First 'Unexpected' Dialogue By Christian
September 22, 2001 - 3:17 PM

'Unexpected' behind-the-scenes video - copyright Paramount Pictures recently allowed video cameras to be present during the filming of Enterprise episode 'Unexpected,' giving web viewers a first look at scenes from this upcoming comedy episode.

As previously reported, in 'Unexpected' the crew discover an alien ship hiding in the Enterprise's exhaust wake, trying to recharge their engines. Engineer Tucker goes over to help them repair their ship, but unwittingly becomes pregnant in the process! When the Enterprise tries to find the alien ship again, they find it hiding in the slipstream of a Klingon ship, with a captain who is not at all receptive to Archer. It's only when T'Pol helps Archer resolve the situation that the Klingons agree to leave the aliens unharmed, but only if they agree to trade some primitive holo-technology.

All of these plot elements appeared in six new behind-the-scenes clips available now at Zap2It, showing the Enterprise cast and crew filming those scenes from 'Unexpected' that take place on the bridge. Several scenes were shown multiple times, in early rehearsal and final shooting versions, with some differences in dialogue appearing between the various versions. Despite that, below is a pieced-together transcript of seven distinct scenes appearing in these clips:

The actual clips can now be downloaded in both low- and high-bandwidth RealVideo and Windows Media versions from Zap2It. They offer an interesting insight in the actual production process of an episode, including the crew yelling 'boom' to indicate the ship is being hit and some of the cast members having difficulties with the technical terms. In order to download the clips, please follow this link.

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