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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2000

Sep 30 - New Video Clips
First 'Unimatrix Zero II' footage & Jeri Ryan on romance. (Contains Spoilers)

Sep 30 - New Sev Trek Competition
Beta 'Degenerates' into android comedian.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
X-men video release date, 'Haunting of Deck 12', Burton wins award and more!

Sep 29 - Gaming Bullets
Elite Force CD Keys, Master Server news, reviews and DecipherCon

Sep 29 - Site Columns
The Perth Royal Show, BBS & TV listings, new poll results of the last one.

Sep 28 - 'Star Trek: A Paper Universe' Review
Amy the fumbled-fingered is introduced to the ancient art of paper-wrestling.

Sep 28 - Review: A Paper Universe
Amy the fumbled-fingered is introduced to the ancient art of paper-wrestling.

Sep 28 - 'Unimatrix Zero' Promo Video & Images
Download the first episode trailer of Voyager's final season!

Sep 28 - More Michael Westmore Answers
Part two of fan interview with make-up supervisor now available.

Sep 28 - News Bullets
UPN, Kahless, repeat ratings, Barclay Vs. Cochrane, Domion War & 'ST: TMP' DVD.

Sep 28 - First 'Nightingale' Info posts guest cast & creative staff info on previously unknown episode.

Sep 28 - Site Columns
Roxette, BBS discussions, TV info & two birthdays.

Sep 27 - 'Andromeda' News Items
More episode titles, photos, Bertram, Winning & Wolfe interviewed and airdate listings for next week's premiere!

Sep 27 - Gaming Bullets
DS9 preview, 'Voyager' reviews & release news and a 'New Worlds' review.

Sep 27 - News Bullets
Insurrection trailer, 'Unimatrix Zero II' pic, The Rock, Decipher & make-up book.

Sep 27 - Site Columns
Shark-attacks and other painful things, BBS and TV listings

Sep 27 - 'Body & Soul' and 'Flesh & Blood' Cast info
Previous credits for the guest cast of two upcoming Star Trek: Voyager episodes.

Sep 27 - UPN Promo Transcript
New Voyager season seven promo transcribed!

Sep 27 - Julia Houston on the Andromeda Premiere guide looks at the latest Roddenberry series to hit the little screen.

Sep 26 - News Bullets
Vertical Limit, New Frontier, Phillips con report & cover pictures.

Sep 26 - Site Columns
Construction workers, BBS info & congratulations to the Billers!

Sep 26 - New Hailing Frequencies
Michelle Erica Green looks at recent rumors, SCE book 2 and the doings of William Shatner and Robert Beltran.

Sep 25 - News Bullets
Richard James interview, Neil Norman, features & reviews.

Sep 25 - Guest Actors In 'Flesh And Blood' and 'Body And Soul' Production News section updated again.

Sep 25 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' reviews, scam warning & new map, SFC 2 and 'New Worlds'.

Sep 25 - New Sev Trek Competition
The Kleavage Klingoffs debut on the Sev Trek Big screen

Sep 25 - Brannon Braga Interview
Braga talks series V, leaving Voyager and dispells 'no-pilot' rumors

Sep 25 - New Sev Trek Competition
The ever Bashful spy shows us how it should be done

Sep 25 - Site Columns
Quick Hello World, BBS info, TV listings & poll results.

Sep 24 - J. Michael Straczynski On Star Trek posts transcript of chat with Babylon 5 creator.

Sep 24 - Rick Berman & Brannon Braga Interviewed
EW talks to Berman on Voyager end & Cult Times interview with Braga on 'Unimatrix Zero'.

Sep 24 - Michael Westmore answers fan questions posts part one of Michael Westmore Q & A session

Sep 24 - Gaming Bullets
Starfleet Command: Volume 2 demo review, CCG news, 'New Worlds' Review and, you guessed it, two 'Elite Force' reviews.

Sep 24 - Site Columns
Why arachnophobes shouldn't move to Australia, BBS & TV lisitings and a correction to happen eventually.

