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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2002

Feb 28 - Review: Fusion
T'Pol has bad dreams after meeting Vulcans who experiment with their emotions.

Feb 28 - News Bullets
Nimoy, Shatner & Priceline, Blalock Mulgrew, Barrett, promo, 'Miracle Workers' & Keating.

Feb 28 - Site Columns
UK 'West Wing,' BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & TV listings.

Feb 27 - 'Enterprise' Spoilers Revealed At Seattle Con
Dominic Keating and John Billingsley talk upcoming episodes.

Feb 27 - Trek Alumnus Cast In Joss Whedon's 'Firefly'
'Voyager' guest star Ron Glass joins the cast of 'anti-Trek' sci-fi series. Premise details & cast biographies inside!

Feb 27 - Site Columns
Hello World, TrekBBS and TV Listings.

Feb 27 - Interview: Vaughn Armstrong
'Enterprise's' Admiral Forrest chats about his role in the series, conventions and singing.

Feb 27 - Donate For A New TrekToday Server
We're planning to move to a new server and upgrade our forum software. Full details & info on how to help inside!

Feb 26 - 'Fusion' Is A Vulcan '9 1/2 Weeks,' Says Braga
Co-creator on sexing up the 22nd century. Plus: Dean Stockwell, Romulans and season finale! Spoilers inside.

Feb 26 - Berman: Trek X Filled With VFX & Action
Franchise head on what a Star Trek movie must have in it to succeed, the actors behind the villains and release dates.

Feb 26 - Braga Looks Back At 'Voyager'
Executive producer says 'we were all struggling to find Voyager's voice' but 'there were some really good episodes.'

Feb 26 - Logan On Trek X: Playing With Paramount's Toys
The man who wrote 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' speaks about what it was like writing a franchise movie.

Feb 26 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

Feb 26 - Site Columns
Nightmare Net Shopping. Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Feb 25 - UPN To Plunge Into 'Wolf Lake'?
Network said to be considering airing axed CBS series after 'Enterprise.'

Feb 25 - News Bullets
TNG designs, Mulgrew review, Nichols, book extracts, science news & more!

Feb 24 - Dawson Directing Enterprise's 'Vox Solis'
B'Elanna Torres actress working on new episode right now! Plus: Dawson 'Any Day Now' episode airing soon.

Feb 24 - News Bullets
Doohan, Shatner, 'Enterprise' action figures, Takei, alumni roundup & Mulgrew.

Feb 24 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' demo review, screenshots, 'Armada II' review & CCG updates.

Feb 24 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 23 - Trinneer Says Format Keeps 'Enterprise' Fresh
Tucker actor loves working on a series where each episode holds new surprises.

Feb 23 - Shatner On The Trek Phenomenon
James T. Kirk actor talks sci-fi, conventions and interacting with fans.

Feb 24 - Site Columns
Snow and pasta, TrekBBS, a Birthday and TV Listings.

Feb 22 - Trek X Is A 'More Balanced Film,' Says McFadden
Beverly Crusher actress on the ensemble in 'Nemesis,' John Logan's script and 'Insurrection.'

Feb 22 - Ryan Recalls Her First Con Experience
Seven of Nine actress talks fans, Klingons and being an actress on 'Rosie.'

Feb 22 - UPN Enters 'The Twilight Zone'
Network orders updated version of classic sci-fi series. Plus: 'The Amazing Race 2' & more CBS/UPN news.

Feb 23 - Site Columns
TrekToday's 3rd birthday, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 22 - News Bullets
Frakes, Loken in T3, Blalock, Krige, Shatner, About, Psi Phi & DS9 petition.

Feb 22 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Shuttlepod One
Trip, Reed, and the computer have an Excellent Adventure.

Feb 21 - Montgomery Loves Goofing Around On Set
Travis Mayweather actor talks laughter, Jolene Blalock, underwear scenes and more!

Feb 22 - Site Columns
Stargate, TrekBBS and TV Listings.

Feb 21 - Shatner's New Web Site Blasts Off
Online diaries, interactive fiction & streaming media available at Kirk actor's new online home.

Feb 21 - 'Fusion' Trailer Released
Download the promo for next week's T'Pol-centric Enterprise episode! Transcript and spoilers inside.

