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July 7, 2002 - 3:18 AM

Hello World!

I was driving along today, as you do, minding your own business, down the high street. Suddenly a car a bit ahead seemed to emit a great banging noise, and then it slumped down on to its right hand side. I looked out to see what had happened, and it seems that a hole had suddenly opened up in the middle of the road. I guess the bang must have been the car's suspension reacting to - or breaking under - the stress of this rather unforseen obstacle.

The hole was pretty big, and rather deep. About half a car width. The road is the main route through my town - an 'A' class road, but I guess that only has meaning to Brits - and fully tarmaced.

I thought at first that the hole might have appeared because this area of England is riddled with old mine shafts. My sister had one in her backyard once - the house has since been knocked down by the Council due to said mine-shaft. Subsistence is a great problem in this area, with many old buildings needing special measures to support them. I went past a little later, and there was a water company van parked next to the hastily-erected barriers around the hole. So perhaps it's something to do with a water main.

But it was a very odd experience. You don't expect the road to suddenly vanish beneath you, really. I do hope this doesn't become a regular thing.

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