Sep 24 - News Bullets
Trekker Newsletter, Media Trek Videos, Voyager returns to West Virginia and Cynic German update

Sep 24 - Two New Sev Comics
Have a gander at this weeks new comics

Sep 23 - Site Columns
New poll, BBS info & birthdays.

Sep 23 - News Bullets
Zefram Cochrane vs Qui-Gon Jinn at IGN, 'The Last Man' screening and Garret Wang in 'Fahrenheit 452: The Art Police'

Sep 23 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' Tools for download, 'New Worlds' reviewed and two more 'Elite Force' Reviews.

Sep 22 - Shatner '48 Hours' Clip Online
Kirk actor talks on CBS show. Transcript inside.

Sep 22 - Network Bosses Worried As Strike Approaches
Six networks talk fall line-ups & strike fears, WGA nixes early negotiations.

Sep 22 - Kate Mulgrew On Voyager End & 'Shattered'
Janeway actress & Kenneth Biller talk on final season. (Contains Spoilers)

Sep 22 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS & TV listings

Sep 22 - Ordover and Shatner Interviews
Trekker Newsletter talks to Pocket books editor, TrekWeb re-posts Shatner Interview

Sep 21 - Voyager Episode Spoilers
Michelle Green & TrekWeb on 'Drive', 'Flesh and Blood' and 'Body and Soul'.

Sep 21 - News Bullets
McNeill at fundraiser, Riverworld series, rerun ratings, & more.

Sep 21 - Site Columns
News database system, BBS info, TV listings, a correction & new poll.

Sep 21 - Take on Trek Column: The Enemy - Part 4
In part four of his series The Enemy, Fred Shedian looks at several alien races which have survived the test of time in keeping themselves "real threats" to the Federation.

Sep 21 - Gaming Bullets
Elite Force CTF screenshots, Collector's Edition, Support page and a different review for every day of the week.

Sep 20 - News Bullets (2)
German Cynic, Excalibur, Spiner, Series V parody, CCG & more.

Sep 20 - Excelsior Campaign Launches Trailer
Fan campaign for Captain Sulu series still alive and well.

Sep 20 - A Take On Trek: The Enemy - Part 4
Fred Shedian looks at villains which have maintained their integrity over the years in part four of his series.

Sep 20 - UPN Bullets
Voyager network orders new reality series & is successful with early season start.

Sep 20 - News Bullets
Shatner Bullets, Voyager rumour, E-books, Westmore interview and X-men

Sep 20 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS & TV listings and a correction

Sep 20 - 'Deeper Side of Trek'
Jamahl Epsicokhan on Technobabble

Sep 20 - Julia Houston on The Difficulty of Paradise Guide asks if Trek is humanity's future 'heaven'.

Sep 19 - Fandom News
Jeffrey Combs interview, eBooks, Dark Angel and more.

Sep 19 - Gaming Bullets
UK DS9 release, SFC 2 interview and 'Elite Force' reviews, contest & more.

Sep 19 - 'Flesh And Blood', 'Body And Soul' Production Info
Shooting finished on November telefilm & McNeill takes the helm.

Sep 19 - 'Drive' Rumours Resurface
Voyager episode news in new Hailing Frequencies. (Contains Spoilers)

Sep 19 - Site Columns
More Big Brother, BBS info & TV poll.

Sep 19 - New Sev Trek Competition
The Olympics come to Sev

Sep 18 - Interview: Bill Margol Interview
Salvador Nogueira talks to the TOS Special Edition producer.

Sep 18 - Bill Margol Interview
Executive producer of Sci-Fi Channel TOS Special Edition speaks out.

Sep 18 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Sep 18 - Stan Lee Media Developing 'Gene Roddenberry's Starship'
Lost project in development for the internet & info on first Starship project.

