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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2000

Nov 30 - Voyager Ratings Hit All-Time Low But Rebound
'Nightingale' final ratings & 'Flesh and Blood' overnight ratings.

Nov 30 - First Trek X Plot Info
Rick Berman talks next Trek movie with Los Angeles UPN affiliate.

Nov 30 - Mulgrew Criticizes 'Lazy Actors'
Mulgrew joins Biller in a thinly veiled attack on Robet Beltran in UPN9 News interview (transcript inside)

Nov 30 - News Bullets
Trek Alumns to create E.S.P, UK fans get another video blow, 'Flesh and Blood' credits, movie trailers, interviews and more!

Nov 30 - New Episode Information
'The Void' and 'Workforce' production updates, 'The Void' guest cast list.

Nov 29 - Gaming Bullets
Collective Interview, 'The Fallen', 'New Worlds' and 'Elite Force' reviews, SFCII preview and CCG news

Nov 29 - Another 'Flesh and Blood' review
TV Guide not impressed by Voyager telemovie

Nov 29 - News Bullets
Ebenezer Chekov, more Galaxy Ball, Media Trek updates, McNeill bits and more!

Nov 29 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston wants to know what *you* want

Nov 29 - Site Columns
The Ultimate Evil, BBS Listings, TV Times and a Beltated Birthday

Nov 28 - The National Network Acquires Trek Rerun Rights
TNG, DS9, Voyager & first five movies to move over to Viacom-owned TNN.

Nov 28 - Bryan Fuller Q&A Session
Co-Producer on 'Fury', writing and new two-part episode

Nov 28 - New Episode Information
Official site posts 'the Void' Synopsis and 'Flesh and Blood' Photos

Nov 28 - Still More Voyager Reviews
Two takes on 'Flesh and Blood' while does 'Nightingale' times deux.

Nov 28 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green on spoilers, 'Nightingale' and ratings

Nov 27 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek competition!

Nov 27 - Kate Mulgrew Interview
Mulgrew talks to on why she's no-longer pushing for Janeway's death, Voyager's ending and 'Flesh and Blood'

Nov 27 - News Bullets
DS9 Movie Petition, 'Subspace Echoes', X-Men DVD Review, German TV and more!

Nov 27 - More Voyager Reviews
Cinescape and the Cynic on 'Nightingale', Jamahl Epsicokhan looks at 'Body and Soul' and Star Trek News 'Capsule Reviews'.

Nov 27 - Site Columns
More Nostalgia, BBS listings and TV times

Nov 27 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Nov 26 - Site Columns
Sega, BBS listings & a birthday.

Nov 26 - Three New Interviews
Robert Duncan McNeill on Tom Paris, Voyager's end and Series 5 while 'Star Trek Monthly' talks to Picardo and Combs on being evil

Nov 26 - News Bullets
Alt.Startrek.Creative archive, 'Men Cry Bullets' DVD, TNG DVDs and more!

Nov 25 - Star Trek X Progress Report
Brent Spiner interviewed, Logan confirmed, Frakes directing 'Clockstoppers' & strike threat.

Nov 25 - Site Columns
More transport woes, BBS & TV info, 'Nightingale' poll results & two birthdays.

Nov 25 - More 'Flesh and Blood' Pictures
UPN posts three new pictures, a bigger poster and blurb.

Nov 25 - Gaming Bullets
'The Fallen', 'Elite Force' and 'New Worlds' reviews, new 'Bridge Commander' screenshot and first 'The Fallen' patch

Nov 24 - 'Flesh And Blood' Trailer Online
Download the special, extra-long promo for the upcoming Voyager telefilm. Transcript inside.

Nov 24 - Overnight Ratings for 'Nightingale'
Overnight results are up and can be seen as a positive result for Voyager

Nov 24 - Site Columns
Cables, BBS Listings and TV Times

Nov 24 - New 'Take on Trek'
Who Are You & Where Are Our Writers?

Nov 24 - Wil Wheaton Interview
Fandom posts belated transcript of Q&A session with Welsey Crusher actor.

Nov 24 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's Sev Trek Movie competition!

