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October 29, 2003 - 10:58 AM

Hello World!

Today was a bad day to encounter university bureaucracy head-on. Trying to get my Honours application and ID card for next year sorted out involved walking back and forth across the university grounds several times to visit various offices, get signatures and find out if I'd have to pay full fare on public transport over the summer due to a lack of an ID card.

And as I was doing this some celestial being tried to have a little fun by sending gusts of dry hot wind raging across campus, gathering up all the dust on the ground as it went along. The reason it had to be done today is that no one seemed to know exactly when the application cut-off date was, except that it wasn't in February. I didn't want to leave it to later in the year, only to be told that a cut-off date has suddenly materialised, and I was too late. And the thought of actually having to leave the sandstone walls of UQ and get a real job was too terrifying to contemplate. Much better to spend next year reading Tacitus and Horace (even though the latter seems to have this weird thing about cows and wet willow groves).

I'll also take this opportunity to plug my interview with Nick Sagan, if you haven't already read it (and why not?!). Nick was an absolute pleasure to talk to and had some fascinating stories to tell.

And the latest Alias episode? Whooa! But that'll have to wait for next time...

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