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July 23, 2002 - 1:27 PM

Hello World!

An interesting piece of junk mail appeared in the letterbox yesterday. It was one of those 'Hi, I'm your friendly neighbourhood Real Estate agent' cards, with the cheesy snapshot of the agent wearing an inane grin.

Only this time, on the other side, there was a recipe for Teriyaki prawns. I initially found this very puzzling. Why do Teriyaki prawns have to do with buying or selling a house? Having cooked the prawns, are you supposed to think 'Oooh, let's by a new house!' However, I think it's actually a far more cunning plan.

You see, the hapless resident (let's call him Bob) will gaze at the recipe (with the appropriately mouth-watering picture), think 'that looks tasty,' and file it away with all his other recipes. Next time Bob wants to cook something interesting, he opens up his recipe draw and sees the yummy Teriyaki prawns. Turning over the card to see what's on the other side, lo and behold, it's Felicity Scruggins, still grinning inanely, begging Bob to sell his house. This way, every time Bob goes to his recipe draw, Ms. Scruggins will be there. Thus, when Bob does want to buy or sell, he will remember Ms. Scruggins and those delicious prawns, and call her up.

Of course, I threw mine in the bin.

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