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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2002

July 31 - Ferengi Family Talk Life After DS9
Grand Nagus Rom, Leeta & Nog (and their real-life alter egos) chat with fans.

July 31 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 30 - Bormanis On Enterprise Science
Story editor talks about the ways real science fits into 'Enterprise' storylines.

July 31 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 29 - Frakes Talks Positive About Nemesis
Jonathan Frakes and Dominic Keating joked with fans at a recent convention - report inside!

July 30 - Sev Trek Cartoon Round-Up
Read the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoons and submit an idea for the next one.

July 29 - Site Columns
Games addiction, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 28 - Keating: I Almost Gave Up Before 'Enterprise'
Malcolm Reed actor on the ups and downs of Hollywood, and his post 'Enterprise' life.

July 29 - Site Columns
Video Games are Good for you, Trek BBS, New Poll & Tv Listings.

July 27 - Vir-Con Chat Line-up Announced
Brannon Braga, Nichelle Nichols, Nana Visitor & more to chat at first virtual Star Trek convention.

July 27 - Trek Alumni In The 'Zone'
Behr talks vision, Frakes on directing the pilot, and Jason Alexander to guest star in an episode of UPN's 'Twilight Zone' revival.

July 27 - First 'Khan' Director's Edition Reviews
Reviewers say new DVD is 'outstanding,' great improvement on movie-only version. Plus: 'Khan' menu screens online.

July 27 - News Bullets
Psi Phi, talk shows, 'Nemesis' site, Art Asylum, Las Vegas party, Watson, trading cards & more.

July 27 - Site Columns
Commonwealth Games, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

July 26 - Filming Finishes On New Season's First Two
'Carbon Creek' & 'Shockwave, Part II' wrap, production begins on 'Minefield.' Contains spoilers!

July 26 - Billingsley Talks 'Odd Couple' Episode
Phlox and Archer are forced to spend time together in a season two 'Enterprise' instalment. Possible spoilers.

July 26 - Site Columns
Red Tape, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 25 - 'Search For Spock' DVD Details Announced
2-disc special edition of 'Star Trek III' arrives October 22 with commentaries & featurettes. Pre-order info inside!

July 25 - Enterprise Trading Cards - Beaming In Soon
Details of the first trading cards to feature the adventures of the NX-01 inside!

July 25 - 'Yesterday's Enterprise' Book Released
Author Eric A. Stillwell signing copies of new 'Making of' book at Las Vegas con.

July 25 - Site Columns
Universal Armageddon, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 24 - Berman On The Search For Shinzon
Franchise head talks casting Trek X villain & Star Trek script submission policy. Plus: Order 'Nemesis' poster.

July 24 - John Shiban: I've Done My 'Enterprise' Homework
Former X Files writer says he's ready for Starfleet and talks about his first episode.Contains Spoilers!

July 25 - Site Columns
More Morrowind, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 23 - Hertzler Working On 'Voyage Home' DVD
Martok actor in charge of extras for 'Star Trek IV' special edition.

July 23 - 'Nemesis' Sexy & Surprising, Says Stewart
Trek X full of romance, mind games and unpredictable twists, according to TNG star.

July 23 - Site Columns
Advertising, real estate agents & Teriyaki prawns. BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 22 - Keating Talks 'Minefield' Alien Encounter
Malcolm Reed comes face to face with a notorious Star Trek race in the new season's third episode. Spoilers inside!

July 22 - News Bullets
Jefferies, Trek alumni, Nimoy, Psi Phi, Shatner, 'Khan' artwork, 'Nemesis' trailer, Trek meet-ups & more!

July 23 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 21 - Montgomery Wants To See Travis Grow
'Enterprise' actor doesn't mind how his 'Boomer' character develops, but would like to use his martial arts training next season.

July 21 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 20 - Logan On What Makes A Great Trek Film
'Nemesis' scribe lays out his Trek X secret to success, 'Insurrection' faults and muses on Trek XI.

July 20 - Park Happy To Go With The Flow
When it comes to upcoming episodes, 'Enterprise' actress says she likes to be surprised.

