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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2000

Aug 31 - First Andromeda Ascendant Picture
'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' title starship revealed & other news.

Aug 31 - Frakes Looking Forward To Trek X
Tenth movie should 'better be better than the last one', says RIker actor.

Aug 31 - News Bullets
Rerun rating, Decipher, Cult Times, Beltran pic, Hailing Frequencies, and more!

Aug 31 - WB Considering Piller Series For Original Summer Run
'Dangerous Age' to be sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Aug 31 - Stewart Marriage Report
Brent Spiner serves at best man for traditional man.

Aug 31 - Site Columns
TV listings return (again) and a birthday!

Aug 30 - News Bullets
Book schedule, Cox interviews, UPN, Erdmann interview & Klingon article.

Aug 30 - Julia Houston On The Captain Deathwish
Star Trek Guide returns from holiday - new article & list.

Aug 30 - 'Invasion' And 'New Worlds' Available At Retail
PC and Playstation game available for sale throughout the U.S.

Aug 30 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & spoiler poll results.

Aug 29 - New Sev Trek Competition
What use is Counsellor Tryhard on the Enterforaprize?

Aug 29 - Official 'Flesh and Blood' Info posts synopsis, guest cast & production info for November telefilm.

Aug 29 - 'Voyager: Elite Force' Goes Gold
New Trek game available for retail in September.

Aug 29 - Hans Beimler On 'The District'
Former DS9 writer is co-executive producer on new CBS series.

Aug 28 - 'Trekkies' Sequel Coming
Director Roger Nygard planning 2001 production start.

Aug 27 - Stewart Bullets
Possible Lear role, no Bond or Potter appearances & more Picard actor news.

Aug 27 - Phillips On Voyager End
Neelix actor provides more info on final story arc. (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 27 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 27 - Voyager Loses In All Emmy Categories
No awards for Trek despite large number of nominations

Aug 27 - News Bullets
Ryan auction, German premiere, birth of the Borg, Vulcan neck pinch robbery & more.

Aug 27 - Site Columns
Nostalgia, BBS listings, Wheaton chat correction & starship poll results.

Aug 27 - Tim Russ Sister & Voyager Pitcher Interviews
Not the usual suspects in these new interviews.

Aug 26 - Gaming Bullets
'New Worlds', 'DS9: The Fallen', 'ConQuest' & 'Elite Force'.

Aug 26 - News Bullets
'Good Shepherd' & New Frontier reviews, eBooks, DeLancie, CCG & German Cynic.

Aug 26 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 26 - Reminder: Wil Wheaton Chat On Tuesday organising chat with Wesley Crusher actor.

Aug 25 - 'Star Trek: New Worlds' Goes Gold
Interplay's real-time strategy game in stores on Monday.

Aug 25 - News Bullets
Likely false rumours, Mulgrew, Trek ratings, Shatner haiku, Trek marriage and more.

Aug 25 - Patrick Stewart & Wendy Neuss To Marry Today
Picard actor and former TNG producer marrying in LA.

Aug 25 - UPN Chances Improving
News Corp. to sign temporary deal, promotion campaign, XFL & other news.

Aug 25 - Garrett Wang Fan Answers Online posts Q&A responses from Harry Kim actor.

Aug 25 - Site Columns
TT's back, BBS info & a birthday.

Aug 24 - Notice: TT Updates Returning Tomorrow
Christian lacking net connection for two days.

Aug 22 - News Bullets
Farrell cartoon on Sci-Fi, Hailing Frequecnies, lots of CCG, Ryan, Mulgrew & Shatner.

Aug 22 - John De Lancie To Guest Star On Andomeda
Q actor appearing in new Roddenberry/Sorbo/Wolfe series.

Aug 22 - 'Inside Man' Synopsis & Production Info
Sixth episode of the new season now shooting at Paramount. (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 22 - German Season Six Episode Titles
Full list of German titles for Voyager's past season inside.

Aug 22 - Site Columns
Poll results, BBS info, TV listings, and poll results again.

Aug 21 - 'The Command' And 'Inner Child' Spoiled
New season seven episodes revealed. (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 21 - To Buy Amazing Stories
SF print mag, also featuring short Trek stories, suspends publication.

Aug 21 - Sev Bullets
Sev Trek movie preview, 'Trekkies' review, Sev winners & new comic.

Aug 21 - News Bullets
R2 DVDs, Farrell in Playboy cartoon, episode schedules, Dark Angel & more.

Aug 21 - New Sev Trek Competition
Species 90210 introduced in Sevspace.

Aug 21 - Nimoy To Receive Honourary Degree
Spock actor honoured for refuting arguments against Holocaust existence.

Aug 21 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' & 'Away Team' previewed, and new reviews.

