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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2002

Jan 31 - Trinneer Recalls His First Con Experience
'Enterprise' actor says meeting the fans is 'kind of cool.'

Jan 31 - 'Shadows Of P'Jem' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise'! Transcript and spoilers inside.

Jan 31 - Review: Sleeping Dogs
Archer tries to help a damaged Klingon ship and gets a lesson in Klingon scorn.

Jan 31 - Site Columns
Television Part 2: The Revenge of Channel 9! Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll, a correction & TV listings.

Jan 30 - 'Sleeping Dogs' Receives Positive Advance Review
AICN rates the episode as 'actually worth your valuable time.' Plus: more 'Dear Doctor' reviews. Spoilers inside!

Jan 30 - First Look At 'Next Generation' DVD Extras
Preview of cast and crew interviews online. Plus: Region 2 set delayed until April.

Jan 30 - UPN Cuts Jobs As Part Of CBS Merger
20% of network employees to be laid off, but chief operating officer Adam Ware remains. Plus: 'Roswell' not cancelled.

Jan 30 - News Bullets
Bakula appearances, Bring Back Kirk, book news, Psi Phi, official site updates, 'Enterprise' in Germany &

Jan 30 - Site Columns
'The West Wing' returns, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 29 - Jeffrey Combs Talks Ferengi Confusion
The actor who played Weyoun in DS9 is back, for his second role on 'Enterprise.' And this time, he's wearing lobes.

Jan 30 - UPN Reportedly Axes 'Roswell'
Jonathan Frakes and Ronald D. Moore's alien series is cancelled again - this time by UPN.

Jan 30 - Art Asylum Shows Off Trek Figure Prototypes
Company that will bring 'Enterprise' to toy stores has a new web site. Photograph inside!

Jan 29 - Trek Alumni Featured In Upcoming Movies
Shatner plays himself in 'Showtime,' Wheaton appears in 'Jane White' and Picardo goes experimental with 'Until Morning.'

Jan 29 - Site Columns
eXistenZ, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 28 - Extensive 'Oasis' Plot Summary
The Enterprise is set to encounter an alien race with a hidden agenda in this upcoming episode. Massive spoilers inside!

Jan 28 - 'Enterprise' A British Ratings Success
Series premiere reportedly the best debut ever for a new show on a multichannel service in the U.K.

Jan 28 - News Bullets
'Silent Enemy' reviews, Stewart, poll, science article, Spiner, Mulgrew,, TNN, collectibles & Veggie Trek!

Jan 28 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' Q&A, preview & screenshots, 'Armada II' patch & review, plus CCG updates.

Jan 29 - Site Columns
Inflatable Kangaroos, Trek BBS & TV Listings.

Jan 28 - Article: A Visit To The 'Enterprise' Set
'idrivex' visist the NX-01 and meets the cast, crew and the computers that power it all.

Jan 27 - 'Dear Doctor' Gets The Thumbs-Up From Critics
Nine new reviews of the latest 'Enterprise' episode online.

Jan 28 - Sev Trek: Measly Cameo
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoons and submit an idea for the next one.

Jan 27 - Site Columns
Grapefruit juice, BBS threads, classic TT news, a new poll, birthday & TV listings.

Jan 26 - Extensive 'Detained' Plot Summary
First details of new Suliban-centered episode that will comment on post-9/11 events. Full spoilers inside!

Jan 27 - Official 'Shuttlepod One' UPN Information
Synopsis and credits for second February sweeps episode. Plus: 'Equilibrium' gets name change.

Jan 26 - New Executive Seeks To Broaden UPN's Appeal
Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff wants the network to have its own distinct identity.

Jan 27 - Site Columns
Meanderings, Trek BBS & TV Listings.

Jan 26 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Dear Doctor
To avoid playing God, Phlox plays God.

Jan 25 - René Auberjonois To Appear On 'Enterprise'
Odo actor starts filming Monday on 'Oasis'. Plus: Jeffrey Combs to guest-star in 'Acqusition'.

Jan 26 - Scorsese To Direct John Logan Script
Leonard DiCaprio signs on for Howard Hughes biopic, written by the 'Star Trek: Nemesis' scribe.

Jan 25 - Frakes To Conjure Up 'Illusion'
William Riker actor to direct magical new action-thriller for Disney.

Jan 25 - 'Shadows Of P'Jem' Inspired By Original Series
Writer Michael Sussman says upcoming episode 'sets up interesting backstory' for 'Journey To Babel.' Spoilers inside!

