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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2003

Jan 31 - UPN Orders Four New Pilots
'Enterprise' network picks up another four pilots from its development slate.

Jan 31 - Wil Wheaton Talks 'Book of Days'
Wesley Crusher actor discusses his latest project, which airs tonight in the US.

Jan 31 - 'The Breach' Is Season Two's Twenty-First
Trip must deal with a stubborn Denobulan geologist in this upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Jan 31 - 'Stigma' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' AIDS allegory. Transcript inside!

Jan 30 - Official 'Judgment' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming episode! Plus: Production report. Contains spoilers.

Jan 30 - 'Worlds Of Deep Space Nine' Announced
Marco Palmieri releases info on new DS9 books set for publication in 2004. Plus: 'Unity' delayed & 'Prophecy and Change' authors.

Jan 30 - News Bullets
Nemecek interview tonight, TNN sweepstakes, 'Nemesis' in Germany & review, Biggs, 'Battlestar Galactica' & more!

Jan 29 - 'Enterprise' Plot Details Leaked
Read more about upcoming episodes 'Crash Landing' and 'Canamar'. Contains spoilers!

Jan 29 - 'Nemesis' Misses Out On Makeup Oscar
Industry source says Trek X not seen by enough members, only 'Frida' and 'The Time Machine' make the shortlist.

Jan 29 - Site Columns
Degrees 'R' Us, BBS threads, classic TT news & new 'Enterprise' poll.

Jan 28 - Combs Talks 'Elevated' Shran
'Enterprise' guest actor Jeffrey Combs on the evolving Andorian Shran.

Jan 28 - News Bullets
Darren, Picardo, Biggs, book cover art, Mandel & Nemecek chat, deBoer & secret Borg messages!

Jan 28 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force II' artist interview & screenshots, 'Shattered Universe,' 'Starfleet Command III' review & CCG updates.

Jan 27 - J.G. Hertzler To Appear In 'Judgment'
Martok actor set to guest star as a 22nd century Klingon in upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Jan 27 - UPN Developing New Sci-Fi Series
'Special Unit 2' scribe to pen 'Juggernaut,' in which mankind must fend off an alien invasion of Earth.

Jan 27 - News Bullets
Kate Mulgrew in 'Tea at 5', Berman talks 'Nemesis', and 'Nemesis' box office update.

Jan 26 - Robert Beltran Talks Media Frustrations
Chakotay actor talks about practising restraint with rude journalists and serious Star Trek fans.

Jan 26 - Combs: 'Working On Star Trek Is A Cherished Gift'
Recurring guest actor Jeffrey Combs on his many returns to the Trek fold.

Jan 25 - German Gay Trek Spoof To Be Released
Entertainment company picks up the rights to comedy sketch.

Jan 25 - Mel Karmazin To Leave Viacom?
Doubt over Viacom's president and COO creates air of uncertainty.

Jan 25 - News Bullets
'Elite Force 2' put back, John Logan, Enterprise in the UK and more!

Jan 24 - 'Voyager Companion' Details Released
Find out more about the official guide to 'Voyager', and take a look at the cover artwork.

Jan 24 - Fox Orders Bryan Fuller Pilot
'Voyager' writer behind possible new series about a woman who talks to animals.

Jan 24 - News Bullets
Shatner times two, Blalock, Ryan, Stewart, Mulgrew & UK 'Enterprise' videos.

Jan 23 - UPN Releases 'Enterprise' Sweeps Photos
First images from February episodes 'Cease Fire' & 'Crash Landing' inside! Contains spoilers.

Jan 23 - Braga: Tholians 'May Play A Bigger Role'
Creator hints 'Crash Landing' appearance by xenophobic aliens may not be a one-off. Plus: UPN synopsis. Contains spoilers!

Jan 23 - Site Columns
'Taken', 'Buffy' and more, plus BBS threads, classic TT news and a new poll.

Jan 22 - First 'Horizon' Plot Details
Mayweather has a special reunion in this upcoming 'Boomer' episode! Contains spoilers.

Jan 22 - UPN Orders Three Drama Pilots
'Enterprise' network picks up 'Hotel,' 'Weapon X' & 'Newton' from its development slate.

Jan 22 - News Bullets
Nimoy, Takei & Nichols, book reviews, Psi Phi awards, 'Enterprise' reviews, 'Delta Blues' down & 'Nemesis' soundtrack.

Jan 21 - Article: Writing For Star Trek Part VIII: How To Pitch (Part One)
Part VIII in our series 'Do you have what it takes to write for Star Trek?' looks at the pitching methods of 'the best and the brightest'.

Jan 21 - Behr: 'We Brought Frailty Back' To Trek
DS9's executive producer reflects on human drama in the show, and his time with the franchise.

Jan 21 - DS9 DVD Menu Shots Released
Take a look at the menu interface for the upcoming DS9 DVD release!

