listings

Feb 10 - 'Void' Photos and 'Workforce' Synopsis
The official site posts new media while UPN adds another synopsis

Feb 9 - Interviews
Jonathan Del Arco talks to AntonyF, while Roxann Dawson chats to Anna L. Kaplan

Feb 9 - Voyager Reviews Times Three
Section 31, IGN Sci-Fi and Cinescape all offer their take on 'Prohecy'

Feb 8 - Site Columns
Dreams, BBS listings and TV times

Feb 8 - News Bullets
Dragonriders, Billboard, Relaunch and more!

Feb 8 - Ryan On 'Human Error'
Jeri Ryan talks about Seven's 'experimentation' while Manu Intiraymi hints at something else.

Feb 8 - Voyager Reviews
TrekWeb does 'Prophcey' while the Cynic and SyFy World add their takes on 'Repentance'

Feb 8 - 'The Void' Promo Online
20-second trailer for next week's Voyager available for download. Clip & transcript inside.

Feb 7 - Berman Talks Trek X and Series V
Rick Berman give some details for both the fifth Trek series and upcoming tenth movie.

Feb 7 - Last Century's 'Prophecy'
The Norman Transcript reveals some interesting facts about 'Prophecy' and the people behind it

Feb 7 - News Bullets
X-Men, Spock and Q chat, McNeill Q&A, DVD news and more!

Feb 7 - Void and Workforce Photos
SFX Mag goes behind 'Workforce' and STC posts shots from 'The Void'

Feb 7 - Site Columns
Massage, BBS listings and TV times

Feb 6 - A Briefing With Caillan: 'A Candle at the Window'
Caillan Davenport writes about Kes, her departure and how we remember her.

Feb 5 - News Bullets
Psi Phi updates, Russ Q&A, Ryan pics and more!

Feb 5 - Wright-Up Reviews
Jim Wright reviews 'Repentance' and 'Shattered'

Feb 5 - Site Columns
Bushfire, and BBS Listings

Feb 3 - News Bullets
Mothership Down, Psi Phi Updates, Young B'Elanna site, billboard news and more!

Feb 3 - 'Prophecy' Promo Online
20-second trailer for next week's Voyager available for download. Clip & transcript inside.

Feb 3 - 'Repentance' Reviews
Cinescape, Mania, TrekWeb, Section31 and IGN Sci-Fi all look at Voyager's latest

Feb 3 - 'Prophecy' and 'The Void' Photos & Synopses, UPN and TV Now post new images and synopses for upcoming episodes

Feb 3 - Inside Trek On Workforce
Ian Spelling on his visit to the Voyager set (contains some spoilers)

Feb 3 - Ethan Phillips Q&A
Official site posts question and answer session with Neelix actor

Feb 1 - Site Columns
BBOS, BBS listings, new poll and a correction

Feb 1 - Gaming Bullets
Interview, Trailer, Reviews, CCG news and more!

Feb 1 - News Bullets
More Awards, UK tv news, Alien Voices, Ryan Stalker and much more!

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