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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2001

Sep 30 - Jolene Blalock Knows Her Star Trek
The latest actress to don the famous pointy ears demonstrates why she's just like one of the fans.

Sep 30 - UPN 'Fight Or Flight' Promo Released
Download the trailer for the first regular 'Enterprise' episode - transcript inside. Updated: New 30 second promo.

Sep 30 - Trinneer On The T'Pol/Trip Relationship
'Enterprise' actor talks Vulcans, working with Porthos and 'Civilization.' Spoilers inside.

Sep 30 - Tim Lynch Returns To Review 'Enterprise'
Well-known Internet reviewer analyses 'Broken Bow.' Plus: 5 more fan reviews of the Series V opening episode.

Sep 30 - Site Columns
Caillan on 'Broken Bow,' BBS threads, classic TT news, TV listings.

Sep 29 - Trek Nation Episode Guide Launches
Find out about this all-new 'Enterprise' section of the Trek Nation. Plus: Add episode listings to your own site!

Sep 29 - First 'Fight Or Flight' Images Released
Official site posts stills from first regular 'Enterprise' episode. Contains spoilers.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
'Broken Bow' credits, Bakula times two, screencaps, science news, 'Enterprise' ratings & polls.

Sep 29 - Redshirts Get A New Uniform In Sev Trek
Take a look at the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon and submit your own idea for next week.

Sep 28 - 'Broken Bow' Second-Most Popular UPN Night
12 million people watch the launch of the Enterprise, with huge ratings in key demographics. Full report inside!

Sep 28 - Blalock Cares About T'Pol, Not Her Looks
Vulcan actress on why she isn't worried about her slinky costume getting in the way.

Sep 28 - Trinneer: 'Enterprise' Is An 'Awesome Experience'
Tucker actor on auditioning for Series V and 'Unexpected.' Spoilers inside!

Sep 27 - 'Enterprise' Scores Massive Overnight Ratings
'Broken Bow' beats 'Endgame' viewership levels by 20%, preliminary figures suggest. UPN places 2nd in timeslot.

Sep 27 - Designer Talks Decorating The Enterprise Set
Jim Mees, set decorator for the NX-01, on the challenges of creating a style for the future.

Sep 27 - Linda Park Chats With Fans
Hoshi Sato actress answers fan questions in a live chat - minutes before the Enterprise premiere. Full report inside!

Sep 27 - Mostly Positive Reception For 'Broken Bow'
Twelve new reviews of 'Enterprise' series premiere posted online.

Sep 27 - Hear Scott Bakula Sing
Cover versions of 'Blue Moon of Kentucky,' 'Imagine' & more now available for free download. Bakula: Music 'is my first love.'

Sep 27 - TMP Director's Edition Nominated For Awards
DVD scores four nods in the first Video Premiere Awards. Plus: TNG DVDs to be released in March?

Sep 26 - 'Broken Bow' Reviewed By Press & Fans
Twelve new takes on series premiere - mostly positive, but with some reservations.

Sep 26 - Pilot Synopsis And Guest Cast Released
Official site posts full details of 'Enterprise' premiere. Biographies of guest cast inside. Spoilers!

Sep 26 - Site Columns
BB Day, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Sep 26 - Merri D. Howard Talks Enterprise Excitement
Supervising Producer on why Enterprise might be the best Trek show yet.

Sep 26 - UPN Releases Official 'Strange New World' Info
Synopsis and guest cast for second regular 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 26 - Canadian Promo Shows New Shots Of The NX-01
See the Enterprise from different angles! Full transcript and images inside.

Sep 26 - Carey Talks 'Enterprise' Pilot Novelisation
Regular Trek author on writing characters and adapting scripts.

Sep 26 - Butterfly Girls Pleased To Work On Trek
'Enterprise' first major television appearance for the Klimaszewski twins.

Sep 25 - TNN Celebrates 'The Next Generation'
'America Loves Star Trek' documentary and TNG marathon to highlight TNN's position as the new home of Trek.

Sep 25 - News Bullets
New Enterprise promos, TOS DVD releases, Jeri Ryan on TV and more!

Sep 25 - 'Enterprise' Goes Back To TOS, Say Reviews
Pilot analyses encourage fans of 'Original Series' to beam aboard. 'The best Star Trek since Star Trek.'

Sep 25 - Nimoy and Shatner Nominated For Annies
TOS actors up for animation awards for voice performances.

