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TrekToday - Mulgrew Talks Taking Risks With Relationships

Mulgrew Talks Taking Risks With Relationships

By Christian
February 18, 2001 - 10:54 PM

Communicator 'Women of Trek' cover - copyright FANtastic Media A relationship between Janeway and Chakotay has always been a possibility that many fans have shown a strong interest in, and over the past few weeks speculation about this relationship was refueled after it featured in spoilers for 'Shattered' and 'Workforce'. However, Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) is certainly not one of the people interested in that, she revealed in a new interview.

"I have strong ideas about sex," she told Debora Fisher of the Star Trek Communicator. "When they first started pushing for the Janeway/ Chakotay relationship, I just didn’t feel it would be correct. I was sure it would backfire. But when they had Janeway involved with a hologram, I was prepared to take the risk with that. Face it, this is make-believe. We’re all extending our imaginations here and the captain hadn’t had a kiss in six years!"

Mulgrew made her statement in a special issue of the Communicator, dedicated to the Women of Trek. In the interview, she also talked about what may well be one of the reasons for protecting the integrity of Janeway - the impact the character has had on viewers. "I think she’s had an influence on women of science. At least that’s what shows in the letters I receive and the women I talk to- scientists, doctors, lawyers, women struggling with different careers."

"I feel we have a shared dilemma and that’s what has been the most important thing to me," continued Mulgrew, who herself is now also a role model. "They’ve watched me on TV and read a little bit about me. They say ‘she’s raised two sons and hasn’t lost her verve, her honesty, some of her grace.’ I’m aware of Janeway not only being a role model, but full of integrity which is a very rare creature on television. Women in this culture of TV are starving and want to share something with their young girls."

The other women of Trek are all featured in the new edition of the Star Trek Communicator, now available in stores. A transcript of this particular interview can be found here on Totally Kate!

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