Aug 21 - Richard Arnold On Voyager, Series V & tenth Trek film.
Reports from this weekend's Minneapolis convention. (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 21 - Alert: Tim Russ Chat Tomorrow
Send in your questions for TrekWeb's online chat now.

Aug 21 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info and even the TV listings, plus a birthday!

Aug 21 - News Bullets
Democratic convention, monopoly, DVD review & RPG designer comment.

Aug 21 - 'Inside Man' Guest Cast Info
Familiar faces to appear in season seven episode. (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 19 - Site Columns
A life less ordinary, BBS, gender poll results & the Great Bird's birthday.

Aug 19 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 19 - News Bullets
Comet Cursor, Smackdown succes, book titles & excerpt.

Aug 19 - Tim Russ Loses Stern's Battle Of The Bands
Judges chose Stern's 'Losers' over Tuvok actor's band.

Aug 18 - UPN Bullets
Voyager home network still working on future.

Aug 18 - The Deeper Side Of Trek Movies
New edition of Jamahl Epsicokhan's bi-weekly column online.

Aug 18 - Site Columns
Dream jobs, BBS listings & TV info.

Aug 17 - More Kate Mulgrew Reports
Full 'Late Late' show appearance transcribed & Adler Theatre report.

Aug 17 - New Season Seven Promos
Three new generic Voyager trailers available.

Aug 17 - News Bullets
Judd, Hailing Frequencies, eBook sales, rerun ratings & Gore's Trek past.

Aug 17 - Upcoming Wil Wheaton Chat
Fandom's Star Trek central organising chat with Wesley Crusher actor.

Aug 17 - Gaming Bullets
'DS9: The Fallen' also delayed, 'New Worlds' shots & Klingon review.

Aug 17 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info, TV listing & geographical poll results.

Aug 17 - Rupert Murdoch Wants To Partner On UPN With Viacom
Informal News Corp.-Viacom talks held, and other Viacom/UPN biz news.

Aug 17 - Gaming Bullets
Invasion strategy guide, DS9 & Voyager interviews and Klingon review.

Aug 17 - Iman Gets Baby Daughter
Supermodel & 'Star Trek VI: actress welcomes Alexandria Zahra.

Aug 17 - News Bullets
TNG DVDs, starship book, Decipher, German TOS, Pike actor interview & more.

Aug 16 - Minor New 'Inside Man' Information
Creative staff & stardate for season seven's sixth episode.

Aug 16 - Mulgrew Confirms Net Rumours
Full transcript of 'Late Late Show' revelation inside! (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 15 - Gaming Bullets
'DS9: Dominion Wars' delayed until March & many game interviews.

Aug 15 - Stewart: Final TNG Seasons Boring
Picard actor expects Trek X to be his last & other Stewart news.

Aug 15 - News Bullets
More Stern, Philadelphia con photos, X-Men UK premiere & Mulgrew on Late Late.

Aug 15 - UPN News & Article
Valentine & Murdoch on network problems, analyst opinions, background & more!

Aug 15 - Article: All Good Things...
Michael Hinman looks back at UPN's troubled history.

Aug 15 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & age poll results.

Aug 14 - Evening UPN Bullets
Voyager not affected, says Paramount, more on News Corp. plans.

Aug 14 - New Sev Trek Competition
What's Captain Quirk's favourite beverage?

Aug 14 - Upcoming Tim Russ & Bryan Fuller Chats
TrekWeb organising live chats & giving away Tim Russ CDs.

Aug 14 - Gaming Bullets
SFC 2 interview, 'Elite Force' multiplayer & diary, and Klingon review.

Aug 14 - ODN Bullets
News items from the latest Optical Data Network newsletter.

Aug 14 - Morning UPN Bullets
News Corp. trading halted & benefit analysis, and UPN shut down even sooner?

Aug 14 - Site Columns
Helo World, BBS info, TV listings & a birthday.

Aug 14 - News Bullets
Wheaton, 'Lessons', Tuvok Top 5 & Shatner opening hospital.

Aug 14 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 14 - Star Trek References Database Launches
Julia Houston lists references to Trek in film and television.

Aug 13 - UPN Future Endangered After Viacom/Chris-Craft Talks End
News Corp. to obtain UPN major market affiliates.

Aug 12 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 12 - Decipher Acquires Trek RPG & Miniature License
Customisable Card Game publisher adding new product categories.

Aug 12 - DS9 Stars To Appear On Voyager?
Berman & Braga on guest shots for DS9 characters & Q.

Aug 12 - Gaming Bullets
Mac Elite Force coming, 'Invasion' gold, DS9 & SFC 2 shots and more!

Aug 12 - Site Columns
Attack of the Killer Wasps, BBS info, poll results & a birthday.

Aug 12 - A Take On DS9 Enemies
Fred Shedian writes on DS9's treatment of its villains.