Sep 18 - News Bullets
Eugene Roddenberry Interview, Behind the Scenes, Memorable Moments and Andromeda tidbits

Sep 18 - Site Columns
Amy's first 'Hello World', BBS and TV listings

Sep 17 - Gaming Bullets
Lots of 'Elite Force' reviews & news, and 'Invasion' reviewed.

Sep 17 - Site Columns
Important TrekToday announcement, BBS & TV info and poll results.

Sep 16 - Voyager Stars Present At UPN Party
Braga talks Series V & Russ and Ryan on series ending.

Sep 16 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Sep 16 - 'Body And Soul' Plot & Crew Info
Robert Duncan McNeill directing new Voyager episode.

Sep 16 - Site Columns
Big Brother II, BBS info & a birthday.

Sep 15 - Sirtis: Trek X Last TNG Film
Deanna Troi actress appearing in British 'Casualty' series.

Sep 15 - News Bullets
Russ & Bormanis, Frakes, GalaxyOnline, Decipher & Fed Science

Sep 15 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Sep 15 - Bryan Fuller Chat Highlights
Voyager staff writer talks rumours, Series V, character focus & more.

Sep 15 - Current Shatner Projects
Kirk actor establishing Noreen Shatner friendly house & directing new film.

Sep 15 - Viacom Standing Firm Behind UPN
Redstone vows to make network profitable in 18 months & other UPN news.

Sep 15 - Site Columns
Renewed laptop problems, poll reactions & BBS listings.

Sep 14 - News Bullets
Wheaton, TOS DVDs, DeLancie, Donna Murphy & Beltran answers.

Sep 14 - Reminder: Bryan Fuller Chat
TrekWeb live chat with Voyager staff writer this evening.

Sep 14 - Site Columns
Crocodiles, birthdays & poll results.

Sep 13 - Jamahl Epsicokhan Article & Interview
Star Trek: Hypertext reviewer on reviewing, writing and 'Andromeda'.

Sep 13 - News Bullets
Raffle, movies, Series V non-news, eBook, Sirtis interview, German books & more.

Sep 13 - New 'Unimatrix Zero' Promo
Season seven trailer featuring old footage & new narration. Transcript inside.

Sep 13 - Starburst Star Trek Special Released
British magazine featuring Trek Babes, Trek movies, James Darren, gadgets & more.

Sep 13 - New Sev Trek Competition
It's the dead tribble contest!

Sep 13 - Trek Comic Articles
'The Killing Shadows' previewed & 'New Frontier' inked artwork.

Sep 13 - Site Columns
Petrol crisis, BBS listings & TV info.

Sep 12 - Julia Houston On Trek Lessons For Voyager guide tells Voyager & Series V to learn from DS9's mistakes.

Sep 12 - Optical Data Network Issue 110 Released
Adam Bailey sends out Volume V, Issue 12 of biweekly Trek newsletter.

Sep 12 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Sep 12 - News Bullets
Shatner in PSA, UPN ratings, Decipher, Hailing Frequencies, DVDs, Russ & more.

Sep 12 - Alert: Ask Bryan Fuller And Robert Beltran Questions
TrekWeb live chat & fan interview.

Sep 12 - Gaming Bullets
'Voyager' preview, 'Klingon' strategy guide and lots of bad Trek game reviews.

Sep 12 - New Sev Trek Competition
Can you think of a Klingon bumper sticker?

Sep 12 - Voyager Season Seven Press Photos
Group photo and separate shots in final yearly set of publicity stills.

Sep 12 - Site Columns
BBS info, TV listings, DVD poll results & three birthdays.

Sep 10 - News Bullets
Decipher, German Cynic, German Vorta, newsletter, Spiner & Stewart.

Sep 10 - Book Bullets
Cover images, cover texts, author photo, cover artists & more.

Sep 9 - 'Flesh And Blood II' Schedule
Official site reports on shooting of November two-parter. (Contains Spoilers)

Sep 9 - Gaming Bullets
PC Gamer, Klingon Academy, Away Team, SFC 2, Voyager & New Worlds.

