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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2000

Mar 31 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' Review and GameSpot's Trek week continues.

Mar 31 - Long Island Convention News
Warning: Contains spoilers for 'Muse'

Mar 31 - News Bullets
Airdate confirmations, DVD news, win 'Free Enterprise' and more!

Mar 31 - 'Voyager' Actors Interviewed
More interviews from April 2000 Cinefantastique

Mar 31 - 'Andromeda' Writing Staff News
Executive Producer Robert Wolfe reveals new names.

Mar 31 - Site Columns
Why does a dog wag its tail?

Mar 30 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' reviews and Voyager & ConQuest previews

Mar 30 - News Bullets (2)
'Gepetto' soundtrack, fan site updates, Galileo-7 news &

Mar 30 - Seven Bullets
Only four bullets, but they're all about Seven!

Mar 30 - Three Background Articles
Trek Nation, Mania & Fandom all provide new content.

Mar 30 - News Bullets
'Tinker Tenor' ratings, book news, Stewart on TV and more!

Mar 30 - 'Quadrant Wars' In Development
Netrek updated for the new millennium.

Mar 30 - Site Columns
From the log of High Elf Christian

Mar 30 - A Take On Trek: We The Trekkers
In this installment, Fred takes a look at the EXCELISOR Campaign and Bring Back James Kirk Campaign.

Mar 30 - French Convention Report Online
Unification Online reports on con in Paris

Mar 30 - New Star Trek Fans Feature
Find out how to be a real Trek fan!

Mar 29 - News Bullets (2)
Book & CCG Info, UPN pilot, TOS timeslot shift & 'X-Men' con report

Mar 29 - Five New Trek Interviews
Cinefantastique and Mania interview actors & producers

Mar 29 - Braga Staying On Voyager
At least until Series V requires a majority of his time.

Mar 29 - Gaming Bullets
News about literally ever Trek game ever published!

Mar 29 - John Ordover Challenges Excelsior Campaign
Send him a thousand letters, and he'll give you a Sulu novel.

Mar 29 - News Bullets (1)
Takei film trailer, hyposprays, Barrett at expo, UPN ratings & Dorn film info.

Mar 29 - Site Columns
The Phoenix rises again.

Mar 28 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek BBS Today, and today's TV listings.

Mar 27 - News Bullets
Dorn in Indie, Stewart on Rosie, Wright on 'Child's Play', German videos on hold.

Mar 27 - GameSpot US Star Trek Week
And the British sister site previews 'Armada'.

Mar 27 - New Sev Trek Competition
Why is everyone so surprised to hear Edgy Dux is a counsellor?

Mar 27 - 'Armada' Press Release
Game to hit stores this week.

Mar 27 - Site Columns
Christian nearly dies. Again.

Mar 26 - News Bullets
Shatner interview, book & card news, and more on Galileo-7.

Mar 26 - Two Star Trek Central Articles
And we are even mentioned in one of them! How can we not like it?

Mar 26 - 'Excelsior' Campaign Update
Fan campaign goes to yellow alert.

Mar 26 - 'Unimatrix Zero' Spoilers
Extra details for season finale revealed at NY Con

Mar 26 - Site Columns
The universe continues to conspire against us.

Mar 25 - News Bullets
UPN, 'Elite Force', German radio and Jeri Ryan in today's bullets.

Mar 25 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Mar 25 - Robert Picardo Talks Robert Picardo
Holodoc actor on co-starring with himself, and writing 'Life Line'.

Mar 25 - 'Star Trek: Armada' News
First post-release news on Activision's RTS game.

Mar 25 - Site Columns
A good start of Spring for the TrekToday webmaster.

Mar 25 - News Bullets (2)
Stewart con appearance, gaming news, and TNG season 1 in Australia.

Mar 25 - Three Trek Articles
Strange New Worlds previewed, Robinson interviewed & Sulu campaign examined

Mar 25 - News Bullets (1)
Funny Trek ladies, UPN ratings, short story info and Sev news!

Mar 25 - Berman Talks More Trek X
Communicator also features interview with Trek's executive producer.

Mar 25 - German Star Trek News
Sat.1 responds to criticisms, con organiser broke, and new radio shows.

Mar 24 - Two 'Good Shepherd' Reviews
Julia Houston & Jim Wright analyse final episode before reruns.

