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July 17, 2002 - 3:25 PM

Hello World!

Why do dentists start asking you all these questions when they've got all their instruments in your mouth?

I went in today to get my wisdom teeth looked at (one is impacted - happy happy joy joy), and while my teeth were being cleaned with that long metal thingy and the vaccuum tube that sends water flying everywhere, the dentist was happily chatting away. Unfortunately, I couldn't answer her questions with anything more than a grunt, especially since that vaccuum tube kept getting stuck to my tongue.

Because I haven't been to the dentist for while (let's not reveal *how* long), it was quite a surreal experience being stuck in that chair with countless instruments stuffed in my mouth. Fortunately, there were no holes, but I do have to get those wisdom teeth removed before the pain becomes totally unbearable.

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