Jan 25 - Park Hopes For T'Pol/Hoshi Friendship
'Enterprise' actress on building relationships, romance & idolising Deanna Troi.

Jan 25 - News Bullets
'Sleeping Dogs' photos & promo, Odyssey 5, Ruck, alumni, DVDs, bloopers & more!

Jan 25 - Site Columns
Odyssey 5, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 24 - Keating 'Bowled Over' By 'Shuttlepod One'
'Enterprise' actor says he never expected to play a realistic character on a sci-fi series. Spoilers inside!

Jan 25 - D.C. Fontana Wins WGA Award
Veteran scribe of 4 Trek series to be honoured for Writers Guild activities.

Jan 24 - 'Quantum Leap' Revival Moving Closer?
Universal 'exploring possibility' of a reunion movie for the Scott Bakula series.

Jan 24 - Review: Dear Doctor
Phlox and Archer face a no-win scenario in a superbly written episode.

Jan 24 - 'Sleeping Dogs' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode! Transcript & spoilers inside.

Jan 24 - Site Columns
Sincere apologies, BBS & TV listings, classic news and the 'Dear Doctor' poll.

Jan 24 - New UPN Comedies To Debut In March
'As If' and 'The Random Years' will premiere while 'Roswell' is on hiatus.

Jan 23 - Tom Bergeron To Make 'Enterprise' Appearance
'Hollywood Squares' host to play alien trader in an upcoming episode called 'Osmosis.'

Jan 23 - First 'Acquisition' Plot Details
New spoilers for the upcoming 'Enterprise' episode featuring Ethan Phillips! Plus: 'Rogue Planet' credits.

Jan 23 - New UPN Entertainment President Chosen
Viacom to hire Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff to head 'Enterprise' network. Yes, we copy-and-pasted that name.

Jan 23 - Critics: 'Silent Enemy' Good, Despite B-Story Blues
Five new reviews of the latest 'Enterprise' episode online.

Jan 23 - News Bullets
Shatner, editorial, Trek alumni pass away, Cinescape, Mulgrew, Psi Phi, Siddig, TMP DVD down under & more!

Jan 23 - Site Columns
Temptation, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 22 - Interview: John Billingsley
Dr. Phlox actor talks to AntonyF about the original 'Dear Doctor' ending, set pranks & conventions.

Jan 23 - 'Enterprise' UK Video Revealed
First image of the 'Broken Bow' VHS release. Pre-order your copy online now!

Jan 22 - Site Columns
Strange Auctions, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Jan 21 - Mulgrew On Her Transition From Screen To Stage
Playing Janeway was a 'great privilege' but actress says she's ready for the 'next chapter.'

Jan 21 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada II' reviews, new 'Bridge Commander' screenshots & CCG updates.

Jan 21 - Site Columns
Gladiator (take 354), BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 20 - Press Attention For 'Nemesis'
Stewart on off-road vehicles & Burton talks friendship. Contains possible spoilers.

Jan 20 - UPN Cancels 'Special Unit 2'
Production is halted on 'Enterprise' lead-out show, but network orders an additional seven 'Roswell' episodes.

Jan 20 - 'Silent Enemy' Scores Positive Reviews
Seven new analyses of 'Enterprise's' latest posted online.

Jan 20 - Site Columns
Darth Vader, BBS threads, classic TT news, a new poll & TV listings.

Jan 20 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Silent Enemy
Can our heroes survive the Attack of the Mimes?

Jan 19 - Ethan Phillips To Play 'Enterprise' Ferengi
Neelix actor returns to Trek as greedy alien in an upcoming episode.

Jan 19 - Official 'Shadows Of P'Jem' Information Released
Synopsis, guest cast listing and spoilers for this upcoming 'Enterprise'!

Jan 19 - Trinneer Makes His Debut On The Con Circuit
'Enterprise' actor talks male pregnancy, breaking props, Trip's character and Porthos!

Jan 19 - Mulgrew Talks 'Tea At Five'
Janeway actress on playing Katharine Hepburn in her new one-woman show.

Jan 19 - Site Columns
Cold Redux Trek BBS & TVListings.

Jan 18 - Developing T'Pol Was Fun, Blalock Says
'Enterprise' actress talks Vulcan characterisation, predictability & crew relationships.

Jan 18 - Burton Goes Back To His 'Roots'
TNG actor will present a special documentary on the 1977 mini-series tonight.

Jan 18 - Official Trek Roleplaying Game Coming Early 2002
RPG Player's Guide tentatively scheduled for release next month.

Jan 18 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' in Australia, Spiner dinner, Nichols's new film, DS9 alumni, convention info, 'Enterprise' promo & more!

