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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2003

Aug 31 - 'Buffy' Slays 'Enterprise's' Hugo Hopes
'Conversations with Dead People' beats out 'Carbon Creek' and 'A Night In Sickbay' at Torcon 3.

Aug 31 - Site Columns
Holidays, fake twin sisters & Matthew Perry, BBS threads, classic TT news & Hugo poll.

Aug 31 - Article: San Diego 'Star Trek' Writing Panel Report
Joseph Di Lella recounts the advice of Eric Stillwell, Keith DeCandido, Jimmy Diggs and others on breaking into the franchise.

Aug 30 - 'The Xindi', 'Jake 2.0' Previewed
'TV Guide' posts synopses of 'Enterprise' season premiere and new lead-out show. Spoilers inside!

Aug 30 - The Book Padd: Serpents Among The Ruins
The latest 'Lost Era' outing is a 'an exceptional reading experience', says Jacqueline Bundy.

Aug 30 - First 'Exile' Plot Details
A telepath makes Hoshi Sato a tempting offer in season three's sixth instalment. Spoilers inside!

Aug 29 - 'Beauty And The Beast' Story Coming For Hoshi
Linda Park updates fans on filming 'Enterprise's' third season. Spoilers!

Aug 29 - News Bullets
Book updates, author chats, Braga video, DragonCon 2003, 'Trek' science & more!

Aug 29 - The Book Padd: Stargazer: Three
Jacqueline Bundy was disappointed with the latest 'Stargazer' tale.

Aug 29 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Dead Stop
B'Elanna kills Travis. No, really.

Aug 28 - Season Three Cast Shots Show Battle-Ready Crew
New image gallery reveals shorter haircuts, fewer smiles.

Aug 28 - Shatner: Lips Sealed On New Trek Ideas
Writer-actor-producer-novelist would like to help re-launch the franchise, if Paramount bites.

Aug 28 - Mulgrew's Pioneering Role Not Janeway But Ryan
The actress tells SoapNet of her devotion to theatre, long disinterest in science fiction.

Aug 28 - News Bullets
Spike marathon, Trek IV dialogue, Frakes, new books, collectibles and more.

Aug 27 - Shatner SPPLATs For Charity
Kirk actor raises funds at conventions and paintball tournaments for his children's horse charity.

Aug 27 - Site Columns
Two Towers x 2, continuity errors on the BBS, Bakula talks Trek and more!

Aug 26 - Trek Celebrities Honor Bradbury
'Martian Chronicles' author's birthday coincides with Mars' close encounter with Earth.

Aug 26 - News Bullets
'Science guys', 'Jake 2.0', Aborigine and Mormon Trek fans and books.

Aug 25 - Picardo Will Journey Through 'Stargate' Again
Agent Woolsey will reappear near the end of the 2004 season.

Aug 25 - News Bullets
Dorn, Nichols, Fuller, Mulgrew, Fleck, Stewart, cast photo, books and more!

Aug 24 - Masterson To Host ManiaFest
Genre film celebration will honor luminaries, raise funds for charity.

Aug 24 - Site Columns
Collectibles, BBS discussions, photo caption, 'Enterprise' hype, new poll and double-header this week.

Aug 23 - Season Three Cast Photo Released
T'Pol sports slinky red number in new bridge shot.

Aug 23 - News Bullets
Fletcher, 'Dead Zone', 'Enterprise' schedule, Logan, promo, Wheaton, Hugo poll, 'New Frontier' & more!

Aug 22 - 'Enterprise' Fifth Episode Takes Off At 'Impulse'
Learn why Vulcans fear the Delphic Expanse. Also, 'Rajiin' changes name spelling. Spoilers inside!

Aug 22 - Dorn Optimistic About Another TNG Film
Worf actor says using 'new faces' in movie franchise would be the 'kiss of death'.

Aug 22 - Xindi-Sloth Take Centre Stage In Episode Seven
Archer prepares to take drastic action to delay the construction of a new Xindi weapon. Spoilers inside!

Aug 21 - UPN Airs First Season Three Footage
Promo contains shots of the Xindi, T'Pol's new outfit and the MACOs! Full transcript and screencaps inside. Updated with mirrors.

