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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2000

July 31 - Sci-Fi Weekly Interviews Robert Beltran
Guess how much he loves the show.

July 31 - Julia Houston Is Borged To Death
Assimilate a new Trek article at's Star Trek Fans.

July 31 - Optical Data Network Bullets
News items from the new ODN newsletter.

July 31 - Psi Phi Updates
Book excerpts, book covers, book bios & more book news.

July 31 - Philadelphia Convention News
Major New B'Elanna Torres & Roxann Dawson News (Contains Spoilers)

July 31 - SF-Radio Relaunches
New German Science Fiction Portal Opens

July 31 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy' patch, first 'New Worlds' demo review & more!

July 31 - First Four Episode Synopses Online summarises 'Unimatrix Zero II' through 'Critical Care'. (Contains Spoilers)

July 31 - Site Columns
Tandems, BBS listings & two more birthdays.

July 30 - New 'Take On Trek' Series Launches
Fred Shedian writes on the enemy in his latest Trek column.

July 30 - News Bullets
Decipher survey, DVDs, book cover & actor appearances.

July 30 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 29 - Cast & Crew Info For First 4 Episodes
Full guest cast & creative staff listings through 'Critical Care'.

July 29 - Site Columns
Hello Worlds, two birthdays & Series V poll results.

July 29 - A Take On Trek: The Enemy - Part 1
Fred Shedian launches a series of columns, discussing Trek's treatment of it's villians over the years.

July 29 - Even More On 'Imperfection' and 'Drive'.
Extra details for second and third episodes of the season. (Contains Spoilers)

July 28 - Rene Echevarria Joins 'Dark Angel'
Former DS9 writer to work on new James Cameron series.

July 28 - News Bullets
Repeat ratings, X-Men premiere, McCoy, Hailing Frequency & More.

July 28 - More On 'Drive'
More On Character Development Rumour From TrekWeb. (Contains Spoiler!)

July 27 - Set Decorator Mees Recovering
Jim Mees expected to make full recovery after brain aneurysm.

July 27 - Shatner: I Am Not Kirk
William Shatner tell us to 'Get a Life' again at comedy festival.

July 27 - Stewart Interviews Stewart
Jean-Luc Picard actor interviewed by own son.

July 27 - 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen' Demo Released
90 MB demo for new third-person action game.

July 27 - Site Columns
On lateness & BBS threads.

July 27 - New 'Drive' Spoiler
Major character development in season's third episode. (Contains Spoiler)

July 27 - Tim Russ To Appear On Howard Stern Show
Tuvok actor in 'Battle of the Bands'

July 27 - Trek Background Articles
Braga at Universe 2000 Expo, Armstrong interview & TOS DVD review.

July 27 - News Bullets
USA results, episode schedule, Goldfinger, Stewart & more.

July 26 - 'Voyager' Episode Spoilers
More on November two-hour film, 'Inside Man' & 'Body and Soul'

July 26 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy' interview, review & patch details and 'New Worlds' webisode.

July 26 - Win A Role In The 'Voyager' Finale launching new 'Voyager' area.

July 26 - More UPN News
'Voyager' premiere date announced & Paramount Network name change info.

July 26 - Site Columns
Regular site news, a birthday & convention poll results.

July 26 - UPN To Become Paramount Network
'Voyager' network to retitle in January 2001.

July 26 - News Bullets
Trek director on 'Andromeda', Federation Science, Frakes & RPG.

July 26 - New Sev Trek Competition
ST:VI Movie Cartoon Contest

July 25 - DVD Bullets
Ultimate DVD Trek issue, more 'ST:TMP' scans & Paramount DVD ad.

July 25 - TV Guide Features Two Voyager Women
Jeri Ryan & Roxann Dawson on special 'Lust in Space' covers.

July 25 - Richard Arnold On 'Voyager', Series V & Trek X
Trek consultant reveals new episode plot.

July 25 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' & 'Klingon Academy'

July 25 - Hollywood Anticipating Writers & Actors Striking In 2001
Star Trek X & Series V threatened by production halts.

July 25 - Site Columns
Find out if you won the signed 'ST:2' DVD & BBS listings!

