News Headlines for December 2000

Dec 31 - Rick Berman Video Clips
Berman talks to official site on Voyager and Star Trek - transcript inside!

Dec 30 - News Bullets (2)
Ryan, UK TV news and Stewart New Year's honors

Dec 30 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie Competition!

Dec 30 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green on Rumours, Ryan and 'Dark Passions'

Dec 30 - News Bullets
Horizons, Ryan and Shatner movie premieres, Dawson site and more!

Dec 30 - Site Columns
Updates, BBS listings, TV times and a new poll

Dec 29 - A Briefing With Caillan: Beating around the Beltran
Caillan Davenport analyses Beltran's Voyager comments & media reactions.

Dec 29 - Andre Bormanis Q&A Part II
The official site posts second half of Q&A session with trek science consultant

Dec 27 - Site Columns
Horrible News, BBS listings and TV times

Dec 26 - A Take On Trek: What Would Have Happened?
At the dawn of the next century, Fred looks back forty years and wonders what would have happened if we'd seen Pike instead of Kirk.

Dec 26 - News Bullets
'Men Cry Bullets', Shatner, Tim Russ auction, Psi Phi and TV Guide

Dec 26 - Voyager Actresses Speak
Mulgew 'Star Trek Monthly' transcript, Ryan talks to Mr. Showbiz

Dec 25 - Site Columns
Christmas Downunder, BBS listings, TV times and a birthday.

Dec 24 - News Bullets
Official site, Bemmies, Christmas Carol, Voyager schedule & Subspace Echoes.

Dec 24 - 'Dracula 2000' Features
New reviews & photos of Jeri Ryan's new horror film.

Dec 24 - Site Columns
Christmas, BBS listings & a birthday.

Dec 24 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Why are all alien races so fascinated with Earth's culture?

Dec 24 - Daily Original Series Showings To Return
Sci-Fi Channel plans massive amount of Trek showings in early 2001.

Dec 23 - Gaming Bullets
'SFC 2', 'DS9: The Fallen', 'Voyager: Elite Force' & 'Bridge Commander'.

Dec 23 - Site Columns
Christian returns, BBS listings, a new poll & a birthday.

Dec 23 - Post-DS9 Book Interview
Julia Houston talks to Jeff Lang on the third book in new post-DS9 series

Dec 23 - New 'Hailing Frequencies Column
Michelle Erica Green on deathwishes, ratings, comics and new episode spoilers

Dec 23 - Q On Voyager Rumours Resurface
SFX Network reports De Lancie set to make final appearance on Voyager.

Dec 22 - News Bullets
'Shattered' script re-appears, Stewart in 'Lear' remake, more special ed TMP DVD news, Media Trek updates and more!

Dec 22 - Site Columns
Inspiration strikes again, BBS listings and TV times

Dec 22 - Time Russ Charity Auction Concludes
Auction raises over $2000 for Zenith Youth Homes - current highest bidder list inside

Dec 22 - Jeri Ryan Talks to TV Guide and the Boston Herald
More on the 'tragic figure', experimentation, Voyager and Brannon Braga

Dec 22 - More on 'Workforce II'
Official site posts synopsis for second hald of Voyager two-parter

Dec 21 - 'Fury' Final And 'Collective' Overnight Ratings
Latest Voyager reruns don't perform as well as 'Tsunkatse' did.

Dec 21 - Workforce Cast and Crew
Official site reveals characters, cast and creative talent behind upcoming Voyager two-parter

Dec 21 - Andre Bormanis Q&A Session
Science consultant turned writer talks on Trek science

Dec 21 - Site Columns
Planes again, BBS and TV listings.

Dec 20 - News Bullets
X-Men, official site update, Horizons, UK DVD news and more!

