First 'Andromeda' Collective Cast Photos By Christian
July 14, 2000 - 9:09 PM

'Andromeda' cast - copyright Tribune Entertainment Over at Cinescape, they've put up three photos from the 'Andromeda' press kit, two showing Kevin Sorbo as Dylan Hunt (one of which I think we've already seen before), and the image to the left showing the entire cast together. In addition, there's an extensive plot summary of 'Andromeda', describing how the series starts when a band of mercendaries finds the Systems Commonwealth's ship Andromeda Ascendant, trapped for three centuries near a black hole. They awaken the ship and her Captain, Dylan Hunt, and then are signed on by Hunt for a mission to restore peace to what is left of the Commonwealth. The synopsis contains the following new info for several characters:

'Andromeda' is still scheduled for an October launch.

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