July 25 - Julia Houston On Letting Go Of Star Trek
New feature & list.

July 25 - New Sev Trek Competition
Sev Trek goes to the afterlife and back!

July 24 - 'Andromeda' Bullets
New Wolfe & Roddenberry interviews, director & editor names

July 24 - Interplay Fires 'Klingon Academy' Development Team
Developers let go following release of Trek space simulator.

July 24 - News Bullets
'Gepetto' DVD & Hallmark ornament, 'ST: TMP' & Trek RPG interview.

July 24 - New Trek Articles
First Cynics Corner Point/Counterpoint & 'Best of Trek 2' CD review.

July 24 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 23 - Site Columns
Andromeda, BBS info, 'Trekker/Trekkie' poll results & a birthday!

July 22 - Gaming Bullets
Sound Source, 'Elite Force', DS9, 'Klingon Academy' & 'ConQuest Online'.

July 22 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 22 - Site Columns
Regular site news & a birthday!

July 22 - New Episode Title Revealed
'Critical Care' to start shooting next week. (Contains Spoilers!)

July 22 - Full Details On New 'ST: TMP' Effects
TrekWeb describes Foundation Imaging's scene enhancements.

July 22 - News Bullets
'Khan' sales, more on Emmys, Tsunkatse, 'Challenger' excerpt & Shatner film.

July 22 - Frakes Talks Star Trek X
Riker actor possibly unable to direct tenth Trek feature film.

July 21 - Site Columns
Really late update, BBS info & light speed correction.

July 21 - More On 'ST: TMP' DVD
Robert Wise re-editing film, new Foundation Imaging effects.

July 21 - News Bullets
Headliners, ratings, Siddig interviews, Pomers magazine & more!

July 21 - McCoy Retains IGN Sci-Fi Title
Bones beats Cancer Man & the Holodoc.

July 20 - Star Trek Emmy Nominations
Seven technical award nominations for 'Voyager'.

July 20 - Site Columns
No TV listings, but favourite series poll results.

July 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy', 'Starfleet Command II' & 'DS9: The Fallen'.

July 20 - Martha Hackett Gives Birth To Second Child
New baby boy for Seska actress.

July 20 - New Sev Trek Competition
This week: the singing Hollowdoctor!

July 19 - News Bullets
X-Men sequel, Montalban, Shatner sketch, Trek movie poll & Beltran.

July 19 - 'Voyager' Children Interview
Young Borg actors & Scarlett Pomers interviewed.

July 19 - Book Bullets
Book editor feature, 'Thin Air' excerpt & DS9 books signing.

July 19 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & TV listings.

July 19 - News Bullets
Book author interview, Netword Nimoy MP3s, Frakes interview, 'X-Men' and more!

July 19 - 'Voyager' Season Six Ratings Report
Greg Fuller summarises this year's Nielsen ratings results.

July 18 - Julia Houston Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary
Special article & new list at's Star Trek fans.

July 18 - DVD News
Original 'City' soundtrack used, ST:1 Special Edition news & DVD reviews.

July 18 - Piller Presented With Gene Roddenberry Award
Reports from FantastiCon, Universe 2000 and AstroCon.

July 18 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force', 'The Fallen', 'Klingon Academy' and more in this massive update!

July 18 - William Shatner News
Kirk actor on Howard Stern & Conan O'Brien shows, and new novel sales results.

July 18 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 18 - Biller On November Telefilm & Voyager Homecoming
First details on 'Flesh and Blood' episode. (Contains Spoilers!)

July 18 - Site Columns
On slipstreams & the sun, BBS info & TV listings.

July 18 - SlipstreamWeb Opens
New 'Andromeda' site launches with official episode list.

July 17 - News Bullets
Burton charity, X-Men success, Picardo speaks & more.

July 17 - New Sev Trek Competition
The infamous Star Trek V gets the Sev treatment.

July 17 - Kenneth Biller Talks Season Seven
Voyager's executive producer interviewed by Cinescape.

July 17 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & TV listings.

July 16 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy' reviews, SFC 2 shots, new DS9 features & 'Elite Force'.

July 16 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 16 - Two New 'Andromeda' Articles interviews Wolfe on Nightsiders, and another Pasadena press report.