Jan 18 - Sev Trek: Teasing On Duty
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon and submit an idea for the next one.

Jan 18 - Site Columns
Peter Weir, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 17 - Bakula In Favour Of Gay Character
'Enterprise' star, Mulgrew, McFadden & Stewart talk sexuality & Trek.

Jan 17 - Collins On Being An 'Enterprise' Captain
Will Decker actor recalls starring in 'The Motion Picture'. Plus: Collins's writing plans.

Jan 17 - 'Dear Doctor' Trailer Released
Download the promo for next week's 'Enterprise'! Full transcript and spoilers inside.

Jan 17 - Review: Silent Enemy
Distracting music and birthday parties make a clatter during this would-be-adventure.

Jan 17 - Site Columns
'Quantum' composer leaps to 'Enterprise' revisited, BBS threads, classic TT news, a new poll & TV listings.

Jan 16 - Region 1 'Next Generation' DVD Details
Pre-order the first-season TNG box set now. Full details & first image inside!

Jan 16 - Andorians Are Blalock's Favourite Aliens
T'Pol actress ecstatic about the return of the blue skins. Plus: what does 'Love Shack' have to do with 'Enterprise'?

Jan 16 - Keating Entertains Fans At Portland Con
Malcolm Reed actor talks on-set hijinks, broken phase pistols & Klingon females! Contains possible spoilers.

Jan 17 - Site Columns
Tiring Day, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Jan 16 - News Bullets
'Silent Enemy' spoilers, Trinneer, book review, German 'Enterprise' titles, site updates & more!

Jan 15 - Official 'Sleeping Dogs' Information Released
Find out what happens in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode! Contains guest cast list & spoilers.

Jan 15 - Blalock Talks 'Daredevil' Audition
T'Pol actress confirms auditioning for Elektra role, but the part looks to be going elsewhere.

Jan 15 - 'Enterprise' Action Figures Coming Summer 2002
Archer, T'Pol, Reed and Mayweather are heading to a toy shop near you soon. First details inside!

Jan 15 - UPN To Keep Distinct Identity, Says Moonves
New chief executive says network will continue to target the youth demographic. Plus: UPN's new reality series.

Jan 15 - Site Columns
Bag? No bag! BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 14 - McNeill: Directing Is Fresh And Exciting
Tom Paris actor on behind the scenes passions, helming 'Cold Front' and 'Dawson's Creek.'

Jan 14 - Article: An Evening With Robert Picardo
Voyager's EMH arrives in Scotland for an evening of entertainnment. Full report inside!

Jan 15 - Site Columns
To watch or not to watch? TrekBBS and TV listings.

Jan 14 - News Bullets
Mulgrew chat, Burton, Bakula, Ryan site closes, 'Reign of Fire,' Picardo, 'Cold Front,' book news & more!

Jan 13 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' interview, 'Armada II' reviews & strategy guide available.

Jan 13 - Site Columns
'Voyager' spin the bottle, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 12 - Keating On His Long Road To 'Enterprise'
Malcolm Reed actor describes the trials and tribulations of an actor's life.

Jan 12 - Bakula Not Creatively Involved With 'Enterprise'
Lead actor debunks pre-premiere rumours; talks special effects and spending time with his family.

Jan 12 - Electrifying New Role For Blalock?
T'Pol actress reported to be one of four candidates for the role of Elektra in the upcoming 'Daredevil' movie.

Jan 12 - Dean Valentine Bows Out As UPN President
Network head exits in the wake of UPN-CBS merger announcement.

Jan 13 - Site Columns
Fic, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Jan 11 - Alien Surprises In Store On 'Enterprise'
Jeffrey Combs to return as Shran and further information on 'Equilibrium.' Spoilers inside!

Jan 12 - John Fleck To Play Circus Freak
Silik actor talks new role in upcoming HBO drama series. Plus: Fleck on Bakula.

Jan 12 - SevTrek: Ambassador Cockroach
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon and submit an idea for the next one.

Jan 11 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' photos, MediaWeek, technology article, ET & promo mirrors, editorial, Blalock & SNW.

Jan 11 - Site Columns
Alexander the Great, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 11 - Malcolm Reed To Step Into The Light
Dominic Keating talks 'Shuttlepod One,' directing and being recognised on the street.

Jan 10 - 'Entertainment Tonight' Visits Trek X Set
Show reveals first footage from the 'Nemesis' set, talks to stars. Full transcript & spoilers inside!

Jan 10 - 'Silent Enemy' Promo Released
Download the trailer for the first new 'Enterprise' of 2002! Full transcript inside.