Nov 24 - First 'Nightingale' Reviews
Section 31 and TrekWeb review Voyager's latest offering

Nov 24 - News Bullets
Voyager Number 3 for gay men, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Picardo interview clips, German Cynic, Anti-grav research and more!

Nov 24 - New 'Flesh and Blood' Photo, Poster and Synopsis
Voyager's Delights scans TV Guide information while UPN posts promotional poster.

Nov 23 - 'Galaxy Ball' & Set Tour Report Online
Winner of the set tour auction posts Galaxy Ball and 'Shattered' set report.

Nov 23 - Site Columns
CD destruction, BBS listings, TV info & Seven poll results.

Nov 23 - A Take On Trek: Who Are You & Where Are Our Writers?
After watching the last three episodes of Voyager, Fred asks a shocking question while giving remarks about the show's recent preformance.

Nov 23 - Robert Duncan McNeill Interviewed
Cinescape talks to Tom Paris actor about motorcycles, cast friendships & funny stories.

Nov 22 - Gaming Bullets
'Deep Space Nine - The Fallen' video, 'The Fallen' reviews, Mac 'Elite Force' out and more 'the Fallen'

Nov 22 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek competition!

Nov 22 - Boycott Organised After Domain Name Dispute
Popular SF site asks site to turn over domain name. Full coverage, including in-depth interviews, inside!

Nov 22 - More News on the Possible 'Shattered' Script
Galaxy Ball set tour winners say that the script matches the shooting schedule for the episode

Nov 22 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston offers "Trekker Solutions to Presidential Elections"

Nov 22 - Another Couple of 'Body and Soul' Reviews
Fandom takes another look while Tube Reviewer Jeff Bond offers a fresh take

Nov 22 - Site Columns
Spiders (again), BBS listings, TV times and a belated birthday

Nov 22 - 'The Void' Production Info posts writing and directing credits for new Voyager episode and its guest character list

Nov 22 - Robert Picardo Q&A Part II
The offical site posts the second half of the Q&A session with Robert Picardo

Nov 21 - News Bullets
John Savage interview, official site updates, X-Men, still more bad video news for UK fans and much more!

Nov 21 - 'Shattered' Script Available Online
'Shattered' script not a hoax? Read it or a synopsis and decide for yourself! (contains potential spoilers)

Nov 20 - More Season Seven Spoilers
Almost all of Voyager's pre-'Final Chapter' episode premises now revealed.

Nov 20 - Site Columns
A brush with electricity, BBS listings, TV times, New Poll and a birthday!

Nov 20 - News Bullets
Hoax Script, Sirtis in the UK, TV Zone pans Voyager season 6, lots of Shatner news and more!

Nov 19 - Site Columns
Snobs, BBS discussions and a birthday.

Nov 19 - 'Subspace Echoes' Number 7
STC writer Ariel looks at DS9 movie, Janeway's death, Andromeda and 'Body and Soul'

Nov 19 - Two New Voyager Reviews
The Cynic finds fault with 'Body and Soul' while Ed Hines offers his take on 'Inside Man'

Nov 19 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's Sev Trek Movie competition!

Nov 18 - Review: Inside Man
Proves that for the Ferengi, 35,000 light years isn't too far to reach for profit.

Nov 18 - Gaming Bullets
Mac 'Elite Force' goes gold, CCG finalist video, 'Bridge Commander' updates and three reviews

Nov 18 - Site Columns
Trains, BBS discussions, TV listings and 'Body and Soul' poll results.

Nov 18 - Biller to Beltran - Stop whining and do your job!
Voyager's new executive producer Kenneth Biller says he's sorry Beltran's not happy but he should do the job he's paid to do regardless

Nov 18 - Robert Picardo Q&A Session
Official site posts the first half of question and answer session with Voyager's Holodoc

Nov 17 - Site Columns
Music, BBS listings, TV times and a correction

Nov 17 - New Photos and Synopsis
Official site posts 'Nightingale' photo while UPN does 'Flesh and Blood'

Nov 17 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green on Voyager rumors, Trek people, 'Body and Soul' and new E-Book.