July 16 - Site Columns
Yet another small update, regular site news, bartender poll results & a birthday.

July 14 - First 'Andromeda' Collective Cast Photos
Cinescape post 3 new images & extended plot info

July 14 - Free Wireless Content
Episode guides available for free download for handheld users.

July 14 - News Bullets (2)
Book schedule changes, action figure display, Farrell & Hailing Frequencies.

July 14 - Trek Actor Interviews
Shimerman talks 'The Merchant Prince' & DS9, and Stewart (twice!) on 'X-Men'.

July 14 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' review, interview & site updates, SFC Gold, The Fallen & Activision to be bought?

July 14 - Trek Actors In Upcoming Films
Farrell & Wheaton in 'Deep Core', and Masterson in 'Lightning'.

July 14 - News Bullets
Nimoy joins Netword, New York 'Insurrection', ratings, ST:2 DVD report, CCG, Austria and more!

July 14 - Sci-Fi Channel Cancels Daily Original Series Showings
Daily Trek replaced by once-a-month S.C.I.F.I. World marathons.

July 14 - 'Imperfection' And 'Drive' Spoilers
Plot info for second and third episode of the seventh season.

July 14 - Site Columns
No update for most of tomorrow, BBS & TV info and helm poll results.

July 13 - Las Vegas Hilton Sold
Impact on Star Trek Experience not known.

July 13 - Braga Inks Series V Deal
Trek writer gains million-dollar salary & project development deal.

July 13 - Site Columns
Miniature Site Columns edition for miniature TrekToday update.

July 13 - A Take On Trek: Fan Reaction
Fred Shedian responds to reader feedback to recent editions of the column.

July 13 - Ricardo Montalban DVD Signing Report
Khan actor autographs & answers fan questions. PLUS: Signed ST:II DVD giveaway!

July 13 - Article: Ricardo Montalban ST:II DVD Signing Report
Jeff Koga reports on the 'Wrath of Khan' star's autograph appearance.

July 12 - Nana Visitor Interviewed
Kira Nerys actress looks back on seven years DS9.

July 12 - News Bullets
Fantasticon, 'Tribbles' CCG, Stewart ads, Seven ornament & Shatner sales.

July 12 - Ed Hines Reviews 'Alice'
Trek Nation reviews catch up with sixth season.

July 12 - X-Men Premiering Today
Live premiere webcast at Fandom & TV Guide Stewart cover image.

July 12 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & TV listings.

July 11 - Trek Book Reviews
'A Stitch In Time' & 'Preserver' analysed.

July 11 - Gaming Bullets
SFC 2 movie, 'Elite Force' reviews & shots and 'ConQuest Online' review.

July 11 - Calgary Sun 'Andromeda' Interview
Sorbo on losing weight & Roddenberry on showing Sorbo.

July 11 - Site Columns
Blade Runner, BBS info & TV listings.

July 11 - Houston To Beltran: Shut Up!'s Star Trek guide responds to Chakotay actor's comments.

July 11 - Sorbo Predicts Andromeda To Be A Hit
New York Daily News interviews Dylan Hunt actor.

July 11 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' demo news, articles & reviews, and an SFC:II interview.

July 10 - Official Robert Beltran Fan Page Updates
New interview on Chakotay actor's career & 'Luminarias' info page.

July 10 - New Sev Trek Competition
What secrets to the Breen conceal?

July 10 - Sci-Fi Weekly Interviews Patrick Stewart
Picard actor says no Trek X director selected yet.

July 10 - Site Columns
The Tour, regular site info & Security Chief poll results.

July 10 - Ask Ricardo Montalban Questions
We'll be interviewing the 'Wrath of Khan' star, and here's your chance to join in!

July 9 - News Bullets
German stations merge, newsletter birthday & Sci-Fi Channel programs.

July 9 - More 'Imperfection' Spoilers
Fandom's Star Trek Central has new tidbit on second season seven episode.

July 9 - New Features
Julia Houston writes new featured article & 'Voyager Classifieds' list.

July 9 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' reviews, wallpaper & spoilers, and 'ConQuest Online' review.