Feb 21 - News Bullets
Roddenberry honoured, Trek sets model, alumni on stage, Mulgrew, Aussie promo, DS9 Horizons & Psi Phi.

Feb 20 - First 'Fallen Hero' Plot Details
The Vulcans are back in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers inside!

Feb 20 - Doohan Recovering From Illness
Montgomery Scott actor is on the mend after pneumonia causes scare.

Feb 20 - Billingsley Discusses Upcoming Episodes
Phlox actor talks 'Fusion,' 'Rogue Planet,' 'Detained' and ruminates on the season finale! Contains spoilers.

Feb 20 - Reviewers Look At 'Shuttlepod One'
Five new analyses of 'Enterprise's' latest episode online.

Feb 20 - Site Columns
Junk mail & Aussie 'Enterprise' debut, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 19 - Shatner Aims To Reach Out With New Web Site
TOS star on his plans for, which launches tomorrow.

Feb 19 - Meaney To Star In CBS Cop Show
Miles O'Brien actor wins leading role in 'R.U.S./H' pilot from 'Homicide' co-creator.

Feb 19 - Site Columns
Where are all the girls? TrekBBS, New Poll and TV Listings.

Feb 18 - Ryan Faces Catsuit Memories On 'Letterman'
Seven of Nine actress details the trials and tribulations of Borg costuming.

Feb 18 - News Bullets
Ryan, Mulgrew, Trek novelists, 'Enterprise' schedule, Galaxy Ball, Aussie articles, TNG DVDs & more!

Feb 18 - Site Columns
Bike problems, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 18 - 'Shuttlepod One' A Hit With Critics
A round-up of ten online reviews of the latest adventure for the NX-01 crew.

Feb 17 - Piller Reflects On 'Voyager'
Co-creator says series 'was less focused over the years but certainly had fine moments.'

Feb 17 - Mulgrew Wins Rave Reviews For 'Tea At Five'
Janeway actress scores praise for her performance as Katharine Hepburn in the one-woman show.

Feb 17 - Site Columns
Poll Ponderings, TrekBBS Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Feb 16 - Trinneer Would Like To Direct
'Trip' Tucker actor talks behind-the-scenes ambitions, meeting Patrick Stewart, picking his accent and more!

Feb 16 - 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' Bullets
Kevin Sorbo on season three, Latest episode reviews, Trance's new look, ratings, new promo and much more!

Feb 16 - Montgomery Likes 'Enterprise's' Uncertainty
Series V actor on the joy of discovery, learning how to fly and being upside down in 'Broken Bow.'

Feb 16 - Site Columns
'Firefly,' BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

Feb 15 - Detailed Synopsis Of 'Fusion' Revealed
A strange band of Vulcans spell trouble for T'Pol in this upcoming adventure for the NX-01 crew. Contains spoilers!

Feb 16 - Nichelle Nichols On Her Favourite Trek Movie
The actress behind Uhura talks about her memories of DeForest Kelly, her new book and 'Enterprise.'

Feb 15 - Region 1 TNG Season 2 DVD Details Revealed
The Next Generation's second season to be released May 7. Pre-order your copy now!

Feb 16 - Site Columns
Prehensile Plants, TrekBBS and TV Listings.

Feb 16 - 'Bridge Commander' Demo Released
Play the first three missions of Totally Games' upcoming starship simulator!

Feb 15 - Fleshing Out 'Future Guy'
James Horan talks about making 'Enterprise's' most mysterious character convincing on screen.

Feb 15 - Viacom Posts Fourth-Quarter Loss
Paramount & UPN parent suffers from advertising blues, loses $42.5 million. Plus: Viacom & UPN bullets.

Feb 14 - 'Bridge Commander' Goes Gold
Space combat simulator expected to hit stores in a few weeks time.

Feb 14 - Review: Shuttlepod One
Trapped on a shuttle, Tucker and Reed try to keep their tempers in check.

Feb 14 - The Book Padd: Trek Books For Your Valentine
Pocket Books' early 2002 offerings include a Prime Directive fable and a great Data story.

Feb 14 - Mixed Reception For 'Shadows Of P'Jem'
Five new reviews of last week's 'Enterprise' episode online.