Dec 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' previews, 'The Fallen' and 'Elite Force' reviews, SFCII Preview and Mac Elite Force Demos

Dec 20 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Dec 20 - More on the DS9 Relaunch
Cover image, character profile and more quotes from the editor and the new post-DS9 book series

Dec 20 - Site Columns
I am the very model of a Trek Today webmaster, BBS listings, TV times and a birthday

Dec 19 - Michael Dorn interview
Worf actor talks to on Trek and voice-acting

Dec 19 - Final 'Tsunkatse' Repeat Nielsen Ratings
First repeat of the season does better than expected

Dec 19 - News Bullets
No trailer and heavy editing on TMP DVD, Shatner Idolatry Page, book news, Andre Bormanis on X-Files and more!

Dec 19 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek competition!

Dec 18 - Site Columns
Harold Holt and Airplanes, BBS and TV listings

Dec 17 - Ron Moore Denies Confirming 'Birth Of The Federation'
Former Trek staff writer elaborates on recent interview.

Dec 17 - News Bullets (2)
'Subspace Echoes', Sirtis transcript, video clips, Cynic's Corner updates, Trekker Newsletter and more!

Dec 17 - Trek Nation Articles
A Take on Andromeda SFX, 'Perceptions of Voyager Part II'

Dec 17 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Take a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie competition!

Dec 17 - News Bullets
Casting updates, Stewart as King Goobot, 'Undiscovered Country' DVD news and more!

Dec 17 - Four Actor Interviews
Ryan - Seven to be a 'tragic figure', Mulgrew & Russ talk to SciFi Magazine and Star Trek: The Magazine, Shatner on 'Groom Lake'.

Dec 15 - Site Columns
'Chicken Run', BBS listings and TV times

Dec 15 - Gaming Bullets
Screenshots, interviews, patches and stacks of 'The Fallen' reviews!

Dec 15 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green looks at the latest Trek people buzz.

Dec 14 - News Bullets
E:FC renewed for season 5, Goldberg goes to jail, Delta Blues, Christmas Parade, science updates and more!

Dec 14 - More on the Beltran SFX interview
The lesson he learnt from Voyager?

Dec 14 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie competition

Dec 14 - Shatner And Part Ways
Kirk actor ends commercial work for sinking internet company, says NY Post.

Dec 13 - Site Columns
No complaints for a change, BBS listings, TV times, a new poll and a birthday.

Dec 13 - Ron Moore Interview Parts 2&3
Former Trek writer talks to on how Voyager should have been - and how he would have done things differently

Dec 13 - More 'Workforce' Information
Official site posts production update and episode synopsis

Dec 13 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston on Dr. Bashir - Character, Heal Thyself

Dec 13 - Site Columns
We're back! Server update, BBS info & a birthday.

Dec 12 - Buys Creation Entertainment
SF site continues expansion process by buying convention organiser.

Dec 12 - New Sev Trek Competition
Why do all aliens look alike?

Dec 12 - Gaming Bullets
'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen' interview & five reviews, and 'Mirror, Mirror' CCG.

Dec 12 - Five Episodes Spoiled
New episode synopses for 'Shattered' through 'The Void'.

Dec 12 - Voyager Ratings News
'Flesh and Blood' disappoints in final ratings & 'Tsunkatse' rerun overnights.

Dec 12 - News Bullets
'Galaxy Quest', Moore, Visitor, Whitney, Pomers, Ryan, Koenig and DVD news.

Dec 12 - 'Starfleet Command II: Empires At War' Ships
Interplay releases sequel to popular space strategy game.

Dec 12 - UPN & Chris-Craft Nearing Affiliation Agreement
Negotations continue over Voyager home network's future. Plus: UPN programming news.

Dec 11 - Site Columns
My Week, BBS Listings, TV times and a belated birthday.

Dec 10 - Gaming Bullets
World first for 'the Fallen' makers, demos, interviews, reviews and more!

Dec 10 - News Bullets
'Vertical Limit' and TMP DVD reviews, Psi Phi updates, Media Trek in danger of closing and more!

