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September 20, 2001 - 11:37 AM

Hello World!

I went SHOPPING the other day. I capitalise the word because I took my credit card and gave into the urge to SHOP.

The latest Bjork CD, Vespertine was top of my must buy list. I love Bjork. She whispers, coos, screams, soars and dives, and her music is always wonderfully created. I'm still listening to it to get a feel for it properly, but I especially like the use of a music box on some tracks. Highly effective.

Not too sure I'd recommend it for new Bjork fans though. Post was my introduction to Bjork and still my sentimental favourite of her albums. You can't beat lyrics about dinosaurs and throwing things off a cliff. Delicious.

I also grabbed myself a new Playstation game. Anyone else got Sheep, Dog n Wolf yet? For some reason, this seems to have a different name in Europe than the US. How odd.

Anyway, its a great game in which you play as a Lonney Tunes wolf and have to attempt to steal sheep from Sam Sheepdog (the one with the orange fringe in his eyes) on Daffy Duck's gameshow. This is a game that makes you think like a loony tunes character. Imagine being Wile E Coyote and helping him come up with a new scheme to catch Roadrunner - complete with ACME supplies and a blueprint of the plan. Its full of the little cartoon touches - the stuff like feeling for the floor with a foot before you drop 200 feet down a ravine, a rather mean and aggressive bull who charges you into the air and then sniggers afterwards. Great fun.

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