Aug 11 - News Bullets
Trek alums, book cover, Stewart news & Damar article.

Aug 11 - Nichols In Warped
Uhura actor recreates kiss with Kirk on online sketch series.

Aug 11 - Gaming Bullets
DS9 demo review, New Worlds webisodes & lots of 'Elite Force' shots.

Aug 11 - Season Seven Holodeck Program Revealed
Tom Paris goes to the movies next year.

Aug 11 - A Take On Trek: The Enemy - Part 2
Continuing the series, Fred Shedian looks at how Deep Space Nine treated it's enemy over the years.

Aug 11 - Site Columns
American call letters & Andromeda airdates, BBS info & TV listings.

Aug 10 - Marina Sirtis On Stargate SG-1 Tomorrow
Deanna Troi actress appearing as Russian scientist. (Contains SG-1 spoilers)

Aug 10 - News Bullets
Good rerun ratings, S.C.E., new TOS DVS and Shatner & Wheaton photos.

Aug 10 - Official 'Repression' Info
Synopsis, creative staff & guest character info for the new season's 5th episode.

Aug 10 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info, poll results & TV listings return!

Aug 9 - Gaming Bullets
Interplay financials & lots of 'Elite Force' news.

Aug 9 - News Bullets
eBook problems, Shatner haikus & song, Mulgrew memory and DVDs.

Aug 9 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 9 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info & a birthday.

Aug 8 - Possible Big Season Seven Spoiler
Dark Horizons posts new info on series ending. (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 8 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 8 - News Bullets
DeLancie & Brooks performances, Vidiot vs. Fox/WB & DVD giveaway.

Aug 8 - Julia Houston On Star Trek's Myth And Mythos Trek guide writes on Star Trek's influence on our culture.

Aug 8 - Pocket Books Launches New Exclusive eBook Trek Line
'Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers' available online only.

Aug 8 - First Klingon Programming Language Created
Var'aq launched as Klingon 'Programming Environment for the 24th Century'.

Aug 7 - News Bullets
Beyond Belief, Decipher, Wheaton & Russ interviews, Carson & much more.

Aug 7 - Interviews Kenneth Biller
Voyager Exec Producer on season seven's first episodes. Again.

Aug 7 - Gaming Bullets
Try before you buy, Tim Russ interview, Voyager shots & reviews.

Aug 7 - Site Columns
Hello World, a birthday & poll results.

Aug 6 - Kenneth Biller & Kate Mulgrew Interviewed
More info on Voyager's seventh season at official Trek site.

Aug 6 - Site Columns
Hello Holland, BBS info & two-parter poll results.

Aug 4 - 'Andromeda' Bullets
First teaser clips online, Robert Wolfe interviews & Sam Sorbo guest-starring.

Aug 4 - More Philadelphia Convention Reports
Trek BBS member & official Continuum on Slanted Fedora con.

Aug 4 - News Bullets
UPN success, 'Christmas Carol', season 7 promo, Russ on Stern & more.

Aug 4 - Stewart: Star Trek X Treatment 'Very Impressive'
Jean-Luc Picard actor interviewed on British radio. (Updated)

Aug 4 - Site Columns
No TrekToday tomorrow & BBS info.

Aug 3 - Tim Russ Bullets
Memorable Voyager moment, astronomy interview & Stern call-in.

Aug 3 - News Bullets
'Memorial' ratings, poetry, DVD reviews, Harry becomes a tree, and more!

Aug 3 - Ryan & Dawson On Voyager Homecoming
TV Guide Channel features Seven of Nine & B'Elanna Torres actresses.

Aug 3 - Gaming Bullets
Activision financials, SFC:2 interview, European DS9 releases & much more.

Aug 3 - Viacom Announces Second-Quarter Results
UPN & Paramount owner logs loss following CBS merger.

Aug 3 - Site Columns
Television call letters, BBS info & Favourite Film poll results.

Aug 2 - 'Voyager' Status Update
'Critical Care' now shooting, followed by 'Repression' (Contains Spoilers)

Aug 2 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Aug 2 - News Bullets
Plummer nominated, Montalban, Doohan, audio books & Shatner.

Aug 2 - Ask Garrett Wang Questions organises online Q&A with Harry Kim actor.

Aug 1 - Full Philadelphia Convention Report
Doug Wilson writes on recent Slanted Fedora con.

Aug 1 - Article: Philadelphia Convention Report
Doug Wilson reports about a recent con featuring 4 Voyager stars.

Aug 1 - News Bullets
Cyia Batten, Vidiot shutdown threat, Trek alumni and Dude, Where's my Car?

Aug 1 - Site Columns, BBS info & Wesley poll results.

Aug 1 - First Contact Made: Astronomers Discover Vulcan
Jupiter-sized planet found orbiting Epsilon Eridani.

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