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January 2, 2002 - 1:15 PM

Hello World!

Happy New Year to all our readers, I hope you had a safe, enjoyable and fun holiday season.

However, it's not been a happy time for everyone. Bush fires have raged throughout New South Wales for the past week or so owing to the extremely hot conditions here in Australia (and thanks to some nasty arsonists). Over 150 homes have been destroyed, and numerous firefighters have worked endlessly to save lives and property.

It's very sobering to hear of families forced to flee their homes just as they were about to sit down for Christmas dinner or a woman who slipped and fell from her roof as she was trying to protect her house. Perhaps the most devastating story of all was of a family who packed all their treasured belongings in their car when they were evacuating, but their car wouldn't start, so they had to grab a ride with friends. When they returned, their house had been saved, but the car with all their precious memories had been destroyed.

So an extra special happy new year to all our readers in Sydney or NSW, in the hope that you and your families are safe and sound, and a big thank-you to all the firefighters who have worked tirelessly to save lives.

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