July 21 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 19 - Trek's Longevity Celebrated In Trade Paper
Shatner, Nimoy & Berman featured in Variety tribute to Paramount's 90th anniversary.

July 19 - Frakes Launches 'Thunderbirds' Film
TNG actor tapped to direct live-action version of the cult 1960s 'supermarionation' series.

July 19 - Site Columns
Join 'The West Wing,' get an Emmy nomination. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 18 - 5 Emmy Nods For Enterprise's First Season
Series V scores hairstyling, make-up, sound editing & visual effects nominations, beats 'Buffy.' Plus: full Trek alumni nomination list.

July 18 - Ryan's 'Last Man' Released On Video & DVD
Seven of Nine actress stars in post-apocalyptic indie comedy.

July 18 - Site Columns
Caffine-powered PC, Trek BBS and TV Listings

July 17 - Braga Addresses Online Script Leaks
'Enterprise' executive producer says 'better an obsessive interest than no interest.'

July 17 - Continuity Is Important, Says Enterprise Scribe
Enterprise writer Mike Sussman says established Trek canon is important to the show.

July 17 - UPN Shows Hyped At Press Presentation
Berman on 'Nikita'-like 'Enterprise' episode, Behr on Twilight Zone gig, and Moonves trades shots with the WB. Plus: Paramount's 90th birthday.

July 17 - DS9 Women To Headline New TV Flicks
Farrell cast in Gleason biopic; Masterson stars in 'Terminal Invasion.'

July 17 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 17 - Bakula Talks Season 1 Studio Discord
Captain Archer star reveals he and producers clashed with studio over character-oriented episodes. Plus: Bakula on season two.

July 16 - Interview: W. Vito Montone
The executive producer of the first virtual Star Trek convention answers your questions about visitor expectations, technical challenges, future plans & more.

July 17 - Braga: Romulans Are Coming To Enterprise
Executive producer on the introduction of a familiar race to the 22nd century and more season two spoilers!

July 16 - Frakes: 'Nemesis' Different From 'Insurrection'
Will Riker actor says Trek X is about 'fighting for the survival of the galaxy.' Major spoilers inside!

July 16 - Justman & Koenig Share TOS Memories
Producer and actor on the Original Series chat about how their lives were affected, future plans and bloopers.

July 16 - News Bullets
Montgomery,, 'Khan' screening, Bakula, survey, TNG DVDs, modeling guide & German titles.

July 17 - Site Columns
Summer Reading, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 15 - Executives Talk UPN's Fall Schedule
Leslie Moonves & Dawn Ostroff outline their plans for the upcoming season. Plus: No 'Enterprise' in St. Louis.

July 15 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads & TV listings.

July 15 - 'Enterprise' & 'Twilight Zone' Launching Sep 18
UPN announces fall premiere dates at press junket, no two-hour 'Shockwave' event for 'Enterprise.'

July 14 - Romulan Appearance Wouldn't Surprise Trinneer
'Enterprise' stars talk second season at Minneapolis con. Plus: Arnold says Nemesis not last TNG film.

July 14 - Masterson Tapped For Film & Web Projects
Leeta actress signs up for the horror film 'Inhuman' and an Internet sci-fi news show.

July 14 - Site Columns
Hello World, Poll Results, Trek BBS, and TV Listings

July 13 - Keating Stays Mum About Season Two
Reed actor predicts his character's future at Toronto Trek convention. 'I think he's going to become the interior designer.'

July 13 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 12 - Sternbach Talks 'Nemesis' Logo
Veteran Trek Illustrator on the process of designing the logo that launched a movie. Plus: Thoughts on the NX-01.

July 12 - Montalban & Bennett Recall 'Wrath Of Khan'
'Star Trek II' star and writer talk about what lead them to take part in the second Star Trek feature film.

July 12 - Shatner Prepares For Charity Paintball Match
Kirk actor will captain the 'Federation' paintball team in Trek-themed event to be filmed for video and DVD release.

July 12 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 11 - Will Scott Bakula 'Leap' Again?
Sci-Fi's Bonnie Hammer coy about 'Enterprise' actor's involvement in revival. Plus: A female leaper?

