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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2002

Mar 31 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 30 - All Generations On Show At Grand Slam
Ricardo Montalban, Colm Meany, Andrew Robinson, Roxann Dawson and Robert Duncan McNeill entertain fans at Pasadena.

Mar 30 - 'Elite Force II' In Development
The sequel to the 'Voyager'-themed first person shooter game is in the works - details are expected soon.

Mar 30 - Casey Biggs Fascinated By Cardassians
Actor recalls his days as Legate Damar on 'Deep Space Nine.'

Mar 30 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Mar 30 - Logan, Sirtis, & Stewart Talk Trek X
Trek X writer and actors discuss the development and opening scenes of the movie. Contains Spoilers!

Mar 29 - Shatner Talks 'Making Of Trek' Special
Kirk actor in discussions with CBS to produce a documentary on the franchise. Plus: 'Mind Meld.'

Mar 30 - Site Columns
hello World, Trek BBS, a birthday and TV Listings.

Mar 29 - Review: Acquisition
Ferengi take over Enterprise but get distracted by lust for gold and T'Pol.

Mar 29 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Rogue Planet
Archer learns a valuable lesson: killing people for fun is bad.

Mar 28 - TrekToday Suffering From Domain Name Problems
Click here for a full explanation if you have been experiencing difficulties reaching the site.

Mar 28 - Scott Bakula Answers Fan Questions
Jonathan Archer actor posts his responses to fan submitted questions at E!Online.

Mar 28 - 'Oasis' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode! Transcript and spoilers inside.

Mar 29 - Piller: 'Dead Zone' Inspired By Book & Movie
Executive producer on why he first wanted to make a series based on Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone' for TV.

Mar 28 - News Bullets
Alumni Oscars, DVD review, Mulgrew, 'Battle of Betazed,' Sev Trek chat, DS9 petition, Shatner & charity breakfast.

Mar 28 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS theads, a new poll & TV listings.

Mar 27 - Braga Talks Future Plotlines
Executive producer on 'Enterprise's' season finale, the Federation, Romulans and Vulcans! Contains spoilers.

Mar 27 - Bormanis: Series V Is More 'Character-Oriented'
Staff writer explains 'Enterprise's' vision in relation to story arcs and long-term themes. Contains spoilers.

Mar 27 - 'X-Files' Scribe Joins 'Enterprise' Staff
Emmy-nominee John Shiban signs on as co-executive producer next season. Plus: Chris Black promoted.

Mar 26 - Season One To End With A 'Shockwave'
Allan Kroeker to direct the 'Enterprise' season finale. Plus: 'Desert Crossings' information.

Mar 28 - Sev Trek: Bored Weak Spot
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody catroon inside!

Mar 28 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV listings.

Mar 26 - Gaming Bullets
'Starfleet Command 3' interview, 'Bridge Commander' reviews & CCG updates.

Mar 26 - Site Columns
3000 years of history, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

Mar 25 - Interview: Jeffrey Combs
Frequent Trek guest star talks playing a Ferengi in 'Acquisition' & an Andorian in 'P'Jem.'

Mar 26 - Star Trek Pigeonholed Me, Says Frakes
Will Riker actor on how being stereotyped can be beneficial, and on the Trek tribute in his new film.

Mar 26 - Critics Give 'Rogue Planet' The Thumbs Down
Eight reviewers look at the latest adventure for the NX-01 crew: round-up inside.

Mar 26 - First 'Nemesis' Photo Online
See the first image of the crew in uniform in the new movie! Plus: McFadden comments.

Mar 26 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 24 - 'Enterprise' Season Finale To Air May 22
Schedule for the rest of the season released. Plus: Clancy Brown appearance confirmed.

Mar 24 - News Bullets
TNN marathon, 'Spy Kids 2,' Spiner, con report, book signing, Siddig, credits & more!

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Amadeus, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Mar 23 - 'Enterprise' On Region 2 DVD By Christmas?
New report suggests Paramount is planning a Series V boxed set for Europe.

Mar 24 - 'Starfleet Command III' For PC Announced
Tactical starship simulator to boldly go into the 'Next Generation Universe' - coming this Christmas to PC.

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 23 - Trek X Never Offered To Frakes
Will Riker actor surprised to have been overlooked, says film will still be great. Spoilers inside!

Mar 23 - Piller On Lessons Learned From Star Trek
Former Trek writer says 'The Dead Zone' utilises skills learned from Roddenberry, promises to treat Stephen King novel with respect.

Mar 22 - Frakes Set To Helm 'Twilight Zone' Pilot
Will Riker actor will direct the first episode of UPN's revival of the cult series. Plus: 'Roswell' replacements axed.

Mar 22 - 'Acquisition' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode - transcript and spoilers inside!

Mar 22 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, 'Rogue Planet' poll, a birthday & TV listings.

Mar 21 - First Look At 'Nemesis' Logo
Logo design for the next Trek feature film is now online. See it inside!