Feb 14 - News Bullets
Oscar nods, 'Tea at Five,' Bakula reports, 'Enterprise' review, Trinneer chat, credits & book review.

Feb 14 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Shadows of P'Jem
When T'Pol gets reassigned, Archer's fit to be tied.

Feb 14 - Site Columns
Trains, Buses & Roadworks, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll, a birthday & TV listings.

Feb 13 - 'Shuttlepod One' Clip Shown On 'Rosie'
Download a snippet of tonight's 'Enterprise' episode - transcript inside! Plus: Scott Bakula talks schedules and Trek.

Feb 13 - Dean Stockwell To Play Alien Colonel
Further details on 'Quantum Leap' star's appearance in the upcoming 'Detained.' Spoilers inside!

Feb 13 - Model Enterprise NX-01 Revealed
See images of the 12 inch starship and bridge playset. Plus: Klingon ships coming?

Feb 13 - Site Columns
Back from the Void, TrekBBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Feb 13 - Lack Of Screen Time Doesn't Worry Billingsley
Phlox actor says he's okay with 'Enterprise' concentrating on Archer, T'Pol and Trip.

Feb 12 - Watch Scott Bakula Describe Archer's Crew
Download 'Daily Show' clip with the 'Hot Vulcan,' the engineer who can't say dilithium crystals and the Denobulan from Utah!

Feb 12 - Wheaton Says Fans 'Don't Hate Wesley Anymore'
TNG actor talks being a teen star, life after Star Trek and his current career.

Feb 12 - Site Columns
'Alias,' BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 11 - Dean Stockwell To Appear In 'Enterprise'
Scott Bakula's 'Quantum Leap' co-star reportedly guest-starring in the upcoming 'Detained.' Contains spoilers!

Feb 11 - Shatner & Nimoy Pick Their Favourite Trek Moment
TOS stars talk 'Star Trek III,' DVD commentaries & web sites.

Feb 11 - News Bullets
Robinson, reviews, TMP DVD, Ryan, Bakula, Montgomery, Trinneer, Beltran, science news & Klingon Google!

Feb 11 - Site Columns
'The Matrix,' BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 11 - Online Critics Look At 'Shadows Of P'Jem'
A round-up of ten reviews of the latest adventure for the NX-01 crew.

Feb 10 - Montgomery To Play Celebrity Basketball Today
'Enterprise' actor teams up with other stars for exhibition match before Globetrotters game. Plus: Messages to fans.

Feb 10 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' preview, interviews, designer diary, screenshots & CCG updates.

Feb 10 - Sev Trek: Forager Vs Bored
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon, and submit an idea for the next one.

Feb 10 - Site Columns
If you were a plant...? Poll Results, TrekBBS and TV Listings.

Feb 10 - Blalock: T'Pol Is The Voice Of Reason
T'Pol actress talks about her character's feelings as an NX-01 crew member, and the difficulties of technobabble.

Feb 9 - Mulgrew 'Thrilled' By Support For 'Tea At Five'
Fans from all over the world come to see Janeway actress as Katharine Hepburn. Plus: Mulgrew on 'Nemesis.'

Feb 9 - Site Columns
Googlewhacking, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 8 - First 'Enterprise' Action Figures Revealed
T'Pol, Silik and Klaang the Klingon on show at Toy Fair 2002. Image inside!

Feb 8 - TNG Crew To Boldly Bobsled?
Stewart, Frakes, Spiner and Dorn announce the first Star Trek Winter Olympics team! And no, it's not April 1.

Feb 8 - News Bullets
Original villain passes, 'Dear Doctor' review, TNN schedule, Goldberg, Shatner, Savage, promos, photos & Trek spy plane!

Feb 9 - Site Columns
Ramblings, TrekBBS, TV listings and a Birthday.

Feb 8 - Rene Auberjonois Talks 'Oasis' Role
Odo actor speaks about donning the latex again for his latest role in upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Contains spoilers!

Feb 7 - Review: Shadows of P'Jem
The Andorians return to face more Vulcan meddling in this triumph of continuity.

Feb 7 - 'Shuttlepod One' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode! Transcript and spoilers inside.