Mar 24 - Berman, Braga Talk Future Trek
Trek X in development, Series V on UPN, and Menosky departure confirmed.

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Trek BBS topics, tomorrow's television, and a news correction.

Mar 24 - News Bullets
A Borg Christmas, new gaming site, Cinescape Trek X issue, and real estate updates.

Mar 24 - Activision Drops Verant For Online Trek RPG
Verant's Star Wars RPG likely to be the cause.

Mar 24 - Howard Stern Talks Voyager
Show host reveals he's a big Star Trek fan.

Mar 24 - Upcoming Episode Info
Don't look here if you want to avoid spoilers for Voyager.

Mar 23 - Episode Ratings News
'Good Shepherd' final ratings, 'Barge Of The Dead' overnights.

Mar 23 - Biller To Take Over Voyager
Braga moves over to Series V,

Mar 23 - Site Columns
We're back in the land of the living again!

Mar 22 - Jammer Reviews Three Episodes
'Ashes To Ashes', 'Child's Play' and 'Good Shepherd' analysed.

Mar 22 - News Bullets
'Armada' shot, a Bolian interview, Klingon bugs and Shatner on pressing a power button.

Mar 22 - Julia Houston 'Inner Light' Tribute Trek guide begins article series about the best of Star Trek.

Mar 21 - UPN News Bullets
'The Beat' premiere today, 'Mortal Kombat' in development, and Viacom to keep UPN?

Mar 21 - Series V Coming To UPN
Network also confirms season seven is Voyager's last.

Mar 21 - Site Columns
Christian finally finished archiving the articles!

Mar 21 - Two Fandom Trek Articles
Fans vote for Series V premises, and Ellison complains some more.

Mar 21 - News Bullets
Dress like Ryan, read about Spiner, watch Piller's work.

Mar 21 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Mar 21 - Chris-Craft Sells 50% UPN Stake To Viacom
Full control of 'Voyager' network won by Paramount's parent company.

Mar 20 - Robert Duncan McNeill News Bits
RanDoM Flight fan club is updated with new info.

Mar 20 - Voyager Wins Two Hair Styling Awards
Congratulations to Trek staffers Normand, Parker and Montemeyor!

Mar 20 - Site Columns
Utter lack of inspiration, 'Good Shepherd' poll results, and more of the usual.

Mar 20 - News Bullets
German comics, Shatner rapping, and Nimoy promotes the Mouse House.

Mar 20 - Mania Interviews Kurtwood Smith
Three-time Trek actor recalls his work experiences.

Mar 20 - Bring Back Kirk Campaign Responds To Article
The fan campaign says there is still hope for Kirk.

Mar 19 - Cynical 'Good Shepherd' Review
David E. Sluss analyses last week's Voyager episode.

Mar 19 - Site Columns
Christian complaints, and other regular site news.

Mar 19 - Ed Hines Reviews 'Good Shepherd'
Regular episode reviews come to the Trek Nation!

Mar 19 - First 'Fury' Images
See the first pictures of Kes in over two years here!

Mar 19 - News Bullets
'Roswell' Tobasco protest, Trek alumni projects, Decipher & Trivia contest news

Mar 19 - John Colicos Tribute Online
'Battlestar Galactica' site and official fanclub honour Trek's first Klingon.

Mar 18 - Kirk Not To Be Brought Back
Shatner says he'd be interested, but Paramount not.

Mar 18 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' manual released, 'Klingon Academy' log & 'Hidden Evil' review

Mar 18 - Site Columns
You'll soon get to actually read this! Get the full process report here.

Mar 18 - Review: Good Shepherd
Janeway's limitless compassion finally finds a justifiable outlet.

Mar 18 - Three More 'Good Shepherd' Reviews
Mania, IGN and Tube Reviews all analyse last Wednesday's episode.

Mar 18 - 'Star Trek: Armada' Goes Gold
New real-time strategy game on store shelves soon!

Mar 17 - Chris-Craft To Make UPN Decision
Judge rules company has to sell its stake in the network, or buy out Viacom.

Mar 17 - Site Columns
The first early update, and regular site news

Mar 16 - McNeill Speaks At Convention
Voyager spoilers revealed at Slanted Fedora con.

Mar 16 - News Bullets
Video releases, Shatner cashes in, 'Armada' screenshot and Sev news.

