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October 12, 2003 - 3:33 PM

Hello World!

The Lion King came out on DVD this week, and I watched it for the first time since my children were very young. I'm still quite fond of the music and visuals, not to mention Jeremy Irons as Scar, but the rest of it annoys me in the way a great many Disney movies annoy me.

It's not just the gender roles; Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty didn't really hold much interest for me as a child, so I don't think I ever developed the complex of waiting for a prince to save me, but it's troubling that that same formula remains in effect in more recent Disney films...or gets even worse, as in Beauty and the Beast, which seems to imply that all an abusive male really needs is the love of an understanding woman to save him. Mulan an to a lesser degree Pocahontas redeemed the Disney canon for me somewhat on that count.

It's the willing servitude, the fact that nearly all Disney films create scenarios in which some group happily enslaves itself to another. Sometimes it's animals serving people, as in Snow White; sometimes it's subjects serving royalty, as in The Little Mermaid or The Lion King; but there's nearly always a "natural" aristocracy, a select group born to read with another group expected to follow. And when anyone questions that pattern, like Scar, he or she is portrayed as unnatural and deadly.

Is it any wonder that I prefer Shrek?

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