Nov 17 - News Bullets
Fuller Chat, Trek X signings, Holodecks a step closer to reality, more UK video news and Cracked Xmas 3 auction

Nov 17 - Three More 'Body and Soul' Reviews
IGN SciFi, SyFy World and Section 31 speak positively of Voyager's latest

Nov 17 - First Overnight Ratings Rise Since Season Premiere
Voyager finally manages to raise ratings since 'Body and Soul'.

Nov 17 - 'Body And Soul' Reviewed
TrekWeb & Mania look at yesterday's new Voyager.

Nov 16 - 'Nightingale' Promo Video Available
Check out the trailer for this year's first Kim episode. Full transcript inside.

Nov 16 - Nielsen Ratings For 'Inside Man'
Ratings news for Voyager's first sweeps episode not for the faint-hearted

Nov 16 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's Sev Trek Movie competition!

Nov 16 - Site Columns
New episodes and waiting, BBS Listings, TV times and a new poll

Nov 16 - Behind the Scenes on 'Nightingale'
Digitized version of UPN 9 news clip on Voyager now online (contains spoilers)

Nov 16 - Gaming Bullets
New 'Elite Force Demo', Star Fleet Command II preview and interview, 'The Fallen' preview, 'Elite Force' interview and CCG news

Nov 16 - News Bullets
TV Guide, 'In Search Of', McNeill E! Homes transcript, UK videos, two interviews and more!

Nov 16 - Latest Three Voyager Episodes Reviewed
Jammer looks at 'Critical Care' & 'Inside Man', and Cinescape posts 'Body and Soul' review.

Nov 15 - Chris-Craft To Extend UPN Affiliation Agreement
Voyager home station expected to remain on air in major markets beyond January 1.

Nov 15 - Site Columns
Encounters of the 8-legged kind, BBS listings and TV times

Nov 15 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston asks ''Where are the Rumors?'

Nov 15 - More 'Repentance' & 'Prophecy' Information
Official site posts production update on the two most recently shot episodes

Nov 14 - Site Columns
Bruises, Amazon, BBS info, TV listings.

Nov 14 - Another 'Inside Man' review
Michael Marek of Cinescape on last week's Voyager episode

Nov 14 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green on Series V, 'Inside Man' and 'Mulgrew Mildew'

Nov 14 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek competition

Nov 14 - News Bullets
Auction news, 'Inside Man Credits', Picardo short film, Sev Strip, Stewart Reading, McNeill on E! Celebrity Homes and much more!

Nov 14 - More Mulgrew Q&A
The offical site posts the second half of the Q&A session with Kate Mulgrew

Nov 13 - Robert Duncan McNeill Talks 'Body And Soul' & Voyager Ending
More spoiler news in second Voyager actor interview of the day.

Nov 13 - Phillips Talks Series V & Voyager Ending
Neelix actor confirms 'Birth of the Federation' concept at New England convention. Voyager spoilers inside.

Nov 13 - Site Columns
Laptops, BBS listings, tv times and two birthdays!

Nov 13 - Two More Voyager Reviews
Tube Reviews 'Inside Man', SyFy World on 'Critical Care'

Nov 13 - New 'Subspace Echoes' Column
STC writer Ariel continues the great 'Bring Back Krik' debate

Nov 12 - New Trek Nation Reviews
Amy Hightower looks at John Vornholt novel & Ed Hines analyses 'Critical Care'.

Nov 12 - Site Columns
Slow news day, BBS info & a birthday.

Nov 12 - News Bullets
Jeri Ryan, transporters, Subspace Echoes & comic author interview.

Nov 12 - Review: Critical Care
While not as outstanding as the hype made it seem, it is nevertheless a solidly produced episode and a fine hour of entertainment.

Nov 12 - Review: The Genesis Wave Book One
Amy Hightower reviews 'The Genesis Wave Book One' by John Vornholt

Nov 12 - Site Columns
Online shopping, BBS listings, two corrections, poll results & a birthday.

Nov 11 - 'Voyager' Ratings Reports
Overnight ratings for 'Critical Care' & 'Inside Man', and 'Repression' national ratings.

