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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2003

Feb 28 - Official 'Cogenitor' Details Released
LeVar Burton directs this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode featuring 'Babylon 5' actor Andreas Katsulas. Plus: Production report. Spoilers!

Feb 28 - The Book Padd: Gemini
Jacqueline Bundy says this 'Original Series' novel is 'only mildly interesting.'

Feb 28 - UPN Buries 'Buffy'
Long-running genre series to end on May 20 after seven seasons, 'Enterprise' network hopes to bag spin-off.

Feb 28 - Rick Berman Reflects On Trek
Berman talks not labelling 'TNG', humour in 'DS9' and his satisfaction with 'Enterprise'.

Feb 27 - Trinneer Truthful To Trip
Tucker actor talks remaining faithful to his character, and enjoying acting on 'Enterprise'.

Feb 27 - 'Canamar' Maintains Overnights
Final February sweeps episode manages to hold steady. But Enterprise and UPN come last again.

Feb 27 - UPN Releases March Schedule
No new 'Enterprise' episodes until 'The Crossing' airs on April 2.

Feb 27 - Visitor 'Open' To DS9 Movie
Kira actress talks possibility of more Trek appearances and future career aspirations.

Feb 27 - Review: Canamar
Archer and Tucker are arrested and transported off to a Rura Penthe progenitor.

Feb 26 - Hertzler Talks 'Fabulous' Series V Role
Martok actor on playing a 22nd century Klingon lawyer and working with Scott Bakula in 'Judgment.'

Feb 26 - Buffy Departs 'Buffy'
Tuesday night UPN show may be over as Sarah Michelle Gellar set for new role.

Feb 26 - UPN To Go More Multi-Ethnic?
'Enterprise' network aims for 'young, hip, contemporary viewers'.

Feb 26 - DS9 DVD Region 1 Release Dates Confirmed
Find out all the release dates for North American DS9 DVDs. Plus: pre-order details.

Feb 26 - News Bullets
Stewart figure, de Boer, Kopache, 'Future Tense,' Taylor honoured, 'Star Trek: The Adventure' & DS9 DVD reviews.

Feb 25 - 'Future Tense' Final Ratings
UPN achieves best Wednesday since November 2002, taking the fifth position for the night.

Feb 25 - First 'Voyage Home' DVD Reviews Appear
Two-disc special edition touted as an improvement over previous sets, with Nimoy/Shatner commentary a highlight.

Feb 25 - TNN To Air TNG 'Uncut'
Themed episodes to screen with 'limited commercial interruptions' and no black bar on Fridays in March.

Feb 24 - Dawson Talks Helming 'Enterprise'
B'Elanna actress on directing, and 'pushing the envelope' with 'Enterprise'.

Feb 24 - UPN Gives Will Smith The Go-Ahead
'Enterprise' network orders untitled comedy pilot from film star and his wife.

Feb 24 - News Bullets
TV Guide, Porthos, DVD screencaps, home makeovers, Trek exhibit, 'Thunderbirds,' Shatner & more!

Feb 24 - Site Columns
TrekToday turns four (and two days), BBS threads, classic TT news & birthdays.

Feb 23 - Berman Talks 'Enterprise' Ratings
Head of Trek franchise unfazed by ratings figures, and talks enduring Trek.

Feb 23 - Reviewers Weigh In On 'Future Tense'
Online reviewers give mixed reactions to the latest 'Enterprise' offering.

Feb 22 - More 'Enterprise' Plot Details Online
Read more about upcoming episodes 'The Crossing' and 'Judgment'. Contains spoilers!

Feb 22 - 'Enterprise' Scoops VFX Award
'Dead Stop' recognised for models and miniatures, but 'Shockwave, Part I' loses to 'Firefly.'

Feb 22 - News Bullets
Sirtis on talk show, Roddenberry highway, sex & Sci-Fi, media downloads, UK doco & Trek X in Brazil.

Feb 22 - 'Nemesis' DVD Details Released
Extras for upcoming DVD release of 'Trek X' include seven deleted scenes.

Feb 21 - 'Future Tense' Bolsters Enterprise
Overnight ratings show highest figures since late last year. Plus: final 'Cease Fire' ratings.

Feb 21 - Review: Future Tense
A ship from the future nearly causes a war in Archer's present.

Feb 21 - TV Guide Looks At Franchise's Future
Braga 'bummed' over ratings & Berman talks 'Nemesis' box office in next week's issue. Preview inside!

