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March 18, 2002 - 12:46 AM

Hello World!

May 31st! May 31st! At long last, the date has been set!

Yes, on May 31st, the game I got hold of a PS2 for (though Metal Gear Solid 2, Grandia 2 and GTA 3 and the fact that it plays my PSX games all helped) Final Fantasy X will finally get a European release.

According to the official Square Europe site, the game will be the FF X International version that was released in Japan in January, with an added bonus disk. I think it'll be a similar DVD to the one that came packaged with my copy of Metal Gear 2 last week. Apparently the International version has more options and more monsters. Cool.

How apt that such an event be announced today, when I just completed FF VI. Only two and a half months to go. I'm sure I can last that long, with Metal Gear and Grandia 2 out at the end of the month to sustain me.

Hooorah! I do hope my fellow TrekToday contributors take note of this date and begin planning accordingly... ;)

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