Sep 25 - Site Columns
TWW & other stuff, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Sep 24 - Paramount Greenlights Trek X
'Star Trek: Nemesis' to begin shooting November 28, Digital Domain confirmed for FX.

Sep 24 - News Bullets
Less competition for Enterprise, TNG on TNN, book news, more Enterprise and much more!

Sep 24 - Site Columns
Welcome to the week, TrekBBS, TrekToday Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Sep 23 - Cast Praised In 'Enterprise' Pilot Reviews
New 'Broken Bow' analyses highlight actors - particularly Blalock, Billingsley & Bakula.

Sep 23 - Blackman Talks Starfleet Uniforms
Series V costume designer on creating the perfect 22nd century look.

Sep 23 - 'Enterprise' Coverage Roundup
TV Guide poster & review, photos from premiere screening, Toronto Star article, editorials, viewer poll & UPN promos.

Sep 23 - Site Columns
Problems coming in December, BBS threads, classic TV news, 2 birthdays & TV listings.

Sep 22 - Digitized 'Broken Bow' Footage Online
Over ten minutes worth of 'Enterprise' pilot footage available for download! Extensive transcripts and images inside.

Sep 22 - First 'Unexpected' Dialogue
Read partial transcripts of seven bridge scenes of Enterprise's first comedy episode, then see for yourself how they were filmed!

Sep 22 - Starship Enterprise Could Come Back To Earth
Scott Bakula talks 'temporary nature' of the Starship Enterprise's mission. Plus: New York publicity tour postponed.

Sep 22 - 'Broken Bow' Preview Generates Positive Buzz
Reports from exclusive cast & crew screening say Series V pilot is the best yet.

Sep 21 - Web Review Says Pilot Is A 'Wonderful Beginning'
'Broken Bow' awarded an A minus - analysis praises characters, Bakula & Blalock.

Sep 21 - FBI Warning Puts Hollywood On Alert
Possible threat to movie studios, but 'Enterprise' screening goes ahead.

Sep 21 - Billingsley Recalls Casting Experience
Phlox actor on auditioning for 'Enterprise' and squawking!

Sep 21 - Site Columns
Connection delays, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Sep 20 - UPN Release 'Fight or Flight' Information
First official information on the second Enterprise episode to air is released. Full spoiler-filled report inside!

Sep 20 - Dr. Phlox Actor To Appear On 'Roswell'
New details on the Enterprise cross-over with fellow UPN show.

Sep 20 - Linda Park's 'Enterprise' Excitement
Hoshi Sato actress talks about the thrill of seeing the trailers for the new show, and hints at future storylines.

Sep 20 - News Bullets
See Enterprise on a Big screen in TN, Enterprise promo mirrors, Canadian TV Guide and more!

Sep 20 - First Shot Of Enterprise In Motion
UPN debuts final pre-premiere promo after 'Endgame' airing. Full transcript inside!

Sep 20 - Trashy Yard Resurrected In New Sev Trek Spoof
See this week's completed Sev Trek cartoon and submit your own punchline for next week.

Sep 20 - Site Columns
Lisa goes shopping, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Sep 19 - Linda Park: Hoshi Sato And I Are So Similar
Enterprise's youngest actress talks parallels with her character, conflicts with Vulcans and fun on the set.

Sep 19 - Patrick Stewart Reflects On The 'Next Generation'
Jean-Luc Picard actor talks about the inspirations behind his role in the series, and looks forward to Enterprise and Trek X.

Sep 19 - Bakula Talks Set Camaraderie
Jonathan Archer actor on the cast and shaking shuttlepods. 'There is just so much fun that happens every day.'

Sep 19 - Gaming Bullets
New 'Armada II' sites and info, 'DS9: The Fallen' review, 'Dominion Wars' patch, 'Bridge Commander' screenshots & CCG.

Sep 19 - Site Columns
TWW test & 'Take On Trek' delayed, BBS Threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Sep 18 - 'Enterprise' Is About Firsts, Says Braga
Series V co-creator on the new show's identity, exploration and the Suliban. Spoilers inside!

Sep 18 - John 'Phlox' Billingsley Speaks Out
'Enterprise' actor talks 22nd century philosophy and 'folk' medicine.

Sep 18 - Site Columns
Virtual Pets, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Sep 18 - Takei Praises Courage In Terrorist Aftermath
Captain Sulu actor urges fans to uphold American virtues.