Aug 21 - Shatner Moves Past Captain Kirk
Actor sees little likelihood of return to Trek, has faith in the 'indomitable spirit' of humanity.

Aug 21 - 'Enterprise' Producers Promise To Up The Ante
Brannon Braga says season three's arc will have continuity fans in 'spasms of ecstasy'. Plus: Berman on 'The Xindi'. Spoilers!

Aug 20 - News Bullets
Stewart, Takei, Sternbach, souvenirs, LiveJournal and more.

Aug 20 - 'The Expanse' Novelisation Arrives In October
J.M. Dillard's book will fill in the six-week period between 'The Expanse' and 'The Xindi'.

Aug 20 - Billingsleys On Being Borg
Phlox actor and his wife Bonita Friedericy recall their time in the collective in 'Regeneration'.

Aug 20 - Site Columns
'Evidence Of Things Not Seen', BBS threads, classic TT news, birthdays & TV listings.

Aug 19 - Picardo To Direct Rhys-Davies as Galileo
'Voyager' actors will collaborate on one-night-only fundraiser for The Planetary Society.

Aug 19 - News Bullets
Meaney, Shatner, Kellogg, Stewart, Bradbury, games and going to the moon.

Aug 18 - Catsuits and Catfights and Characters, Oh My!
Bakula, Blalock and Trinneer talk about the heightened sense of fun on the 'Enterprise' set.

Aug 18 - News Bullets
Bakula, Armstrong, Johnson, Hertzler, Siddig, Carson, Chang, Romeo & Juliet.

Aug 18 - Strength and Sex To Bolster 'Enterprise'
UPN president Ostroff promises a heightened network identity for UPN this fall.

Aug 18 - Interview: Tucker Smallwood
Sci-fi veteran talks his role as a Xindi-Humanoid on 'Enterprise' next season!

Aug 17 - Picardo, Phillips Talk New Projects
EMH actor films midseason pilot, pitches to 'Enterprise' producers, Neelix actor stars in 'Bad Santa'.

Aug 17 - Bennett Advocates 'Starfleet Academy' Premise
Feature film producer on where he would take the 'Trek' franchise.

Aug 17 - Site Columns
Pirates and horse races, chat about the northeast blackout, two-year-old Trek and more.

Aug 16 - Nick Sagan Embarks On Book Tour
'TNG' & 'Voyager' scribe launches his first novel, 'Idlewild'.

Aug 16 - Article: Love, Klingon Style
Robert Richardson looks at the Worf/Jadzia relationship with the help of Nietzsche, Kant and George Costanza.

Aug 16 - News Bullets
Trek actors and writers, upcoming books, calls from celebrities and more.

Aug 15 - Blalock To Appear on 'Stargate SG-1' Tonight
T'Pol actress plays a warrior priestess on Sci-Fi series.

Aug 15 - Picardo Goes 'Looney'
'Voyager' actor will appear alongside Steve Martin and cartoon critters in 'Looney Tunes: Back in Action'.

Aug 15 - T'Pol Opts For Blue
Vulcan makeover results revealed, 'Rajiin' guest star dons a 'roll of string'. Possible spoilers!

Aug 15 - Bizarre Bazaar of Aliens Coming Up on 'Enterprise'
New report details sets, cast members of 'Rajiin', an episode set on a water world. Spoilers!

Aug 14 - Shatner Hopes To Launch New Trek Show
Actor-director wants to reinvigorate the franchise in the wake of weak 'Nemesis' box office.

Aug 13 - Biggs Takes On Another Shakespeare Spin-Off
Damar actor will play Oberon in theatrical comedy 'Shakespeare In Hollywood.'

Aug 13 - Berman, Montgomery Talk Season Three
'Enterprise' co-creator and actor anticipate tougher crew, excitement from Xindi.

Aug 12 - Ordover To Leave Pocket Books
Long-time editor plans to run his own book packaging venture, will remain involved with Trek.

Aug 12 - News Bullets
Stewart, Russ, Moore, Fleck, convention news, rocker Trekkers and more.

Aug 10 - Bjo Trimble Blasts 'Enterprise'
Trek's most famous fan calls for writers, directors who know the franchise to help restore it.

