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March 26, 2002 - 3:58 AM

Hello World!

Generally, it has been an all-round annoying sort of day. It's currently annoying, because my ICQ is refusing to connect to the network, and I was right in the middle of a conversation with someone when it decided to mess itself up. However, this afternoon was far more annoying.

Today was my mother's first day off work for Easter. She decided that it had been far too long since I saw my Grandmother, and that we should go and pay her a visit. I agreed with her there. But once we got to my grandmother's house, warning signals started emerging. My grandmother looked wistfully at her shopping bag and at the car. From then on, it was inevitable. I was doomed. I went shopping with the terrible combination of my mother and my grandmother.

I would like to know, why it is necessary to spend at least half an hour in each second hand shop on the high street. Each row of books must be carefully scrutinised. Next, each piece of pottery must be picked up and turned over, in the hope that it might conceal a Douton stamp and mean my grandmother has unearthed a hidden treasure she can take on The Antiques Roadshow. Turning over pottery is a habit most of us have from this area of the England - we like to see if we know the factory where it was made. People who eat with me in pubs and restaurants have been known to get distressed by this habit, but I digress.

Two hours in Safeway, dear reader, two hours. It had a new layout and she kept complaining that she couldn't find things.

I love both my mother and my grandmother very dearly. But their combined shopping forces are just way too much for me to handle. They're just way too HARDCORE for me.

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