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February 28, 2001 - 6:51 PM

Hello World!

Rabid 'shipper that I am, I've been following the progress of our current poll with some small measure of interest - and have found myself quite surprised by the results so far. While I did expect a large number of people to click the 'wait and see' option, I was rather taken aback to discover that more people are really looking forward to it than there are of people like me who have a bad - and somewhat nauseous - gut feeling about the whole thing. It's not by much, but it really does make me wonder - whatever happened to everyone believing what I thought they should. I mean, come on. You'll all meant to agree with me. It's not fair that you don't.

In other news, we just discovered something of a glitch when it comes to viewing the site with Netscape - particularly version 3. I do believe that the version 3 bug in particular very nearly gave my dear co-editor a heart-attack when he first saw it. Now, much as I his discomfiture amusing, and that it should all be fixed now, we'd really appreciate it if people would let us know about these things - we're both primarily IE users and don't always remember to check with other browsers as often as we should.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Theodore Sturgeon's "Shore Leave"

-B5 5x15: "Darkness Ascending"

-Voyager Two Parters: The Best & the Worst

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Trek Two Years Ago

On Monday the 28th of January, 1999, some of the most important TrekToday headlines of the day were as follows:

  • Hello World - For the second day in a row, Christian talked about Inssurection. My, what we had to out up with before I started writing. Also, he announced a new special article feature.
  • DS9 Video Clips - The Star Trek Universe had just put up its latest set of video clips of 'Chimera' and 'Field of Fire.
  • Author Chat - Starbase Prometheus, the Starship Creator fan site, hosted a chat with Trek novelist John Vornholt. At the time, Vornholt's most recent publications include the TNG Dominion War books. More news from that day can be found in our February archives.

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