Nov 11 - Berman Talks Series V and Voyager
Trek Executive Producer Rick Berman talks airdates, networks, production and guest stars

Nov 11 - Russ on the Future of Trek
Tuvok actor talks to Dreamwatch on the franchise and it's future

Nov 11 - Deep Space Nine to the Big Screen?
Cinefantastique magazine talks to DS9 cast and crew on the possibility of a movie

Nov 10 - News Bullets (2)
WWF, Siddig birthday, more Sid & Nana shots and who to kill.

Nov 10 - Gaming Bullets
DS9: The Fallen gold, Bridge Commander & SFC 2 shots and CCG/Armade offer expires.

Nov 10 - Three New 'Inside Man' Reviews
The Cynic, Michelle Green & Jason Bates look at latest Voyager.

Nov 10 - Rick Berman Talks Trek X (Updated)
Spiner heavily involved with scripting of 'rip-roaring adventure with a lot of humor.' Plus: Berman on changing crews.

Nov 10 - Site Columns
Weather, BBS listings, TV Times and a Birthday!

Nov 10 - Mulgrew/Janeway Bits
Star Trek Monthly Interview, Q&A Session and Fandom on trial rumors

Nov 10 - More New Episode Information
First photos and synopsis for 'Nightingale', more 'Body and Soul' pictures.

Nov 10 - News Bullets
ASC, new X-Men DVD, Jeri Ryan Charity Auction, Galaxy Ball Photos, DVD review, book excerpts and more!

Nov 10 - New Voyager Episode Information
Official site posts details on two upcoming Voyager episodes, 'Repentance' and 'Prophecy'

Nov 9 - Site Columns
More elections, BBS info & poll results. No recounts will be granted.

Nov 9 - Ordover Steps Up In Surprise Presidential Election Settlement
Pocket Books Star Trek editor invokes little-known 'gimme' clause in US constitution.

Nov 9 - Two New 'Galaxy Ball' Reports
Second Half of Eon report and Delta Story's Trekker Treats post report, including video clips and announce raffle winners.

Nov 9 - Trek Nation Updates
A Take on Trek, a Take on Andromeda and a Briefing With Caillan.

Nov 9 - A Briefing With Caillan: A Briefing With Caillan
'Voyager Perceptions, Part 1'

Nov 9 - Four New Voyager reviews
TrekWeb and Section31 on 'Inside Man', Tube Reviews on 'Critical Care' and Julia Houston on 'Repression'.

Nov 9 - 'Body and Soul' Promo Online
Media Trek digitizes promo for next week's Voyager episode (transcript inside)

Nov 8 - First 'Flesh And Blood' Photos
Official Communicator magazine prints images from upcoming two-hour movie.

Nov 8 - Gaming Bullets
'Starfleet Command II', 'DS9: The Fallen' & 'Elite Force'.

Nov 8 - News Bullets
Audio reading, UPN ratings, 'Christmas Carol' DVD, Voyager shooting end, Stern & more.

Nov 8 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Nov 8 - A Take On Trek: Andromeda - Five & Counting
Fred Shedian takes a look at Andromeda's latest episode and season thus far.

Nov 8 - Site Columns
Shark attack, BBS listings, New Voyager episode tonight and a birthday!

Nov 8 - National Post Talks Trek Tech
Mark Schatzker writes on how far-fetched Star Trek was - or wasn't.

Nov 8 - New 'Deeper Side of Trek' column
'Franchise at the Crossroads' - Jammer takes a look at Series V and where it could lead the franchise

Nov 8 - 'He Said/She Said' on Trek
Steve Johnson and Michelle Erica Green ask what Trek do we deserve at Another Universe

Nov 8 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's new (and rather apt) Sev Trek Movie competition

Nov 8 - Julia Houston - Riker: The Ambitious Son Star Trek guide looks at TNG's first officer and his stuggle to find his place

Nov 7 - Site Columns
Elections, BBS info & poll results.

