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By Michelle
October 26, 2003 - 9:51 PM

Hello World!

Last week there was no new Enterprise episode because of the World Series. Which I watched with a certain degree of resentment, like so many people, not because I wanted to see the Marlins win so much as because I wanted to see the Yankees lose.

Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against the Marlins, and there are players I like on the team. But I cannot overcome my frustration that they beat the Cubs, thus thwarting half of the Series that most of us wanted to watch between Chicago and Boston. It is probably true that the Cubs and Red Sox are their own worst enemies and are using stupid curses as crutches, but wouldn't it have been wonderful had they both won?

Instead we got the Yankees, again, and while I am sure there are some New Yorkers who actually like the team for itself, I am the daughter of Brooklyn Dodgers fans and incapable of rooting for that team from the Bronx. It's hard enough to forgive Boston for all the times they should have beaten the Yankees yet didn't, but, as my husband is from Boston, I have learned to tolerate the Red Sox, even though I grew up a Baltimore Orioles fan.

My big consolation is that at least it wasn't a New York-Atlanta series, which would have been intolerable. Yay Marlins, woo hoo. If only the Cubbies and Sox had decided to play a consolation series; I bet it would have gotten higher ratings than the actual championship.

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Today's Television Listings

Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, UPN will show Enterprise's "The Shipment". Here's the official synopsis of the episode:

Archer, Reed and Major Hayes infiltrate a Xindi-Sloth industrial colony to learn more about the weapon of mass destruction that will be used against Earth.

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