Aug 10 - Celebrate Cardassians With Robinson, Biggs
In new interviews, Garak and Damar actors discuss makeup, casting and work on DS9.

Aug 10 - Site Columns
'Saturn', 'Alias' & 'The West Wing', oh my! BBS threads, classic TT news, Xindi poll & a birthday!

Aug 9 - Braga Reviews Season Two
Executive producer makes episode-by-episode comments on last season's 'Enterprise' shows.

Aug 9 - News Bullets
Trek editorials, Blalock, Picardo, Saviola, Hardy, auctions, audiobook and more!

Aug 8 - NCC-1701 Models Warp To Collectors
Polar Lights Enterprise, rated Skill Level 1, can be built as a pilot version of the ship.

Aug 8 - Search For Xindi Puts Archer Under Pressure
SFX magazine publishes plot info for 'The Xindi' and 'Anomaly'. Major spoilers!

Aug 7 - 'Trek' Medicine Profiled In 'Hollywood Hospital'
Discovery Health Channel pilot includes interviews with Robert Picardo, John Billingsley and Brannon Braga.

Aug 7 - Article: Las Vegas Convention Report - Day Three
Ethan Phillips secretly still wears Neelix make-up? 'Enterprise' is actually filmed in John Billingsley's backyard? Find out more inside!

Aug 6 - Beltran To Handle 'The Big Knife'
'Voyager' actor will play rebellious star struggling with the studio system.

Aug 6 - News Bullets
Mulgrew, Vegas convention, Elite Force, real-life tricorders and the future of Trek.

Aug 6 - 'Voyager' DVDs Confirmed For 2004
Paramount rep responds to VSDA report. Plus: further original series DVD rumours & Picard DVD set announced.

Aug 6 - Article: Las Vegas Convention Report - Day Two
Armin Shimerman, Robert Beltran, Dominic Keating, Kate Mulgrew & more feature in part two of our Vegas coverage.

Aug 6 - Stewart To Open On Broadway This Fall
'The Caretaker' will have a limited run beginning in October.

Aug 6 - Shimerman: Mistakes Made Ferengi Interesting
Quark actor discusses his theatre experiences, acting choices and career as as writer.

Aug 6 - News Bullets
'Mirror, Mirror' Kirk uniform for auction, Fuller talks biz, Mulgrew photos, Trek in Argentina and book news and reviews.

Aug 5 - Trinneer Teases Trip/T'Pol
'Enterprise' actor on developing relationships and dealing with the Xindi in season three. Contains spoilers!

Aug 5 - Article: Las Vegas Convention Report - Day One
Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, James Doohan & more feature in part one of our Vegas coverage.

Aug 4 - News Bullets
Armstrong, 'Enterprise' promo, Wang, 'Enterprise' Project, 'Trekkies 2' interview, 'Borg Invasion' & more!

Aug 4 - 'Voyager' On DVD In 2004?
VSDA convention report also says original series will be released in boxed sets.

Aug 3 - Site Columns
Harry Potter, The Xindi, old news, new poll and this week!

Aug 3 - Article: Shore Leave Part VI: Photo Report
Photos of authors, editors and actors in action at this recent 'Star Trek' convention!

Aug 2 - Captain Kirk: Stock Market Role Model?
Atlanta economists characterise investors using Trek characters.

Aug 2 - The Book Padd: Aftermath
Jacqueline Bundy finds herself caught up in the ongoing drama of the crew of the USS da Vinci.

Aug 2 - 'Extinction' Filming Wraps
LeVar Burton takes the helm for jungle planet episode. Spoilers!

Aug 2 - 'Enemy Advances' Plot Thickens
An alien prostitute has a 'dangerous secret' in episode four. Plus: 'Smallville' coincidence. Spoilers!

Aug 2 - Star Trek: The Experience Assimilates the Borg
New 3-D attraction will offer film with Janeway, Borg Queen as well as simulated live Borg attack.

Aug 1 - DS9 Season Five DVD Details Released
'Trials and Tribble-ations' to feature heavily on complete set features.

Aug 1 - News Bullets
Enterprise promo, actor projects, screen caps, Nygard interview and book cover.

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