First TNG DVD Reviews Appear By Christian
March 18, 2002 - 8:49 PM

'The Next Generation' Season 1 DVD Box Set With the release of the first-season Next Generation DVD box set now just a week away, the first reviews have started to appear online, while online retailer wasted no time announcing the release of the other six sets.

A full round-up of the first set of reviews can be found below:

When Paramount originally announced the TNG DVDs, it promised to release a new box set every two months. However, it now seems fans will be able to get the sets even faster, as the full series may be released before the year is over in both the United States and continental Europe.

European fans will be able to get a special treat, as the German is currently running a special promotion in which fans who pre-order the first six seasons before the 31st of May will get the seventh season for free. German DVDs are playable only in Region 2, covering the UK and Europe, and contain all the features of the American and British DVDs as well as dubbing and subtitling in several European languages.

Below is a full list of TNG release dates for the coming year, as made available by and, and for the first two seasons by Of course, by pre-ordering via the links below you will also be supporting TrekToday:

Please keep in mind that these release dates may still be changed by Paramount Home Video. However, it seems likely Paramount will want to capitalise on the Christmas buying spirit and thus indeed stick to the above schedule of releasing more DVDs during the holiday period.

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