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July 7, 2002 - 1:38 PM

Hello World!

A big Grrr! at whoever came up with the idea to make the 'Harry Potter' Special Features DVD a game. I only wanted to watch the extra footage, not go through an extended rigmarole to get there.

First the InterActual player software didn't work with Windows XP, then I had problems moving from scene to scene to solve the puzzles. Finally, when I reached the deleted scenes, they were more like deleted clips, except for the extended Potions scene, which was quite enjoyable, if only to see Snape called Hermione a "silly girl."

The actual film itself was better than I remember it being at the cinema - but I still wish there were more classroom scenes and more time devoted to building up Snape. The big disappointment is that there is no commentary track on the DVD, and the Region 4 version is only available in Pan & Scan.

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