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January 30, 2002 - 3:51 PM

Hello World!

The West Wing finally returns to Aussie shores next week - I can once again immerse myself in this fantastic show!

Come to think of it, Frasier is still running, Gilmore Girls is being shown twice a week and Enterprise debuts on February 9!

How long will this stunning combination of good television on Australian screens continue?

The West Wing will probably stay at its 10:30 timeslot, unless there's something important happening like the World Basket Weaving Championships. Frasier will end the week after next to be replaced by a very dodgy game show.

Gilmore Girls is showing twice a week, so they'll run out of new episodes soon. Enterprise will last about 8 episodes before moving to midnight, or worse, being scrapped completely until Summer (ie: December). Thus, I say my small screen happiness will not last much longer.

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