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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2003

Oct 31 - 3.7 Million Watch 'The Shipment'
'Enterprise' ratings rebound from 'Exile', but still below season average.

Oct 31 - The Book Padd: I.K.S. Gorkon: A Good Day To Die
It may be 'A Good Day To Die', but it's also a very good book to read, says Jacqueline Bundy.

Oct 31 - UPN Releases 'Twilight' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's new 'Enterprise' adventure. Transcript inside!

Oct 30 - 'The Shipment' Lifts 'Enterprise' To Pre-Baseball Numbers
This week's episode raises ratings, though the show remains last for the hour.

Oct 30 - Gerrold Would Love To See Kirk Film
'Trouble With Tribbles' writer outlines a premise for bringing back the iconic 'Star Trek' captain.

Oct 30 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' ratings, '15 Minutes', physics test, Picardo, Goldberg, 'The Expanse' & credits.

Oct 30 - Review: The Shipment
Archer comes face to face with the enemy, but it's not the face he's expecting.

Oct 29 - UPN Releases November Episode Summaries
Official plot information for sweeps month now available. Spoilers inside!

Oct 29 - The Book Padd: Pantheon
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this 'Stargazer' Signature Edition omnibus, comprising 'Reunion' and 'The Valiant'.

Oct 29 - Site Columns
Application anxiety, BBS threads, 'Trek' two years ago, a birthday & tonight's 'Enterprise'.

Oct 28 - Trek Alumni To Appear On NBC Sweeps Episodes
'Enterprise' actor Culp, '24' star Johnson Jerald among performers to make guest appearances.

Oct 28 - Crime Is Hot At UPN
'Enterprise' network is developing several detective and superhero dramas for its 2004-2005 line-up.

Oct 28 - News Bullets
Bormanis chat, McKean on 'Smallville', 'Enterprise' reviews, DVD feature, Nimoy, Mulgrew & Wesley Crusher for president!

Oct 27 - Interview: Nick Sagan - Part I
'Star Trek' scribe talks pitching for the franchise, writing 'Attached' & 'In The Flesh', TV relationships, breaking into the industry & more!

Oct 26 - Exploring Details of 'The Undiscovered Country'
Special edition to include tribute to Kelley, feature on Klingons, interviews with Shatner and Plummer.

Oct 26 - Site Columns
Baseball, BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and This Week and more!

Oct 26 - The Book Padd: New Frontier: Stone And Anvil
Jacqueline Bundy says this novel represents the 'New Frontier' series 'at its finest'.

Oct 25 - DS9 Season Six DVD Details Released
'Far Beyond the Stars', 'His Way' among episodes of highly acclaimed year on the station.

Oct 25 - TV Revenues Boost Viacom Profit
Successful CBS dramas cited as incentive for increased advertising sales.

Oct 25 - News Bullets
Trinneer in 'TV Zone', sexism & title editorials, Roddenberry, 'Last Samurai', 'Oblivion' review & Psi Phi updates.

Oct 25 - Nimoy: Spock Won't Be Back
Actor-director discusses Trek history, his other careers and the importance of fantasy.

Oct 24 - Official 'Carpenter Street' Details Available
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for this time-travel episode. Contains spoilers!

Oct 24 - UPN Releases 'The Shipment' Trailer
Promo for next week's 'Enterprise' includes sneak peek at 'Twilight'. Transcript inside!

Oct 24 - Director of Photography Talks Look of Shows
Longtime Trek DP Marvin Rush describes work with directors for consistent series.

Oct 24 - News Bullets
Three captains, Montalban, Takei, 'Boomtown', Biggs, Moore, books, DVDs, previews and more.

Oct 23 - The Andorians To Return In 'Proving Ground'
Shran enters the Delphic Expanse in this pivotal Xindi arc episode. Spoilers inside!

Oct 23 - Burton Lines Up New Directing Gigs
'Next Generation' actor to call the shots on episodes of 'Enterprise', 'JAG' & 'Boomtown'.

