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January 8, 2003 - 10:30 PM

Hello World!

Taken. It's finally coming to the UK. Well, I say finally... it's only just shown in the US. But I've been waiting a long time.

Aside from what looks to be a good story, and the big-name that is Spielberg, my main interest is Julie Benz. You may remember her from such shows as Buffy and Angel as Darla, or from Roswell as Kathleen Topolski. I am a big, big fan of hers. Speak to anyone I know, and they will probably tell you with a pained expression how they endure me talking about Julie Benz 24/7.

The other great thing is that the lovely Enid-Raye Adams, who I have the pleasure of knowing, makes an appearance in the show. She's been in Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers, Stargate SG-1 recently, and will be in 'Final Destination 2' which is out soon in theatres. If you get a minute, please check out her website which can be found here. Kind-hearted Enid-Raye has been helping a Canadian local called Shenica White, who was sadly attacked by dogs just after Christmas. Enid-Raye has been visiting the sick youngster, and is helping raise awareness of her plight.

So I hope you US viewers enjoyed Taken. The viewing figures would indicate that on the whole, you did. UK viewers should tune into BBC2 this Saturday night at 9pm.

Expect to hear my ramblings about Julie Benz... I mean, Taken... in my next Site Column!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Michelle Forbes (Ro Laren) who is 36 today.

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