Jan 11 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBs, New Poll & TV Listings.

Jan 9 - First TNG DVD Box Set Images
Take a look at photos of the DVD box sets for all seven 'Next Generation' seasons. Plus: pre-order online now!

Jan 9 - Alert: First 'Nemesis' Footage On TV Tonight
'Entertainment Tonight' to air report from the set of the tenth Trek film - teaser images inside! Contains spoilers.

Jan 9 - Stewart On Working With The TNG Gang Again
Jean-Luc Picard actor talks about women drivers, Romulans and being together again in ET preview.

Jan 9 - Bryan Fuller Tapped For 'Carrie' Remake
'Voyager' scribe to adapt Stephen King novel as a possible NBC pilot.

Jan 9 - The Book Padd: Winter Reading Roundup
Michelle Erica Green reviews 'Being Human,' 'The Genesis Wave, Book Three,' 'Millennium' and 'Starship Spotter.'

Jan 9 - News Bullets
Wise honoured, Goldberg hosting Oscars, DS9 breakfast, ornaments, Warren, 'Clockstoppers,' 'Broken Bow' review & more!

Jan 9 - Site Columns
Asteroids, BBS threads, classic TT news, a correction & TV listings.

Jan 8 - Official 'Dear Doctor' Information Released
Synopsis, creative staff & guest cast info for the second 'Enterprise' episode of 2002. Spoilers Inside!

Jan 8 - Blalock & Keating Featured On UK Radio
'Enterprise' stars talk pushing the envelope & conventions.

Jan 9 - Site Columns
Lis ditches the dialup, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Jan 7 - News Bullets
Ryan, Cinescape, TMP review, Shatner book, Keating, Trinneer & more!

Jan 7 - Site Columns
Summer series, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

Jan 6 - 'Enterprise' Vulcans Speak Out
Kopache talks logical antagonism & Graham on Soval's return. Contains spoilers!

Jan 6 - Site Columns
Naming an EMH, BBS threads, classic TT news, birthday & TV listings.

Jan 5 - 'Strange New Worlds V' Winners Announced
A record 23 stories included in latest edition of fan anthology.

Jan 5 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' in the UK, mid-season & book reviews, TNG DVDs, new promo, 'Voyager' video cover, & Nimoy.

Jan 5 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' preview, 'Armada II' review, 'Elite Force' Mac patch & CCG rulings.

Jan 4 - UPN Releases New Episodes Promo
See what's to come on 'Enterprise' in 2002! Full transcript inside.

Jan 4 - Piller Hopes Fans Will Enjoy 'Dead Zone'
Former Trek writer says his new series will be ambitious, character-driven and 'terrifically entertaining.'

Jan 4 - News Bullets
TNG DVDs, McDowell, 'Enterprise' down under, Keating, Psi Phi, McNeill & videos.

Jan 4 - Site Columns
Lord of the Rings, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Jan 4 - Scott Bakula Almost Leaped Again
'Enterprise' star tried to get new 'Quantum Leap' series off the ground before becoming Captain Archer.

Jan 4 - Site Columns
Nesh, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Jan 3 - Park On The Craft Of Acting
Hoshi Sato actress talks performing for television, dance & Hollywood.

Jan 4 - SevTrek: Infected Bolongna
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon, and submit an idea for the next one.

Jan 3 - Piller's 'Dead Zone' Returns To Life
USA Network orders full season of psychic drama series, starring Deep Space Nine's Nicole deBoer.

Jan 2 - Official 'Silent Enemy' Synopsis Released
Find out what happens in the first 'Enterprise' of 2002! Spoilers & guest cast details inside.

Jan 2 - News Bullets
2001 retrospective, Dawson con cancellation, book review, 'Enterprise,' & Trinneer.

Jan 2 - Site Columns
Happy New Year & bush fires, BBS threads, classic TT news, a new poll & TV listings.

Jan 1 - Braga: Story Arc To Unfold Over Several Years
'Enterprise' co-creator on the founding of the Federation.

Jan 1 - 'Light Speed' Charity Event Report
Photos from the recent open house at Light Speed Fine Arts. Featuring Denise Crosby, Nicole deBoer, George Takei, Robert Picardo & more!

Jan 1 - News Bullets
Book news, Trek movies, Jefferies exhibition, Ryan, Picardo, Visitor & UPN series.

Jan 1 - Gaming Bullets
Three new 'Armada II' reviews & 'Bridge Commander' pre-ordering.

Jan 2 - Site Columns
Game Stuff, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

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