Feb 21 - 'Borg Encounter' Ride In The Works
Alice Krige, Robert Picardo & Kate Mulgrew to appear in new German theme park & 'Star Trek: The Experience' attraction.

Feb 20 - The Borg To Appear On 'Enterprise'
Cybernetic lifeforms to make Series V debut in upcoming episode 'Regeneration.'

Feb 20 - Official 'The Breach' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Plus: Production report. Spoilers!

Feb 20 - 'Canamar' Promo Released
Download the trailer for the final 'Enterprise' sweeps episode! Transcript inside.

Feb 19 - 'Nemesis' Goes Mobile
The first ever Star Trek game for a mobile phone is released, based upon the latest Trek movie.

Feb 19 - News Bullets
'Cease Fire' reviews, Nimoy chat, Behr interview, 'Gemini' review, Stewart and more!

Feb 19 - Site Columns
'Twilight Zone', Trek BBS topics, new poll, Trek birthdays and more.

Feb 18 - Mixed Reception For DS9 Season One
DVD set gets above-average marks, but reviewers note freshman season wasn't a standout.

Feb 18 - UPN May Face 'Limited' Future
End of Disney deal means 'Enterprise' network could be reclassified by Nielsen Media Research.

Feb 17 - Interview: Tim Russ
'Voyager' actor answers your questions on topics ranging from directing to minority actors in Hollywood.

Feb 17 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Cease Fire
Archer learns that being a pacifier sucks.

Feb 17 - Star Trek To Receive Pop Culture Award
'Original Series' to be honoured alongside 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and 'All in the Family' at first-ever TV Land Awards.

Feb 16 - Stewart: 'Nemesis' Is 'Very Appropriate Finale'
Picard actor discusses the end of 'TNG' films. Plus: Paramount's disappointment.

Feb 16 - 'Voyager' Relaunch Details Released
Plot information and cover art for Christie Golden's post-'Endgame' novels, 'Homecoming' & 'The Farther Shore.' Spoilers inside!

Feb 16 - News Bullets
Foxworth on 'SG-1', Krige chat, unwell Whoopi, 'Stigma' reviews and more.

Feb 15 - 'Cease Fire' Impresses Most Reviewers
Solid and well written, or pretty dull? Trek reviewers offer their thoughts.

Feb 15 - UPN Experiencing Disastrous Sweeps
Viewership for 'Enterprise' network down 23%. Plus: Disney drops UPN, and Viacom financial results.

Feb 15 - Site Columns
'Daredevil', Trek BBS topics, Trek two years ago and actor birthdays.

Feb 14 - First 'DS9' DVD Reviews Online
Mixed reception for Deep Space Nine's first season DVD release.

Feb 14 - Master Replicas Wins Trek Collectible Licence
Creator of 'Star Wars' collectibles promises high standards in producing Star Trek prop replicas.

Feb 14 - UPN Orders Three Comedy Pilots
'Enterprise' network picks up two family-centred series & twentysomething comedy 'Old School.'

Feb 14 - News Bullets
Psi Phi down, DS9 petition, 'Future Tense' promo, 'Thunderbirds' premiere, Roddenberry highway, 'Galactica' cast & more!

Feb 13 - 'Nemesis' Debuts At #1 In Australia
'Trek X' scores another place at the top of the box office. Plus: UK, German and US updates.

Feb 13 - 'Future Tense' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's Temporal Cold War episode. Transcript inside! Plus: clips available.

Feb 13 - Spiner Lives 'Life x 3'
Data actor to star in Broadway play with Helen Hunt & John Turturro.

Feb 13 - Review: Cease Fire
Shran requests that Archer act as mediator between the Vulcans and Andorians.

Feb 12 - 'Stigma' Gives Small Boost To 'Enterprise'
Final ratings show improvement for the show's viewing figures.

Feb 12 - 'Free Enterprise' Sequel In The Works
William Shatner to return in follow-up to 1998 indie film being developed by Mark Altman and Robert Meyer Burnett.

Feb 12 - DVD Bullets
'Nemesis' cover art, no 'Enterprise' in 2003, Region 2 'Voyage Home,' DS9 menu shots & R2 release schedule.

Feb 12 - Michael Taylor Scores Nebula Nod
Veteran Trek scribe honoured for 'Dead Zone' episode 'Unreasonable Doubt.'

Feb 11 - 'Crash Landing' Becomes 'Future Tense'
UPN schedule indicates title change for Temporal Cold War episode. Plus: Christopher Shea in 'Cease Fire' & February/March schedule.

Feb 11 - First 'Cogenitor' Plot Details
Trip helps an alien being to expand its horizons - against the will of its people. Spoilers inside!