July 11 - Ask The Vir-Con Producer Your Questions
We'll soon be interviewing the producers of the first virtual Star Trek convention, and here's your chance to suggest questions.

July 11 - 'Enterprise' & 'Buffy' Signal Positive Future For UPN
Netlet grows in key demographics; gains credibility in the industry and with young adults.

July 11 - Site Columns
Historical epics, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 10 - 'Nemesis' Touted In Paramount Tribute
Rick Berman and 'Trekspert' Mark A. Altman talk Trek X, as the Hollywood Reporter honours Paramount's 90th anniversary.

July 10 - Friedman Talks 'Stargazer' Book Series
Trek author says he plans to release two novels each year dealing with Picard's first command.

July 10 - News Bullets
Donner interview, Farrell questions, DVD review, 'First Contact,' 'Nemesis' figures, Stewart, book reviews & news.

July 11 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 10 - 'Quantum Leap' To Return
Sci-Fi Channel to produce two-hour TV movie / series pilot. Bakula involvement unknown.

July 10 - Star Trek Is A Blessing & A Curse, Says Stewart
Jean Luc Picard actor explains why portraying a Star Trek Captain is nearly always a good thing.

July 9 - Site Columns
'Minority Report' & 'Alias,' BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 8 - Braga Teases Season Two
'Enterprise' co-creator talks 'Shockwave, Part II,' the Temporal Cold War arc, Andorians, Romulans, and more! Possible spoilers.

July 9 - Logan On Getting To Know The 'Nemesis' Cast
Trek X writer talks about the ways the cast accepted him, and helped him create the screenplay.

July 8 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' in the UK, McNeill, Robinson & Siddig, 'Janus Gate' review, 'Eugenics War' honoured, holograms & DS9 fan movie.

July 9 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 7 - New 'Nemesis' Photos Hit The Web
Paramount Pictures releases new images of the Romulan Senate, the Reman Viceroy and more!

July 7 - Site Columns
Harry Potter DVD, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 7 - 'Wrath Of Khan' Gets Anniversary Screening
Special showing of Star Trek II to be held in August - with celebrity guests in attendance!

July 7 - Site Columns
A strange occurrence, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 5 - Bid On Trek Celebrities' Hands
Bakula, Stewart, Shatner & Goldberg's marble hand casts to be auctioned off for charity in September.

July 5 - Shatner Honoured By Film Festival
Original Series actor to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at movie festival in September.

July 5 - Site Columns
Revising the classics, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 4 - Billingsley Runs 'Out Of Time'
Doctor Phlox actor joins Denzel Washington film in a supporting role.

July 4 - News Bullets
Keating birthday, Bakula musical, German books, DVD review, 'Dead Zone' & 'Tea at Five'.

July 5 - Site Columns
Surving Wimbledon, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 4 - Star Trek Communicator Previewed
Braga previews 'Shockwave' conclusion, Bakula talks Archer & 'Nemesis' villains describe characters.

July 3 - First 'Nemesis' Teaser Poster Revealed
Movie fans to learn about 'A Generation's Final Journey' starting this weekend. Image inside!

July 3 - Official Images Of Trek X Figures Released
Art Asylum releases pictures of Picard & Data figures. Plus: 'Enterprise' packaging & convention details.

July 3 - Site Columns
Smallville, BBS threads & TV listings.

July 2 - Stewart Proud To Be Associated With Picard
TNG actor says he's no longer worried about being identified solely as the intrepid starship captain.

July 3 - Site Columns
Hello World, TrekBBS and TV Listings.

July 2 - 'Enterprise' Resumes Shooting With 'Carbon Creek'
'Shockwave, Part Two' to start filming later this week, and to air on the 18th of September.

July 2 - Robinson Writing New DS9 Novel
Elim Garak actor talks about his new DS9 project, Armin Shimerman, Brooks and more!

July 2 - TNG Season 4 DVD Details Revealed
Ron Moore, Brannon Braga & Jeri Taylor to contribute to upcoming box set. Pre-order information inside!

July 1 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' trailer mirrors, book news, 'Gauntlet' review, TNG DVDs, Ryan, 'First Contact,' 'Shockwave' review, graphic novel & Shatner.

July 1 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

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