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September 6, 2001 - 8:19 PM

Hello World!

Something distressing happened to me this afternoon. Whenever I tried to connect to the net, my modem didn't make its usual round of clicks and whistles. Instead, a woman with one of those impossible English accents that only the villains in American films actually talk with, said "Sorry, the number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please check, and try again."

Such things re very distressing for internet addicts with Star Trek News to report. However, all appears to be working now, for my modem connected on its second try tonight. Hmm.

This lack of connectivity did give me time to catch up on my reading though. It's at times like these I wish I had a pocket PC or one of those eBook thingies.

A recent update at the Stargate SG1 Novel Archive a couple of days ago meant I had a nice story to read, all zipped up and downloaded to my hard drive. I also finished off City of Light which is a fantastic X Files novel that was recently finished. That whole series of stories simply rocks.

Of course, now my ISP is actually working again, I need to hurry up and finish these columns, so I won't tarry here any longer.

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