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July 9, 2002 - 4:45 PM

Hello World!

I went to see 'Minority Report' today, and I felt slightly let down after all the good things I'd heard about it. The first 3/4 was absolutely fantastic stuff, with great set pieces like the spider scene, but the last quarter was a big let down. After the Anderton/Crow confrontation (which I expected to be the climax of the film), the pace slowed considerably, with scenes at the cottage leading up to Anderton's capture feeling redundant.

Then, when Anderton was finally put away, I expected the film to end there, but instead we had the "Burgess revelation" sequence which just seemed tacked on. Unfortunately, the last half an hour couldn't really keep pace with the rest of the film, which was a big pity because everything else had been top-notch stuff.

If only a definitive climax had been worked into the script, instead of these false-notes, the film would have been much more satisfying, even if it did end on a down-note, such as Anderton's capture.

Speaking of climaxes, the season finale of 'Alias' aired here on Monday night, and by god, if this isn't the best show on television at the moment, I don't know what is. The episode had so many great scenes, it's impossible to list them all, but I especially loved the moment when Jack Bristow slowly brought his arm up to embrace Will - the best hug since the Janeway/Tuvok good-bye scene in 'Year of Hell, Part II.'

However, it was even more heart-wrenching when Sloane broke the poison into his wife's wine-glass - I couldn't help but feel a mixture of sympathy for his plight, but also abject horror at what he was doing. Throughout the scene I kept whispering "Don't drink it" at the TV, but alas, she didn't listen.

I can only hope the last few episodes of 'The West Wing' live up to this standard - it's been an up and down season, and I hope they can go out on a high note. But come Emmy time, it's 'Alias' I'll be rooting for.

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