Feb 10 - Shatner Talks 'Final Frontier' Disappointments
Kirk actor on his 'Star Trek V' vision, and director's edition DVD snub. Plus: new play.

Feb 10 - Ask Tim Russ Your Questions
We'll soon be interviewing the 'Star Trek: Voyager' actor, and here's your chance to submit questions.

Feb 9 - David Carson To Direct 'Nine Lives'
'Star Trek: Generations' helmer tapped for Wesley Snipes action flick.

Feb 9 - Trinneer Talks Fan Encounters
'Trip' actor says fans have been 'exceedingly polite' & talks being recognised on holiday in France.

Feb 9 - Site Columns
Annoying car drivers, new poll, Trek two years ago, birthdays and more.

Feb 8 - Official 'Horizon' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming episode. Plus: Production report.

Feb 8 - Park Hopes To Inspire Asian Americans
'Enterprise' star says she was determined to become an actress despite the odds stacked against her.

Feb 7 - Reviewers Praise Blalock's Performance
Reviews of 'Stigma' mostly positive, with particular praise for T'Pol actress.

Feb 7 - The Book Padd: Wildfire One and Two
A devastating tragedy changes and challenges the S.C.E. crew.

Feb 7 - 'Nemesis' DVD Set For May Release
Latest Trek film currently scheduled to hit North American stores on May 13. Plus: Region 2 news.

Feb 7 - News Bullets
Berman Q & A, Shimerman chat, Jemison, Picardo, 'Dawn' review, Mandel & Nemecek transcript, Stewart & more!

Feb 6 - 'Stigma' Fails to Lift 'Enterprise'
Rating woes continue as first episode of February sweeps offers no change in viewing figures.

Feb 6 - 'Cease Fire' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's Andorian episode! Transcript inside.

Feb 6 - Review: Stigma
T'Pol contracts a disease that is both deadly and abhorred.

Feb 6 - Site Columns
Attack of the reality shows, BBS threads, classic TT news & 'Stigma' poll.

Feb 5 - 'Stigma' Gets Initial Thumbs Up
Early reviews of tonight's 'Enterprise' episode show cautiously positive verdict.

Feb 5 - Trek Cast & Crew Talk AIDS Awareness
Blalock 'honoured' to be part of 'Stigma,' Braga on education & Gerrold talks 'Blood and Fire.'

Feb 5 - Article: Writing For Star Trek Part IX: How To Pitch (Part Two)
The final part in our series 'Do you have what it takes to write for Star Trek?' looks at the pitching process - from rags to riches...and back to rags again.

Feb 5 - News Bullets
Space exploration, Takei on Columbia, no 'Nemesis' in Norway, Beltran, AIDS awareness, 'The Catwalk' & more!

Feb 4 - Berman Ponders Future Of Trek Films
Head of Trek franchise unsure of what's to come for Trek's voyages to the silver screen.

Feb 4 - Billingsley: 'Enterprise' Should Do More Allegories
Phlox actor says focus on action-adventure is 'unfortunate.' Plus: Keating pitches rainforest episode.

Feb 4 - News Bullets
Columbia tribute, 'DS9' DVD extras, 'Tea at Five' and more.

Feb 3 - Bakula & Berman Talk Mind-Meld Twist
Archer actor says 'Stigma's' revelation about the Vulcan mind-meld will 'freak people out.' Spoilers inside!

Feb 2 - Moore Confident Of Positive 'Galactica' Response
Ron Moore talks fan reaction to 'Battlestar Galactica' remake, and about 'CarnivŠle'.

Feb 2 - News Bullets
Casey Biggs in 'CSI: Miami', Mulgrew cancels con appearance, Columbia tribute and more.

Feb 2 - Site Columns
Antony's views on 'Nemesis' (some spoilers) and the fan reaction, new poll and Trek two years ago.

Feb 1 - Tragedy Strikes Space Programme
NASA space shuttle Columbia destroyed, killing all seven astronauts on board.

Feb 1 - 'Enterprise' Cast & Creators Talk 'Stigma'
Jolene Blalock, Brannon Braga, Scott Bakula & Rick Berman discuss upcoming AIDS allegory episode in special UPN featurette.

Feb 1 - DS9 Season 2 DVD Details Released
Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Terry Farrell, Dan Curry & more contribute to April's second season release. Pre-order details inside!

Feb 1 - News Bullets
Piller chat, 'Trek Nation,' 'Nemesis' down under, Woodard, SCE books, 'Thunderbirds' casting & more!

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