Lolita Fatjo Talks Trek X & Series V At Con By Christian
December 3, 2000 - 12:01 AM

Last week, the Con-Fiction SF convention took place in Blackpool, England, featuring several Star Trek guests. One of the speakers was former Star Trek script coordinator Lolita Fatjo, who according to a report at the Subspace Relay revealed some major info about both the next Trek film and the next Trek series:

To see the original report on this, please follow this link. Thanks go out to Borg for sending this in, and to Elias Novaq for posting the actual report!

As usual, please treat this as you would any rumour. Fatjo did indeed appear at this convention, but as is also mentioned in the original report, she wasn't completely certain of all the things she revealed, so this should not be taken as official confirmation of anything yet.

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