Jan 20 - 'Nemesis' Victorious In Germany
Trek X takes #1 spot from 'Lord of the Rings'. Plus: US and UK box office update.

Jan 20 - Trek Stars Speak At Sacramento Con
Kate Mulgrew on 'Voyager' mini-series, Mark Rolston talks 'Canamar,' plus Gates McFadden & more!

Jan 20 - News Bullets
MediaTrek closes, 'Down With Love,' DVD awards, TNG companion, Goldberg, Stewart, 'Star Trek: The Adventure' & more!

Jan 19 - Review: Star Trek The Adventure
AntonyF reviews this mobile Star Trek event.

Jan 19 - Stewart To Bush: You Have A Choice
Picard actor sees parallels between Shinzon and Saddam. Plus: Stewart feels TNG crew has said it all.

Jan 18 - Official 'The Crossing' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode! Contains spoilers.

Jan 18 - New Directing Projects For Tim Russ
Tuvok actor helms episodes of 'FBI Files' & 'Critical Rescue' for the Discovery Channel.

Jan 17 - Blalock Pleased With 'Stigma's' Realism
'Enterprise' actress says upcoming AIDS allegory isn't 'about feeling sorry for T'Pol.' Spoilers!

Jan 17 - James L. Conway To Direct 'Judgment'
'Broken Bow' director returns to helm new episode, which starts filming today. Contains spoilers!

Jan 17 - News Bullets
Trek in 'Futurama', Spiner in 'Frasier', model kits, and more Enterprise reviews!

Jan 16 - Stewart Saddened By 'Nemesis' Reception
Jean-Luc Picard actor talks fan response to 'Nemesis' and disenchantment with SFX-laden movies.

Jan 16 - 'Enterprise' Hits Near All-Time Low
Low but consistent overnights for Wednesday's re-run of 'A Night In Sickbay'. Plus: 'Dawn' final rating.

Jan 16 - Jeri Ryan To Star In 'Down With Love'
Seven of Nine actress joins cast of new romantic comedy movie.

Jan 16 - DS9 Region 1 Release Schedule Online
North American sets expected to be released every two months between February and December. Plus: UK pre-order.

Jan 15 - Gaming Bullets
'Shattered Universe' release schedule, 'Elite Force II' interview & animations, 'Starfleet Command III' reviews & CCG updates!

Jan 15 - Site Columns
Gardening, BBS threads, classic TT news & recurring characters poll.

Jan 14 - 'Nemesis' Slips In UK Box Office
Trek X falls in charts to #4 in the UK. Plus: more US takings news, as film drops to #19.

Jan 14 - 'Enterprise' Scores VFX Nods
'Shockwave, Part I' and 'Dead Stop' recognised in the first annual Visual Effects Society awards.

Jan 14 - News Bullets
'Funky Flubs,' 'Enterprise' in Germany & the UK, DS9 petition, Psi Phi, Russ & more!

Jan 13 - Gorn 'A Possibility' for 'Enterprise' Says Berman
Trek franchise head talks Series V aliens, Nemesis cuts, and 'loosening up' on bloopers.

Jan 13 - UPN Executive: 'Enterprise' Will Be Back
Series V to return for season 3 despite ratings decline, but network likely to slay 'Buffy.' Plus: UPN's new offerings.

Jan 13 - McNeill Lines Up New Directing Gigs
Tom Paris actor to helm episodes of 'Enterprise,' 'Dawson's Creek' & 'The Dead Zone.' Plus: 'Infested' on DVD.

Jan 12 - Sternbach: Creators Disregard Tech Concerns
Trek's ex-senior illustrator says technology in 'Enterprise' stories no longer means anything. Plus: new Sternbach auction.

Jan 12 - 'Dawn' Splits Reviewers
Seven online critics look at the first 'Enterprise' episode of 2003.

Jan 12 - Review: Dawn
Tucker, his arms wide.

Jan 12 - Site Columns
'Gilmore Girls' & server move, BBS threads & DS9 character poll.

Jan 11 - First 'Judgment' Plot Details
The Klingons return in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode - including a captain with a very familiar name. Contains spoilers!

Jan 11 - UPN Tries To Secure Its Future
'Enterprise' network reportedly in negotiations to renew affiliate agreement with Fox in order to ensure its survival.

Jan 11 - News Bullets
'Dear Doctor,' 'Thunderbirds,' action figures, Frakes, 'Dead Zone,' Stewart, Mulgrew & more!

Jan 10 - 'Nemesis' Misses Oscar F/X Shortlist
Trek X not included in Academy's list of contenders for Best Visual Effects & Sound Editing.

Jan 10 - Hardy Talks 'Nemesis' Audition
Shinzon actor says his first test didn't go too well, so he resorted to an unorthodox method to win the part.