Sep 9 - Site Columns
Failed television shows, BBS & TV info and a birthday!

Sep 8 - News Bullets
Paper Universe, Khan!, science radio & learning Klingon.

Sep 8 - Production News Update
'Flesh And Blood II' creative staff info & related episode addition.

Sep 8 - Site Columns
Server, BBS listings, poll results & Star Trek's birthday.

Sep 8 - Notice: Server Problems Fixed (Updated)
TrekToday was down for six hours today - read here why.

Sep 8 - First 'Unimatrix Zero Two' & 'Imperfection' Photos
Spoilers & pictures from new Star Trek Magazine.

Sep 8 - Star Trek Monthly Interviews
British mag talks with Michael Westmore & Stewart assistant Jackie Edwards.

Sep 8 - Paramount Home Video Chat Transcript
Martin Blythe & Michael Arkin on Trek and other DVDs.

Sep 7 - News Bullets
Past TV appearances, comics interview, Wang, ratings, Decipher, books & more.

Sep 7 - DS9 Actors Reprising Roles For 'The Fallen' (Updated!)
Full actor list, 'DS9: The Fallen' chat tonight & work at the Collective!

Sep 7 - Updates
Julia Houston on Star Trek's gadgets & two new top-10 lists.

Sep 7 - TV Guide Previews Season Seven
Kenneth Biller on 'Unimatrix Zero Two' and other episodes.

Sep 7 - No Special Pilot For Series V?
British site reports rumours on fifth series production schedule.

Sep 6 - Gaming Bullets
Elite Force ship dates, Bridge commander interview, reviews.

Sep 6 - Cynical Article & Interview
David E. Sluss on reviewing background & 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda'.

Sep 6 - Site Columns
Galaxy Quest, BBS info & TV listings.

Sep 5 - Another Take On Trek Enemies
Fred Shedian looks at Voyager's alien encounters.

Sep 5 - Robert Duncan McNeill Bullets
Singing the anthem, interview reprints & Cruise 2001.

Sep 5 - Alert: Ron Moore 'Roswell' Interview
Former Trek scribe writes second episode of new Roswell season.

Sep 5 - News Bullets
UPN, Stargate poll, Wang, schedule, German cynic & TrekToday parody.

Sep 5 - Site Columns
News video, BBS listings, a birthday & poll results.

Sep 4 - 'Galaxy Quest' Wins Hugo Award
World Con presents Best Dramatic Presentation award to Trek parody.

Sep 4 - A Take On Trek: The Enemy - Part 3
With the next installment of the series, Fred Shedian looks at the U.S.S. Voyager and it's treatment of villians during the past six years.

Sep 4 - New Sev Trek Competition
Bumper Sticker Week starts at Sev Trek.

Sep 4 - Site Columns
Labor Day, BBS listings & poll results

Sep 3 - Kate Mulgrew Interviews
TV Zone & Star interview Kathryn Janeway actress.

Sep 3 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Sep 3 - Gaming Bullets
Klingon Academy, New Worlds, Starfleet Command & Invasion

Sep 2 - New 'Voyager' Promo Videos
Janeway, Tuvok & Paris season seven trailers & UPN 20 videos.

Sep 2 - News Bullets
S.C.E., Tribbles, Ryan video, DVD chat, Wheaton interview, Shatner pic, Japan & more!

Sep 2 - TNG People Interviewed
Stewart on Trek X, Sirtis on television & Bole on directing.

Sep 2 - New 'Deeper Side Of Trek' Column
Jamahl Epsicokhan writes on the average people in the Trek universe.

Sep 2 - 'Inside Man' & 'Flesh And Blood' Production Info
Inside Man location shooting ends & two-part episode production starts. (Contains Spoilers)

Sep 2 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info, TV listings & fanfic poll results.

Sep 1 - Gaming Bullets
'New Worlds', Voyager, SFC 2 and more in a massive gaming update.

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