Oct 23 - 'Undiscovered Country' Arrives On DVD Next Year
Two-disc special edition DVD contains commentaries, featurettes. Plus: Original series movies set.

Oct 22 - News Bullets
Shatner, Mulgrew, Beltran, reviews, books, ratings and more.

Oct 21 - Trek Stars Associate With 'Illegal Alien's
Florida company to produce movies starring Koenig, De Lancie, Picardo and more.

Oct 20 - The Book Padd: New Frontier: No Limits
Jacqueline Bundy finds much to like in this anthology of 18 'New Frontier' stories.

Oct 19 - Online Critics Praise Park In 'Exile'
Many reviewers protest the gratuitous effects in shuttle sequence but find plot engaging.

Oct 19 - Site Columns
'Australian Idol' & 'Survivor', BBS threads & new BBQ poll!

Oct 18 - Trinneer Returns To Tucker's Trip
Actor discusses third season changes, favourite stunts.

Oct 18 - Fox Hits Ratings Home Run, UPN Suffers
Baseball playoffs leave 'Enterprise' stranded in last place.

Oct 18 - News Bullets
Shatner, Stewart, UPN comedies, Montgomery's 'Boomtown', TV Zone & more!

Oct 18 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Exile
Hoshi gets in a Beastly relationship.

Oct 18 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Impulse
T'Pol goes from Subcommander to Zombie...mander.

Oct 17 - Tim Russ Directs 'Roddenberry On Patrol'
Comedy short featuring Nichelle Nichols, Bob Picardo & other Trek alumni to premiere at El Paso convention next month.

Oct 17 - News Bullets
Billingsley on 'Angel', McNeill directs 'Dead Like Me', 'Enterprise' reviews, Picardo, 'The Tick' & Psi Phi updates.

Oct 17 - The Book Padd: Starfleet Corps Of Engineers: Buying Time
S.C.E. crew members try to stop a Ferengi exploiting the timeline for his own gain.

Oct 16 - Paramount To Box Original Series At Last
Complete season sets of original 'Star Trek' are in the planning stages.

Oct 16 - Baseball Exiles 'Enterprise'
Overnights drop to season low as Cubs-Marlins matchup pulls viewers to Fox.

Oct 16 - Review: Exile
Sato plays Beauty to a telepathic Beast, but she's no Disney fluff chick.

Oct 15 - Twelfth Episode To Feature New Expanse Aliens
Upcoming storyline will introduce another twist to Enterprise's journey. Spoilers inside!

Oct 15 - Site Columns
Somebody Save Me, BBS threads, Trek Two Years Ago, new poll and tonight's episode.

Oct 14 - McNeill Talks 'Twilight'
Actor turned director reveals the challenges of upcoming episode. Major spoilers!

Oct 14 - 'Enterprise' Arrives In HDTV Format
Beginning this week, UPN will offer its sci-fi shows in high definition; more series to follow.

Oct 14 - News Bullets
Stewart, Park, Braga, Elite Force and lots of Mulgrew!

Oct 14 - Mulgrew, Schultz Lording Over 'Everquest'
'Voyager' actors speak about doing voice work for new real-time strategy game.

Oct 14 - Berman On 'Exile', Coto, Trek Films
Executive producer describes tomorrow's episode and praises new staff writer/producer. Spoilers inside!

Oct 12 - Critics Launch Modest Praise At 'Impulse'
Online reviewers offer mixed analyses of horror storyline and the use of strobe in this week's T'Pol-centered episode.

Oct 12 - Site Columns
Disney, BBS threads, Trek two years ago, stage poll and more!

Oct 11 - Official 'Similitude' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for this upcoming 'Enterprise' outing. Spoilers!

Oct 10 - 4.17 Million Viewers Watch 'Impulse'
Ratings up, viewership down from last week's 'Rajiin'. Plus: 'Jake 2.0' on the rocks.

Oct 10 - Auberjonois To Return To Broadway
Star-studded cast will revive 'Sly Fox' with original director.