Jan 9 - 'Dawn' Continues Low Overnights Trend
Wednesday night's outing scores second-lowest overnights ever for 'Enterprise', series places fifth in its timeslot.

Jan 9 - Official 'Canamar' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Plus: Production report. Spoilers!

Jan 9 - News Bullets
'ST III' DVD shots, Johnson Jerald, German 'Nemesis' reviews & DVD, Horner, SFX's top SF characters, fan club site & more!

Jan 8 - Spiner: 'Nemesis' Had More Emotion
Data actor talks joy of working on 'Nemesis' story. Plus: Spiner/Trek XI rumors untrue.

Jan 8 - Site Columns
'Taken', BBS threads, classic TT news, and a new poll

Jan 8 - Site Columns
'Taken', BBS threads, classic TT news, and a new poll

Jan 8 - Paramount Opens 'Nemesis' Awards Site
'For your consideration' web site includes quotes from critics, film clips, synopsis & nomination categories.

Jan 8 - Bakula Talks Possible Plotlines
'Enterprise' actor discusses the possibility of more starships and revealing more about Archer's family.

Jan 7 - German And UK DS9 DVD Details
Find out the release dates, and see the cover artwork. Plus: Screensaver information.

Jan 7 - 'Tales Of The Dominion War' Announced
Pocket Books to release new anthology of war stories, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido.

Jan 7 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' UK takings, 'Enterprise' reviews, con reports & photos, 'Abby' ratings & medical scanners!

Jan 6 - 'Abby' To Debut On UPN Tonight
Sports comedy airs first episode on 'Enterprise' network tonight, then moves to Tuesdays as 'Buffy' lead-out.

Jan 6 - 'Nemesis' Takes $3.2 Million In The UK
Trek X 'solid' second to 'The Two Towers' on British opening weekend, film just shy of $40 million at the US box office.

Jan 6 - 'Unity' Promises Big Developments
DS9 10th anniversary hardcover novel set to propel the relaunch forward with three exciting events. Spoilers!

Jan 5 - The Book Padd: Rising Son
Jake Sisko's adventures in the DS9 relaunch.

Jan 5 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' box office, Psi Phi, Make-A-Wish, Trek X e-Book, book reviews, David & Shatner!

Jan 5 - Site Columns
Banished words, BBS threads, classic TT news & birthdays.

Jan 4 - UPN Releases First 'Stigma' Photos
First images of John Billingsley & Jolene Blalock in next month's AIDS-allegory episode. Contains spoilers!

Jan 4 - Wilcox On Landing 'Enterprise' Job
Staff writer & 'Marauders' scribe says pitching for Series V was 'daunting as hell.'

Jan 4 - Trek Vets Pen 'Dead Zone' Episodes
First two episodes of sophomore season written by Michael Taylor and Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

Jan 3 - Stewart: Saying Goodbye Was 'Agony'
Picard actor talks about sadness on the set of 'Nemesis'. Plus: video interviews and competitions.

Jan 3 - UK Reviewers Unimpressed With 'Nemesis'
A massive review round up from the UK press. Spoilers inside!

Jan 3 - Full Details Of DS9 DVD Extra Features
Season 1 set to include interviews with Visitor, Behr & Sternbach - pre-order details inside. Plus: Season 2 release date & cover art.

Jan 3 - Jones: Game Music Potential Yet To Be Tapped
Former TNG composer says scores should play on gamers' emotions.

Jan 3 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' special in Oz, German premiere, 'Brave and the Bold 2' review, TNG DVDs, 'Spplat Attack', SF newsmakers, Tobey & Moore!

Jan 2 - Dawson To Direct Her Fifth 'Enterprise'
B'Elanna Torres actress scheduled to helm another Series V episode, plus instalments of 'Charmed' & 'The Division.'

Jan 2 - 'Dawn' Promo Released
Download the trailer for 2003's first new 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside.

Jan 2 - Special Edition Trek X Soundtrack Out Next Month
SACD version of Jerry Goldsmith's 'Star Trek Nemesis' score set for release on February 11.

Jan 2 - Site Columns
Insanity arrives at TrekToday, classic TT news, new poll.

Jan 1 - TNG Season 7 DVD Reviews Appear
Critics take a look at the final TNG DVD box, praise extra features.

Jan 1 - Article: Writing For Star Trek Part VII: Writing & Pitching
Part VII in our series 'Do you have what it takes to write for Star Trek?' looks at the process of writing teleplays and pitching for Trek.

Jan 1 - Season Two Debuts On UK TV Next Week
Sky One to air 'Enterprise' season premiere 'Shockwave, Part II' at 9:00pm on January 6. Updated!

Jan 1 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' web site, box office, reviews & release dates, Dr. Phlox figure, spaceships, Valentine & more!

Jan 1 - Site Columns
Christian announces big TrekToday changes: a new server, new software & a new writer!

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