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September 26, 2001 - 9:25 PM

Hello World!

Well, this is it, the day Trek fans across the globe have bene waiting for, as Enterprise gets its premiere on UPN.

All you Americans are lucky @#€#$!&*!s.

As the NX-01 starts off on its maiden voyage, I'll be crouched in front of my computer in my house in Blighty - calculating the drain on the server from frantic people discussing 'Broken Bow' on the TrekBBS. My house is as cold as a flipping igloo right now as the weather prepares for Winter. I could just do with a temporal wormhole or perhaps some highly advanced sort of plastic surgery on my TV so I could pick up the broadcast here. I'm sure that would warm me up.

So spare a thought for us poor foreigners.

Of course, due to my work here on TrekToday I probably already know the episode as well as the actors, or my name's Septimus Serverus - but that's besides the point. I want to see it. Hurry up Sky!

Enjoy the episode. I'm off to sulk in peace.

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