Mar 22 - Site Columns
Metal Gear 2, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 21 - Review: Rogue Planet
Archer encounters Tosk in the form of a beautiful woman.

Mar 21 - 'Hologram's Handbook' Debuts Next Month
Robert Picardo provides a tongue-in-cheek guide to holographic living. Plus: Picardo book signing.

Mar 21 - News Bullets
Wheaton interview, DVD contest, alumni roundup, 'Hard Rain' reviews, Psi Phi, Shatner & Spiner.

Mar 21 - Dorn To Direct 'Two Days And Two Nights'
The actor behind Worf becomes the latest Trek alumni to step into the directors chair on Series V. Contains Spoilers!

Mar 21 - Spiner: The Time Is Right For Trek X
Data actor talks about why timing is everything in the release of Trek movies, and how it was wrong in the past.

Mar 20 - Berman Signs On For Another Five Year Voyage
Trek head honcho inks an eight-figure deal with Paramount Pictures to develop new film and TV projects.

Mar 20 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, two birthdays & TV listings.

Mar 20 - 'X Men' Insider Makes 'Nemesis' Appearance
Patrick Stewart confirms that another famous face shot a cameo appearance in Trek X.

Mar 19 - Robin Curtis Loved Being A Part Of Trek
Saavik actress says she'll be forever grateful for her association with the franchise.

Mar 19 - Gaming Bullets
Stacks of 'Bridge Commander' reviews, plus 'Armada II' & CCG updates.

Mar 20 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 19 - Shatner Talks 'Showtime' Antics
James T. Kirk actor on his co-stars in his latest movie. Plus: Appearance on the Conan O'Brien show.

Mar 19 - It's Official: Goldsmith To Score 'Nemesis'
Composer of the 'Next Generation' and 'Voyager' themes to provide 'Trek X' music.

Mar 18 - First TNG DVD Reviews Appear
DVD box set getting high marks. Plus: More release dates & European Amazon giving away free box set!

Mar 18 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

Mar 18 - News Bullets
Mulgrew interview, TNG DVDs, Book News, 'Wolf Lake,' Masterson and much more!

Mar 18 - Site Columns
FFX finally announced for Europe, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 16 - Joe Menosky Enters 'The Dead Zone'
TNG & 'Voyager' writer-producer signs on to Michael Piller's new sci-fi series. Plus: Cast & web site news.

Mar 16 - Official 'Oasis' Information Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming episode featuring Rene Auberjonois! Contains spoilers.

Mar 16 - Clancy Brown Slated For 'Enterprise' Appearance?
'Highlander' and 'Starship Troopers' actor will reportedly feature in an upcoming episode.

Mar 16 - Nichols Warming Up For 'Snow Dogs 2'
Uhura actress says Disney is considering a sequel to the comedy film. Plus: 'Saturna's Quest.'

Mar 16 - Site Columns
Computer Xperiences, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Mar 15 - 'Acquisition' Opening Scenes Summary
Key details of this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode inside!

Mar 16 - Sev Trek: Underwater Beta
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon, and submit an idea for the next one.

Mar 16 - Site Columns
A fantastic read, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 15 - 'Nemesis' Principal Photography Finishes
Digital Domain now proceeding with visual effects for Star Trek X.

Mar 15 - 'Enterprise' Picks Up Saturn Award Nominations
Series V up for Best Network TV Series; Bakula, Trinner & Blalock nominated for acting awards.

Mar 14 - Combs Proud To Play First Andorian
Shran actor on why he couldn't resist appearing as a blue-skinned alien.

Mar 14 - 'Rogue Planet' Trailer Released
Download the promo for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript & spoilers inside!

Mar 15 - Site Columns
Hello World. Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 14 - 'Vox Solis' & 'Fallen Hero' Plot Details
Alien guests cause trouble on the Enterprise in these two upcoming episodes. Massive spoilers inside!

Mar 14 - 'Enterprise' Finale To Start Filming March 27
Production on Series V's final first-season episode to end early April.

Mar 14 - Decipher Unveils New CCG Expansion
'Star Trek Motion Pictures' expansion pack for customisable card game coming in April.

Mar 13 - Sailors Of The Year Jump Aboard 'Enterprise'
Three U.S.S. Enterprise crew members will appear in the May 8 episode 'Desert Crossings.'

Mar 13 - Site Columns
SW Episode 2 trailer, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Mar 12 - Official 'Acquisition' Information Released
Jeffrey Combs, Ethan Phillips & Clint Howard guest star in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode! Contains spoilers.

Mar 12 - Zimmerman Proud Of The NX-01 Bridge
'Enterprise' production designer on the philosophy behind Archer's command centre.

Mar 13 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 12 - Nichols Tells The Story Behind 'The Kiss'
Uhura actress on how the first interracial kiss ended up on television. Plus: 'Star Trek IV' memories.

