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August 20, 2003 - 9:38 AM

Hello World!

I hate spoilers. (Yes, I'm fully aware of the irony given the nature of this web site). If I did read spoilers for two of my favourite shows, The West Wing and Alias, my enjoyment of the most recent episodes would have been severely dampened. (Spoilers follow for TWW season four and Alias season two).

"Evidence Of Things Not Seen" was meandering along as an OK episode with some funny moments (CJ and her egg, Debbie's poker playing), when suddenly shots were fired at the press room, where CJ, Will and Toby were standing at the time. I loved the way the episode lured you into thinking it was going to be slightly fluffy, then took a quick about face to examine the characters' reaction to this incident after their experiences in the first-season finale.

There were two gasp-worthy moments in this week's Alias, "The Counteragent". "Gasp-worthy moments" meaning I literally gasped out loud, and any show that can make me do that twice in one hour is always going to get my attention. The first moment was when Vaughn's girlfriend introduced herself to Sydney, and then later when Sloane turned up alive after Sydney had delivered him to Sark to be killed!

The day after that episode aired, one of my friends called Alias "the trashiest show ever". Clearly he has no taste;)

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