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February 9, 2003 - 7:47 PM

Hello World!

Another site column... and I want to talk about TV again. But I talk about that enough, so I'll compile all my recent thoughts into one brief paragraph: I think Enterprise is getting better, I think Stargate SG-1 is getting worse, I think Angel is just a hollow shell of what it used to be (and it's very sad to see a show you love become a distant farce and shadow of its oldself), I think Odyssey 5 is one of the best shows ever and with only two episodes left am very sad to see it going, and I think Smallville is just utterly fantastic and I'm totally addicted. Phew.

Now, what it is with other drivers on the road? No one has time for anything, and most problems are just caused by inconsiderate people on the road. Take one example: when two lanes go into one. Often if everyone just got into lane early, traffic would flow smoother. And it often does. But the trouble is, many people just run up the side to cut everyone up. Thus mayhem is caused. There's one spot on the A1 in London that takes me 30 minutes to get through, and that's pretty much caused by people using the bus lane then trying to force back into the main traffic. It's very annoying.

Talking of London, it took me 4 hours to get home from it the other day. I have done the trip in 45 minutes before, so that's quite some time. A bit of snow and the whole of the UK comes is in mayhem.

Finally, I must address the complete impatience of drivers again. Coming out of work, I have to join a main road. However, will anyone let you on it? Very rarely. You get some nice people who let you out, but most don't... I spent 5 minutes just getting out onto this one insignificant road last week, and that means my trip home has gone up 50% just because many have ample opportunity to let you out but don't because they're ba... bad people.

I am a very patient driver. For that four hour trip, I was rather calm. As long as I have my music, I'm okay. But 5 minutes trying to get onto a road where no one will let me out has my swearing like hell, and ready to play Grand Theft Auto for real and cause some carnage with my a rocket launcher.

If you're a driver, let someone out today and try to be a bit more courteous. And use your horn to blast someone off the road, that's always very rewarding too.

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