Sep 17 - First 'Fortunate Son' Info Revealed
Title and first plot info for the tenth episode of the season, second to be directed by LeVar Burton. Spoilers inside!

Sep 17 - Russ Praises Berman And Braga
'They definitely held up the integrity of the creator's vision.' Plus: Full audio interview available for free download!

Sep 17 - News Bullets
New UPN Enterprise poster, James Cromwell's new series, Voyager Con report and much more!

Sep 17 - Blalock: I Wanted To Be The Best Shaker!
T'Pol actress talks shaking on cue, characterisation and 'Breaking The Ice.' Spoilers inside!

Sep 17 - BBC Shows 'Broken Bow' Footage
'Enterprise' scene & possible starship schematics seen on UK Star Trek night. Plus: Berman & Bormanis on science. Spoilers inside.

Sep 17 - Keating On Creating Malcolm Reed
'Enterprise' actor talks acting and the origin of the NX-01's weapons officer.

Sep 17 - Site Columns
Caillan is Ainsley Hayes - take the 'West Wing' personality test. Plus: BBS threads & TV listings.

Sep 16 - Las Vegas Con Photo Report
See 50 all-new photos of the stars attending last week's 35th Anniversary convention. TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager actors!

Sep 16 - News Bullets
Bakula TV appearances, Bakula and Ryan in poll, UK Star Trek Night, and more!

Sep 16 - Slugs and Silicon Babes In Sev Trek
Check out the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoons from Sev Trek!

Sep 15 - UPN Press Party Cast Interviews
Video clips with Bakula, Blalock, Keating, Montgomery, Billingsley, Berman & Braga online! Transcripts inside!

Sep 15 - Lauritson & Westmore On 22nd Century Challenges
'Enterprise' supervising producer and makeup designer talk technology, CGI, the Suliban and Phlox.

Sep 15 - Official Site Launches New 'Enterprise' Section
Character profiles, timeline, sweepstakes and more on

Sep 15 - Patrick Stewart's New Play Reviewed By Critics
The Next Generation actor's performance in 'Johnson Over Jordan' is reviewed in the UK press.

Sep 14 - Jeffrey Combs Reassures Fans
Weyoun actor sends a message assuring all of his safety after confusion in the wake of New York tragedy.

Sep 14 - Vaughn Armstrong On Playing Human - At Last!
The man with more guest roles on Star Trek than anyone else, talks about his latest role on Enterprise.

Sep 14 - Shimerman & Robinson Collaborate On New Play
Quark and Garak actors working on Harold Pinter's 'The Birthday Party.'

Sep 14 - DS9 Actors Talk Memories At Las Vegas Con
Visitor, Siddig and Lofton recall their Trek days, and talk about their current activities.

Sep 13 - Beltran Appeals For Cool Heads After U.S. Tragedy
Chakotay actor sends a message to fans. Plus: John Ordover offers to contact relatives, Combs not involved & fall schedule.

Sep 13 - Braga: We Know Where We Went Wrong
Enterprise co-creator says that the new Trek series will learn from the past mistakes of others.

Sep 13 - Siddig Sends Letter On Attacks To Fan Club
Former DS9 star expresses shock over U.S. terrorism. 'Your nation is not alone.'

Sep 13 - BBC Celebrates Star Trek
UK TV dedicates a night of special programmes to the 35th Anniversary of Trek.

Sep 13 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Sep 13 - TNG Cast Remember Roddenberry
Actors reminisce about Trek creator and 'Original Series' cast members at Las Vegas con.

Sep 12 - 'Enterprise' Cast Contemplate Their New Roles
Park, Billingsley and Keating talk life on the NX-01.

Sep 12 - Site Columns
NY Tragedy, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday and TV listings.

Sep 11 - Paramount Production Halted After U.S. Attacks
'Enterprise' and other series temporarily stop filming as world is in shock over attacks on World Trade Center, Pentagon.

Sep 11 - 'Enterprise' Gearing For Take-Off
TV Guide article, Sky One promo, UK premiere date, theme music & Bird-of-Prey correction. Plus: Cast in civvies!

Sep 10 - 'Enterprise' Production Talk At Vegas Con
Brannon Braga, LeVar Burton & Roxann Dawson talk continuity and cast alchemy at 35th Anniversary Celebration.