Feb 7 - Keating Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moments
Malcolm Reed actor spills the beans on LA auditions and his old drag act!

Feb 7 - 'Sleeping Dogs' Judged Mediocre By Critics
Seven new reviews of last week's 'Enterprise' episode online.

Feb 7 - Site Columns
Postal oddities, BBS threads, classic TT news, a new poll & TV listings.

Feb 7 - Combs: Enterprise Is Closest Trek To TOS
Actor behind Weyoun and Shran talks about why 'Enterprise' is the best Trek yet and how he once auditioned to play William Riker.

Feb 6 - Theatre Prepared Trinneer For 'Enterprise'
Tucker actor on classical training, stripping down in 'Acquisition' and getting the girls. Contains spoilers!

Feb 6 - Official 'Fusion' Information Released
Synopsis, guest cast details & spoilers for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode!

Feb 6 - Stewart On 'Nemesis' Script Involvement
Captain Picard actor says he'll have no creative credit on Trek X. Plus: Stewart praises John Logan.

Feb 6 - Visitor Would Love To Live In The Future
DS9 actress talks beaming, being recognised, action figures and Janeway!

Feb 6 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Sleeping Dogs
To infuriate a bunch of Klingons, Archer saves their lives.

Feb 6 - Site Columns
Potter DVD, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 6 - Paramount Launches Star Trek ISP
Just when you thought Trek merchandising had it all, Paramount moves to take on the internet service provider frontier.

Feb 5 - Burton To Direct 'Blizzard'
Geordi La Forge actor signs up for indie family film featuring Whoopi Goldberg and Christopher Plummer.

Feb 5 - Stewart Won't Rule Out Future TNG Films
Actor doesn't see why he can't play Captain Picard again.

Feb 6 - Site Columns
Moving beds, TrekBBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Feb 5 - News Bullets
UPN press photos, Shatner appearance & web site, book reviews, Trek in Brazil, Krige, Masterson, Visitor & 'Voyager' schedule.

Feb 5 - Berman 'Couldn't Be More Impressed' With Trek X
Rick Berman confirms 'Nemesis' has a cameo from Whoopi Goldberg. Plus: 'Enterprise' and 'Faith of the Heart.'

Feb 4 - 'Enterprise' To Debut February 20 Down Under
Australia's Nine network schedules 'Broken Bow' in the Wednesday 10:30 p.m. timeslot.

Feb 4 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' previews, movies and screenshots, 'Armada' and CCG news.

Feb 4 - Site Columns
Shopping, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Feb 3 - Shatner On His Latest Projects
James T. Kirk actor talks more 'Mind Melds,' 'Shoot Or Be Shot' & 'Groom Lake.'

Feb 3 - Critics Split Over 'Sleeping Dogs'
Great character piece or another dull story? Seven reviews of 'Enterprise's' latest online.

Feb 3 - Alice Krige Describes Her Borg Transformation
Actress says she felt an 'incredible rush of power' when wearing the Borg Queen makeup.

Feb 3 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' down under, 'Dear Doctor' review, Doohan, Trinneer, Biggs, promo mirrors, DVD news, Psi Phi & more!

Feb 3 - Site Columns
Television Part 3: The Last Hurrah. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday, new poll & TV listings.

Feb 2 - 'Enterprise' Writing Staff Changes
Antoinette 'Terra Nova' Stella & Tim 'Cold Front' Finch leave Series V, are replaced by Chris 'Rogue Planet' Black.

Feb 2 - Keating Was Sure Of Enterprise's Success
Malcolm Reed actor says Scott Bakula guaranteed 'Enterprise' hit status. Plus: Reed on 'Shuttlepod One'.

Feb 2 - Site Columns
The Dutch Royal Wedding, BBS & TV listings, and classic TT news.

Feb 1 - 'Nemesis' Filming At The Halfway Point
Bridge scenes almost done, Romulan sequences to start soon. Plus: further production personnel announced.

Feb 1 - 'Battlestar Galactica' Headed For UPN?
'Enterprise' network reportedly considering picking up the 70s series revival.

Feb 1 - Vornholt To Roll Out More 'Genesis Waves'
Author says his concept could become an extended series.

Feb 1 - Site Columns
The ultimate reality show? Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

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