Nov 7 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green on 'Critical Care' plus news and rumors (contains spoilers)

Nov 7 - BBK Responds to 'Subspace Echoes' Criticism
Bring Back Kirkers lash out at Fandom columnist Ariel

Nov 7 - Deep Space Nine to Return...
Pocket Books editor announces new post-finale series

Nov 7 - Two More 'Critical Care' Reviews
Delta Blues and Cinescape on last week's Voyager episode.

Nov 7 - News Bullets
Picardo Q&A, SAG, Ryan Auction, New Frontier comic review, Alien Voices and more!

Nov 5 - Site Columns
Murphy and his law, BBS listings, TV times, a new poll and two birthdays!

Nov 5 - 'Repentance' Information
Tim Russ leaks title and plot of new episode in Trekker Newsletter interview

Nov 5 - New 'Subspace Echoes' Column
STC writer Ariel on Shimmerman, Andromeda, Critical Care and Brink Back Kirkers

Nov 4 - A Take On Trek: Season 7's Repressing Care
Fred looks at the last two Voyager episodes and remarks on trends he sees thus far with Season 7.

Nov 4 - News Bullets
'What Shakespeare Leaves Behind', actor news, Dracula 2000 in theaters after all and trek stamps

Nov 4 - Gaming Bullets
SFCII & Fallen previews, 'Elite Force' review, Fallen screenshots and CCG news

Nov 4 - New Episode Photos
More 'Inside Man' photos and a behind-the-scenes look at 'Shattered'

Nov 4 - Site Columns
'The Dish', BBS listings and TV times

Nov 4 - Starlog Interviews Kate Mulgrew
Janeway actress on Beltran, Seven, season seven, Janeway, and the series' ending.

Nov 3 - Site Columns
Books, BBS listings and TV times

Nov 3 - More Voyager Reviews
IGN SciFi on 'Critical Care' and Ed Hines on 'Repression'

Nov 3 - 'Body and Soul' News
First Photos and UPN synopsis now online

Nov 3 - Rick Sternbach Q&A Session
Official site posts second half of Q&A session with Senior Illustrator

Nov 3 - 'Critical Care' Reviews
AnotherUniverse & Section 31 look at latest 'Voyager'.

Nov 3 - News Bullets
UPN success, Woodard, Ryan film not in cinemas, no TNG DVDs soon & Janeway.

Nov 3 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Nov 3 - Galaxy Ball Reports
Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga writes about the Beltran-hosted charity event. New photos inside!

Nov 2 - Review: Repression
Tuvok hears voices and foments the shortest, holey insurrection plot in all of Star Trek, reintroducing the Maquis subplot.

Nov 2 - NBC Expresses Interest in Trek V
Will Trek come the full circle and end up back on the network that started it all?

Nov 2 - Two New Voyager Reviews
TrekWeb on 'Critcal Care', SF Site does 'Drive'

Nov 2 - Julia Houston's Top 10 guide names her number one Trek sites in 10 different categories

Nov 2 - 'Inside Man' Promo
Digitized 'Inside Man' promo now available for download. Full transcript inside.

Nov 2 - Site Columns
Internation Space Station, BBS listings, TV times and poll results

Nov 2 - Majel Roddenberry Interview
'Great Hen of the Galaxy' on Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict , Trek and other projects

Nov 2 - News Bullets
Spot interview, de Lancie in 'Art', Media Trek updates, Chase Masterson sues at more!

Nov 1 - Trek Actor Interviews
Sirtis talks to Star Trek Magazine & Shatner talks to Star Trek Monthly.

Nov 1 - News Bullets
German Cynic, eBooks, Ryan pics, schedule, merger, comics interviews and more.

Nov 1 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Nov 1 - New 'Lineage' Plot Rumours
More far-reaching character developments in upcoming episode. Spoilers inside.

Nov 1 - Gaming Bullets
Interplay financials, SFC II, DS9 shots & Voyager review.

Nov 1 - Site Columns
Sci-fi site mergers, BBS info & TV listings. New Voyager episode tonight!

Nov 1 - Kenneth Biller Talks Season Seven
Voyager Executive Producer interviewed on Voyager ending.

Nov 1 - Site Columns
More wintertime & BBS listings.

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