Sep 10 - News Bullets
Bakula and Ryan At Emmys, Insurrection on TV, Dawson's play, and much more!

Sep 10 - Site Columns
How I spent my Saturday. Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Sep 9 - 'Motion Picture' Fan Questions Answered
The Director's Edition production team answers fan questions on special effects, film changes, music, and more!

Sep 9 - 'Voyager' Goes Home With Two Emmys
Series finale wins for music and special effects.

Sep 9 - Bakula On Creating Trek's 'New Sensibility'
New series star looks at what 'Enterprise' has to offer the franchise.

Sep 9 - Janeway Never Lost Her Heart, Says Mulgrew
'Voyager' actress on 'Endgame' and the long road home. Plus: Comments on 'Enterprise.'

Sep 9 - Site Columns
Hello World!, BBS threads, classic TT news, TV listings & a birthday!

Sep 8 - Chattaway Returns To Score 'Enterprise'
Regular Trek composer to make his Series V debut with 'Fight Or Flight.' Plus: More contemporary scores?

Sep 8 - TNN To Air Special Trek Documentary
'America Loves...Star Trek' will premiere October 1.

Sep 8 - Site Columns
Star Trek's 35th, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Sep 7 - Guinan To Cameo In Trek X?
Report claims Goldberg approached by producers. Contains Spoilers! Also: William Shatner on Enterprise.

Sep 7 - UPN Executive Sues Own Network
Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise network takes UPN to court over package dispute.

Sep 7 - Trek Movie Marathon Sets Ratings Records
TNN's Labour Day Trek movies proves a winner with TV audiences.

Sep 6 - T'Pol To Explore Her Emotional Side
Rumours shed light on possible character arc for 'Enterprise' Vulcan. Spoilers inside!

Sep 6 - Site Columns
Lisa babbles for a bit, Trek Two Years Ago, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Sep 5 - Nichols Talks First Inter-Racial Kiss
'Shatner said, if anyone is going to kiss Nichelle, it's going to be me!' Plus: Download 100 free Star Trek MP3s!

Sep 5 - Combs Talks 'Enterprise' Andorian Role
Regular Trek guest actor on makeup for 'The Andorian Incident.' Spoilers inside!

Sep 5 - Shimerman Reevaluates Quark's Role
Ferengi actor looks back on DS9's final season.

Sep 5 - News Bullets
Delta Blues,, Babylon 5.1, Shatner, David, 'Enterprise' articles & book review.

Sep 5 - Site Columns
Parting is such sweet sorrow, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Sep 4 - First 'Civilization' Plot Details
Romance is in the air in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 4 - Trek X To Have 'A Lot Of Changes,' Says Dorn
Worf actor talks next TNG feature film at convention. Spoilers inside!

Sep 4 - Seventh 'Enterprise' Episode Titled 'Terra Nova'
Erick Avari rumoured to guest star in Series V's seventh installment. Possible spoilers inside.

Sep 4 - Site Columns
Football, Trek BBS, TV listings, a Correction and Trek Two Years Ago.

Sep 3 - Special 'Enterprise' Pilot Screenings?
New report claims some UPN stations may be holding Enterprise premiere events.

Sep 3 - 'Shapes' Promo Reveals 'Enterprise' Dialogue
Hear Mayweather and Reed talk exploration in latest UPN promo. Full transcript and images inside!

Sep 3 - News Bullets
Enterprise in Canada - essential info, Farrell dispute settled, Psi Phi launces Enterprise section and much more!

Sep 3 - Ryan Compares Teacher With Borg
Seven of Nine actress talks about her new role on 'Boston Public.'

Sep 3 - Site Columns
Roman comic humour, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Sep 2 - Trinneer Talks Trip's 'Unexpected' Experience
Engineer actor on 'Enterprise's' third regular episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 2 - Andromeda Bullets
Love interest for Dylan Hunt, Kevin Sorbo becomes a father, Robert Hewitt Wolfe on season two, reviews and more!

Sep 2 - Site Columns
Absolutely Fabulous darling, Trek Two Years Ago, Trek BBS & TV Listings.

Sep 1 - Gerrold Airs His Views On Media Tie-in Novels
'Trouble With Tribbles' writer on the current state of SF literature.

Sep 1 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' reviews & FAQ, 'Bridge Commander' Q&A, FAQ & screenshots.

Sep 1 - Site Columns
DS9 relaunch, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

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