Mar 16 - GameSpot Previews Trek Games
'Elite Force', 'Klingon Academy' and 'Invasion' looked at.

Mar 16 - Higher 'Good Shepherd' Ratings
Voyager rebounds, but can it still avoid last season's fate?

Mar 16 - 'Good Shepherd' Episode Reviews
Cinescape and review yesterday's episode.

Mar 16 - 'Armada' Strategy Guide Info
Get the official press release here.

Mar 16 - Two-Hour Voyager Season Finale?
UPN 44 gives tantalising hint about final episode

Mar 16 - Site Columns
Apologies, Trek uniform poll results, and regular site news.

Mar 15 - 'A Take On Trek' Returns
Following a hospital stay, Fred Shedian looks back on a month of Voyager.

Mar 15 - News Bullets
More Trek Trivia, the Sev Trek Movie, and an 'Armada' video

Mar 15 - Talking Technobabble Article
Julia Houston talks about the problems actors face with Treknology.

Mar 15 - 'Klingon Academy' News
Designer chat announced and a new development update.

Mar 15 - New 'Child's Play' Reviews
Julia Houston and Myrkr both analyse last week's episode.

Mar 15 - Kirk Thatcher Interviewed
IGN FilmForce talks to the Star Trek IV Associate Producer

Mar 15 - Mediocre 'Child's Play' Ratings
Will Voyager repeat the disastrous performance from late season 5?

Mar 15 - Online Trek Game Coming To
Play as the Q Continuum at the Star Trek Continuum!

Mar 15 - Susan Sackett Interview
Writer of online biography talks about Gene Roddenberry.

Mar 15 - Site Columns
The usual mix of parading elephants (we kid you not) and other site updates.

Mar 14 - News Bullets
More on Ryan's foot, 'Armada' diary and Playstation news

Mar 14 - News From Chase Masterson
DS9 actress sends in mail and press release.

Mar 14 - Bring Back Kirk Newsletter Launches
Stay updated on one of the net's fan campaigns.

Mar 14 - Psi Phi Star Trek Trivia Contest Launches
Answer trivia questions to get even more of them!

Mar 14 - The Cynic Reviews 'Child's Play'
And he's surprisingly mild this week.

Mar 14 - Sat.1 Cuts In Voyager Repeats
German television station shortens episodes for more ads.

Mar 14 - 'Strange New Worlds' Winner Sells Trek Novel
Pocket Books buys TOS novel 'In The Name Of Honor'.

Mar 14 - Site Columns
A job for Christian, plus all the usual site news.

Mar 13 - Space Imagined Reviews Trek
'Gemworld' novel and 'Child's Play' episode are dissected

Mar 13 - News Bullets
Goldberg wins award and 'Valiant' novel excerpt.

Mar 13 - Section 31 Previews 'Armada'
Fan site reviews the public multiplayer beta test version.

Mar 13 - New Sev Trek Competition
The Red Shirt Jokes continue

Mar 13 - Patrick Stewart News Bits
Picard actor misses award and stars in play

Mar 13 - 'Klingon Academy' Demo Review
PC Gameworld gives the Interplay game the thumbs-up.

Mar 13 - Harlan Ellison Talks To Fandom
The writer of 'The City On The Edge Of Forever' attempts to set the record straight.

Mar 13 - Site Columns
It's the World vs. Christian, regular site columns, and a birthday!

Mar 12 - News Bullets
Shatner to appear on Leno, Psi Phi book database updated

Mar 12 - Star Trek Monthly Voyager Interviews
The British Trek magazine interviews Robert Picardo and Olivia Birkelund.

Mar 12 - Trek Wins SFX Awards
Readers of British magazine vote for all-time best SF

Mar 12 - Klingon Universe Opens
The internet 'Klingon Academy' community grows larger.

Mar 12 - Site Columns
The first-ever news item to appear on the restyled TrekToday!

Mar 12 - A Take On Trek: Returning Comments
Upon return from a health related absence, Fred takes a look at Voyager's progress in the last month.

Mar 11 - Review: Child's Play
Janeway virtually condemns the Brunali race when rescuing Icheb from the Borg.

Mar 8 - Interview: John Cook
An interview with the creator of Sev Trek.

Mar 1 - Review: Ashes to Ashes
VGR "brings out the dead" but forgets its own history.

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