Dec 10 - Three New Voyager reviews
The Cynic, and Eon offer their perspective on 'Flesh and Blood' telemovie

Dec 10 - Articles
New 'Hailing Frequencies' and 'Subspace Echoes' columns.

Dec 10 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek competition!

Dec 9 - A Take On Trek: The Image Of Andromeda
Looking back at the first half of the first season, Fred looks at how the Andromeda universe has been portrayed graphically.

Dec 9 - A Briefing With Caillan: A Briefing With Caillan: Perceptions, Part Two
More Voyager reaction compilations from Caillan Davenport.

Dec 9 - Site Columns
Even more on the server problems, BBS listings, poll results & a birthday.

Dec 8 - Two Voyager Interviews
A balanced Beltran and reflective Russ talk to SFX and the Rainbow Network

Dec 8 - 'Behind the Scenes' Photos
10 new photos from behind the Voyager set are online

Dec 8 - News Bullets
Star updates, tv events, people, holiday greetings and more!

Dec 8 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston responds to questionnaire feedback

Dec 7 - Site Columns
More on the server problems & BBS listings.

Dec 6 - Ron Moore: Series V Is 'Birth Of The Federation'
Former Trek staff writer talks next series, DS9 writing experiences, the films & more.

Dec 6 - Site Columns
Server Problems, BBS listings and TV times

Dec 6 - News Bullets (2)
'A Christmas Carol' DVD review, DS9 prop up for grabs, Bring Back DS9 update and more!

Dec 6 - Visitor Interview
STC webmaster posts interview with DS9's Nana Visitor

Dec 6 - 'Strange New Worlds IV' Winners Announced
John Ordover of Pocket Books announces the winner list for fan story anthology

Dec 6 - News Bullets
Prototype phaser, Trek holiday buyer's guide, online auction, ODN and much more!

Dec 4 - Site Columns
Nothing much, BBS listings, TV times and a correction

Dec 4 - News Bullets
Stewart in new role, Sidding and the warrior queen, Beltran award, TMP Special Edition DVD Image leaked, Piller Q&A and more!

Dec 4 - Chat Alert!
TV Guide Nana Visitor Chat on Monday

Dec 3 - News Bullets
Jeri Ryan, new Voyager timeslot competition, column, 'Safe House' & TNN.

Dec 3 - Site Columns
Miscellaneous ramblings, BBS listings, poll results & a birthday.

Dec 3 - Lolita Fatjo Talks Trek X & Series V At Con
Frakes to direct new movie, new series casting to begin next month.

Dec 2 - DS9 Novel Relaunch Information Available
Psi Phi adds special section on post-finale DS9 novels, available in May 2001.

Dec 2 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Dec 2 - Gaming Bullets
'Voyager' patch, 'Starfleet Command 2' gold, 'DS9' Mac news & reviews.

Dec 2 - News Bullets
Memorable Moments, auction, more on the DS9 campaign, Psi Phi updates and more!

Dec 2 - Fandom Mulgrew Interview Part II
Mulgrew talks about cast antics, the J/C relationship (or non-relationship), 'Prophecy' and more.

Dec 2 - Bryan Fuller Q&A Session
Voyager Co-producer on Janeway romance, Q, Cast involvement and more! (may contain spoilers)

Dec 1 - News Bullets
Mulgrew article, Australian Video and TV news, BBK, DS9 petition and much more!

Dec 1 - Site Columns
The Crocodile Hunter, BBS listings and TV times

Dec 1 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green - 'Do Holograms Dream of Photonic Sheep?'

Dec 1 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's Sev Trek Movie competition!

Dec 1 - First Post-Airing 'Flesh and Blood' Reviews
TrekWeb, Mania and IGN Sci-Fi offer their respective takes on Wednesday's telemovie

Dec 1 - Site Columns
Slownewss, BBS listings & 'Flesh and Blood' poll results.