July 9 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 9 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & TV listings.

July 8 - Melbourne Holodiction Report
Robert McNeill, Lolita Fatjo & Max Grodenchik at May con.

July 8 - New Sev Trek Competition
Two Quirks in one Sev!

July 8 - Jammer Redesigns
New design and added features for Star Trek: Hypertext

July 8 - Review: Alice
Tom Paris has finally grown up, but is this as far as his character goes?

July 8 - 'Voyager: Elite Force' Demo Released
Download location & more 'Elite Force' previews, reviews & interviews inside!

July 8 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 8 - Site Columns
Regular site news & Jay Chattaway birthday.

July 7 - Article: Electronics Entertainment Expo 2000
Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga reports on the Trek games shown at E3.

July 7 - Star Trek X Plot & Directing Rumours
More Trek X news from Corona & IGN says director known. (Contains Spoilers)

July 7 - News Bullets
Goldberg & Alexander on TV, CCG, 'The Kid', Syd Mead, Creation cons & more!

July 7 - Huge Robert Beltran UK Tour Report
Chakotay actor professes his undying love for Trek again.

July 7 - Gaming Bullets
Starfleet Command chat & trailer news, Invasion preview & Totally Games.

July 7 - Wolfe Talks Perseids
'Andromeda' executive producer on Systems Commonwealth administrators.

July 7 - Voyager Season Seven Plot Details
Story info on four of next season's first episodes, including 'Imperfection'.

July 7 - Site Columns
Robin of Sherwood, site news & Chief Engineer poll results.

July 6 - Gaming Bullets
'New Worlds' demo released

July 6 - Philip Anglim Interviewed
Mania talks to DS9's Vedek Bareil

July 6 - News Bullets
'Voyager Conspiracy' review, 'My Favorite Martian', Decipher & rerun ratings.

July 6 - More 'Voyager' Rumours
'Unimatrix Zero II', season finale & Jeri Taylor. (Contains Spoilers)

July 6 - 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' Filming Completed
Shooting starts on final season's second episode, 'Imperfection'.

July 6 - Site Columns
S-l-o-w-n-e-s-s, BBS info & TV listings.

July 5 - News Bullets
Ryan on TV, Nimoy on the net, Stewart interview, schedule & 'Unimatrix Zero II'

July 5 - It's Official: John Logan Writing Star Trek X confirms recent Corona report.

July 5 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & TV listings.

July 4 - Region 2 DVD News & Reviews
TOS DVDs coming to Europe, 'Insurrection' analysis & more.

July 4 - News Bullets
'Unimatrix Zero' shots, Jeriology, book displays, Stewart on ABC & Keep Sev Alive!

July 4 - Julia Houston On Spaceships That Look Cool
New feature article & fan reviews.

July 4 - Gaming Bullets
German 'Elite Force' voices, New Worlds video, Klingon review & release news.

July 4 - Site Columns
Regular site news, favourite doctor poll results & Auberjonois cookbook correction.

July 3 - Upcoming René Auberjonois Projects
Odo actor receives awards & works on CD-ROM and cookbook.

July 3 - News Bullets
New ODN, TOS actor dies, Time Machine articles & Westmore profile.

July 3 - New Sev Trek Competition
What message did Schidzo leave for Cul de Sac?

July 3 - Site Columns
More cellural complaining, BBS & TV info and a birthday!

July 2 - News Bullets
DragonCon report, Walter Matthau dies, CCG & 'Verical Limit' site.

July 2 - Updates
New features at Julia Houston's Star Trek Fans

July 2 - Site Columns
Regular site news & a birthday.

July 1 - News Bullets
Trivia contest, Takei on CNN, Ryan at premiere, ST2 DVD review & comics preview.

July 1 - Trek X Writer Finally Named?
J.G. Hertzler reveals screenwriter name at Atlanta's DragonCon.

July 1 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

July 1 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' interviews & profiles, SFC 2 diary, 'New Worlds' vehicle & Klingon reviews.

July 1 - Full-Colour 'Andromeda' Cast Photos
First official in-costume pictures of Andromeda Ascendant crew.

July 1 - Site Columns
Early updates return, BBS & TV info, first officer poll results.

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