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September 24, 2001 - 2:29 PM

Hello World!

Today's site columns come to you on the second try, no thanks to the efforts of my bloody stupid evil nasty computer.

Yes, it crashed when I was half way through assembling these things. And that, is really really annoying.

I suggested to Christian that he get himself a really cushy sponsorship deal for TrekToday with a really rich computer manufacturer. That way I could get myself a replacement. He replied that all the really rich computer manufacturers were already in bed with other sites. I assured him that his staff are far better between the sheets than they are, but he didn't seem impressed. I think this probably means he hasn't changed his mind about why it's really really important and vital to the health of the site that he buy me a Playstation II, either.

You can't blame a girl for trying, can you?

Welcome to 'Broken Bow' week on TrekToday. Where the levels of hype and excitement just might cause some members of staff to implode. I've been worried about Caillan for some time now. Odd things seem to happen to him whenever someone mentions the word 'calling,' he comes across a publicity shot or the word 'Bakula.' He'll deny it of course.

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