Mar 11 - News Bullets
Nichols chat, 'Enterprise' article, Series V in the UK, Bormanis chat, genre TV, 'Clockstoppers' & Peter David.

Mar 11 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' reviews from TrekWeb, HomeLan Fed, GameSpy, Gamepen & more!

Mar 11 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads & TV listings.

Mar 11 - Bakula: I Didn't Set Out To Be An Actor
Jonathan Archer actor talks about his first career choice, nicknames and how he got interested in 'Enterprise.'

Mar 9 - Extensive 'Two Days And Two Nights' Details
Get the details on the Enterprise crew's first shore leave on pleasure planet Risa! Full spoilers inside!

Mar 9 - Site Columns
Dusty books, BBS threads & TV listings.

Mar 8 - First Look At 'Nemesis' Villains
E!News reports from Trek X set with in-costume footage & Patrick Stewart interview. Photos and transcript inside!

Mar 8 - News Bullets
Blalock, Frakes movie, 'Mind Meld,' TV Zone poll, promo, competitions, reviews & more!

Mar 9 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 7 - Bakula Highlights Social Commentary In 'Detained'
Series star on upcoming current events allegory & Archer's character.

Mar 7 - Dawson Praises 'Enterprise' Cast After 'Vox Solis'
Voyager actress talks about the difficulties involved in directing an upcoming Enterprise episode. Contains Spoilers!

Mar 8 - Online Reviewers Look at 'Fusion'
Opinion still divided about the latest outing for the NX-01 crew.

Mar 7 - Waymire 'Delighted' By Phlox/Cutler Relationship
'Enterprise' guest actress on 'Dear Doctor' plot development. Plus: Lawrence Monoson talks 'Fortunate Son.'

Mar 7 - Composer Bunch On Scoring 'Silent Enemy'
New Trek maestro on the extensive changes made to his original composition for the episode.

Mar 7 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, new poll & TV listings.

Mar 6 - Jonathan Frakes Talks Directing
William Riker actor explains why working on 'Clockstoppers' was different than directing for Trek.

Mar 6 - Official 'Rogue Planet' Information Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff details for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers inside!

Mar 7 - Site Columns
Final Fantasy VI, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 6 - News Bullets
Awards article, poll, Shatner, Mulgrew, Bakula, 'Voyager' images, cartoon strip, ODN & more!

Mar 6 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Fusion
T'Pol takes a walk on the Sybok side.

Mar 6 - 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' Bullets
Sorbo speaks out, latest reviews, Trance and Rommie actresses interviewed, ratings and more!

Mar 5 - Sev Trek: Velcron Hindrance
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoons and submit an idea for the next one.

Mar 5 - Site Columns
Disgusting reality shows, BBS threads, a correction, a birthday & TV listings.

Mar 5 - Berman Talks 'Nemesis' Guest Stars
Tom Hardy, Ron Perlman, Whoopi Goldberg & Kate Mulgrew discussed by Trek executive producer. Spoilers inside!

Mar 5 - UPN Scores February Sweeps Success
'Enterprise' Network has best February since 1998. Plus: New shows debut tomorrow, new pilots ordered.

Mar 4 - Ken Biller Proud Of Voyager
Executive Producer talks about Voyager's impact and the strengths of its finale.

Mar 5 - Site Columns
'Smallville' & '24', BBS & TV listings.

Mar 5 - News Bullets
Australian TNG DVDs, Book News, Shatner and Nimoy, Stewart TV movie and more!

Mar 3 - TNG Profiled In 'Star Trek: The Magazine'
Patrick Stewart, D.C. Fontana, Maurice Hurley & more interviewed in April issue. Plus: Frakes on 'Nemesis'

Mar 3 - 'Fusion' Divides Critics
The season's best or a clichéd rehash? Nine new reviews of 'Enterprise's' latest online.

Mar 4 - Site Columns
Hello World, TrekBBS, Poll Results, A Birthday and TV Listings.

Mar 2 - Mulgrew Discusses 'Tea At Five' On 'Rosie'
Janeway actress on playing Katharine Hepburn in her new one-woman show.

Mar 2 - Dan Curry Talks 'Enterprise' Effects
VFX producer on creating the perfect 22nd century look.

Mar 2 - Site Columns
Amusing fax bungle, BBS threads & TV listings.

Mar 1 - 'Nemesis' To Battle 'Rings' At The Box Office?
Trek X release reportedly pushed back until December 20, two days after the opening of 'The Two Towers.'

Mar 1 - 'Bridge Commander' Warps Into Stores
Activision's first-person space simulator praised on release.

Mar 2 - Site Columns
Waiting For Delivery, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Mar 1 - News Bullets
Tierney passes away,, Psi Phi, Grand Slam, Watson, book news & holodecks.

Mar 1 - Shatner & Shatner On Working Together
James T. Kirk actor and daughter Lisabeth chat with fans about William and their relationship.

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