Oct 10 - UPN Releases 'Exile' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's Hoshi-centric episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 10 - News Bullets
Braga's alumni award, 'Jake 2.0' references, John Fleck, 'Impulse' images & credits, Christopher Plummer & more!

Oct 9 - Braga, Blackman Talk T'Pol's Outfits
Costume designer cites link between higher ratings, sexier costumes.

Oct 9 - Flying At 'Impulse', Overnight Ratings Drop Again
'Enterprise' can't overcome challenges from baseball, 'Smallville', comedies.

Oct 9 - Review: Impulse
T'Pol accompanies Archer to a ship full of crazed Vulcans and begins to lose her grip.

Oct 9 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Rajiin
Archer gets hooked by a Perfect Mate.

Oct 8 - Meaney Rides To the Old West
O'Brien actor appears in European historical Western 'Blueberry'.

Oct 8 - News Bullets
'Exile' write-up, 'Enterprise' bumper stickers, Mulgrew, 'Rajiin', Nimoy, Welch & more!

Oct 8 - Site Columns
'Alias' recovery (season two spoilers), BBS threads, 'Impulse' poll, a birthday & tonight on TV.

Oct 8 - Fifth DS9 Season, Fifth Trek Film DVDs Reviewed
Online critics praise 'Deep Space Nine' arc, production but remain ambivalent about 'The Final Frontier'.

Oct 6 - 'Enterprise' Wants Big Name For 'Carpenter Street'
Producers reportedly searching for a star to play the villain in time-travel episode. Contains spoilers!

Oct 5 - Critics: 'Rajiin' Looks Great But Fails To Seduce
Online reviewers praise special effects, performances, but many are underwhelmed by storyline.

Oct 5 - News Bullets
Billingsley, Shatner and Nimoy, Wheaton, screen caps, Trek books, Tivo and more!

Oct 5 - Blalock Unsure About Trip/T'Pol
'Enterprise' actress says she doesn't know where the Vulcan and engineer will go after back massages.

Oct 5 - Site Columns
VCR Wednesdays, BBS debates, new poll, old 'Enterprise' hype and more.

Oct 5 - The Book Padd: Gods Above
'New Frontier' continues on its own weird and wonderful path in this latest offering from Peter David.

Oct 5 - 'Enterprise' Nominated for SHINE Award
'Stigma' cited for its characterization of sexual health problems.

Oct 4 - Official 'North Star' Details Released
Plot synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Contains spoilers!

Oct 3 - 'Rajiin' Total Numbers Show Positive Trends
'Enterprise' posts highest household ratings, viewership of season, yet remains in last place for time slot.

Oct 3 - Last Two Kirk Features Will Arrive in 2004
'Undiscovered Country' and 'Generations' are expected to be released on collector's edition DVDs next year; no Megacube of TNG for Region 1.

Oct 3 - UPN Developing 'Teen Wolf' Drama
Network hopes to reimagine movie with similar success to 'Buffy'.

Oct 3 - 'Odyssey 5' Creator Pens 'Enterprise' Episode
Scott Bakula talks Trip-centric 'Similitude' & Western-themed 'North Star'. Spoilers inside!

Oct 3 - 'Impulse' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's new 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 3 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Extinction
Trip's just peachy.

Oct 2 - Superman Flies Over 'Rajiin'
'Enterprise' ratings take a dive as sex slave episode fails to lure viewers.

Oct 2 - 'Impulse' and 'Exile' Reveal Dangers of Expanse
'SFX' offers detailed summaries of two upcoming episodes. Spoilers inside!

Oct 2 - Review: Rajiin
Archer rescues a prostitute only to find that she may still be on someone's payroll.

Oct 2 - 'Enterprise' Heads For 21st Century Earth
The Xindi are up to no good again in 'Carpenter Street'. Spoilers inside!

Oct 1 - Trek Alumni On TV This Week
Sirtis, Combs, Thompson to appear on series and 'Re-Animator' sequel.

Oct 1 - Site Columns
Has 'Alias' jumped the shark? BBS threads, birthday, new poll & tonight's TV.

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