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January 15, 2003 - 11:51 PM

Hello World!

Earlier this week, on a whim, I decided to do some gardening. I never do gardening, for two reasons: 1) I usually kill the plants and 2) Most of our backyard is just grass because we can't be trusted with actual plants and flowers (see reason one). But this large crawly vine thing (I'm assured that's not it's technical name) was taking over the fence next to the pool, and actually hanging over the pool, which meant all the flowers kept falling in.

Our pool is never actually very clean, because there are four palm trees right next to it which drop leaves and little orange fruits into the pool. Being palm trees, these aren't leaves that just float down to the ground - they collapse with a great crash and splash right in the pool. Not blessed with a chainsaw to get rid of the palm trees once and for all (probably a good thing, since I doubt the owners would be too happy), I decided to prune back the vine with the yellow flowers to stop them falling into the pool.

Once I started, I discovered it was quite fun cutting off all these stalks and got a little over-enthusiastic and "pruned" a significant portion of the vine. I say "pruned" because my mother would probably describe it has "hacked," and was none too pleased at what had happened to the vines. "Can it grow back?" she asked, having now decided that she thought the yellow flowers looked pretty and were not a menace to the pool. "I can't actually some of the see the stalks anymore."

I assured her that it probably would grow back as I gazed at a section of the fence, which was now completely de-vined. So along part of the fence we now have a lovely, green vine sprouting yellow flowers and then there's a great big gap with some brown sticks. Everything looks so much easier on Backyard Blitz.

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