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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2003

Sep 30 - Patrick Stewart Guest Stars On 'Frasier' Tonight
Get a sneak peek at the episode: scene transcript & behind-the-scenes images inside!

Sep 30 - The Book Padd: The Art Of The Impossible
Jacqueline Bundy says author Keith DeCandido has 'outdone himself' with this 'Lost Era' novel.

Sep 30 - News Bullets
'North Star' photo, Casey Biggs, 'Starburst', writing seminar, 'Unity' excerpt & more!

Sep 29 - Trek Stars To Voice 'Lords of EverQuest'
Mulgrew, Rhys-Davies, Schultz among alumni playing characters in new strategy game.

Sep 29 - DS9, Dominion War To Return In Print
Updates on new scheduled book releases indicate future of station, how the quadrant fared during battles.

Sep 29 - Producers Take A 'Voyage Home'
Bennett, Winter address audience on the making of 'Star Trek IV'.

Sep 29 - Montgomery Goes 'Half & Half' Tonight
'Enterprise' actor to play an 'aspiring politician' in UPN sitcom, airing at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Sep 29 - 'Extinction' Exterminated By Reviewers
Recycled sci-fi plot and uneven acting earn criticism from many online critics.

Sep 28 - News Bullets
Picardo in 'Lyon's Den' tonight, 'Doctor Who' odds, guest star news, book review, Nimoy & more!

Sep 28 - Site Columns
Spoilers, chat about 'Enterprise', Trek Two Years Ago and new poll.

Sep 27 - Avery Brooks To Star In 'The Exonerated'
DS9 actor will join Lynn Redgrave in death row play in Philadelphia next month.

Sep 27 - UPN Releases 'Rajiin' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Sep 26 - Paramount Announces 7-Season TNG Set
Region 2 Borg Megacube containing all 'Next Generation' episodes in a 48-disc DVD package scheduled for November.

Sep 26 - News Bullets
Bakula chat, 'Enterprise' reviews, 'Twilight Zone', Series V in France, Roddenberry store & more!

Sep 25 - 'Extinction' Brings Ratings Back To Life
This week's episode ties season premiere, up from 'Anomaly' last week.

Sep 25 - Stewart To Come Out On 'Frasier' Next Week
Picard actor will play a sophisticate who courts the titular character on the popular sitcom.

Sep 25 - McFadden Comes To 'The Shore'
Crusher actress will appear in drama onstage in L.A. next month.

Sep 25 - News Bullets
Wheaton, video clip, 'Enterprise' in NL, Jefferies article, MSNBC editorial, Grammer, 'Jake 2.0' & more!

Sep 25 - Review: Extinction
Archer, Sato and Reed cross a Threshold and experience Genesis.

Sep 25 - Key Affiliates Stay In UPN Fold
Fox television stations sign new agreement, securing 'Enterprise' network's coverage in key markets.

Sep 24 - Bakula Enjoys Archer's Ambiguity
'Enterprise' captain chats about tonight's episode, character relationships and the future of the series.

Sep 24 - Site Columns
Last week's hurricane, BBS threads, 'Broken Bow' reviews, new poll and more!

Sep 24 - Trip Experiences 'Similitude'
Meet several younger versions of the 'Enterprise' engineer in this upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Sep 24 - Official 'Twilight' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast and creative staff info for this upcoming season three episode. Plus: Production report.

Sep 23 - UPN Commits To 'Enterprise' Name Change
As of tomorrow, series will officially be dubbed 'Star Trek: Enterprise'. Update: screen capture of opening credits!

Sep 22 - Online Reviewers Praise 'Anomaly'
Most critics say second 'Enterprise' episode shows major improvement over the season premiere.

Sep 22 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Anomaly
Archer takes a walk on the black coffee side.

Sep 21 - Fontana Recalls 'The Animated Adventures'
Veteran writer says animated series didn't sacrifice quality in order to appeal to children.

Sep 21 - Site Columns
'Amazing Race' comes to Brisbayne and Moolabaloo, BBS threads, classic TT news & new poll!

Sep 20 - Visitor: I Wanted To Kill Dukat
'Deep Space Nine' actress says series should have had a more 'subversive' ending.

Sep 19 - News Bullets
Bakula chat, book reviews & excerpts, Frakes, franchise poll, DVD art & more!

Sep 19 - The Book Padd: Prophecy And Change
Although it has some weak points, Jacqueline Bundy says this 'Deep Space Nine' anthology is a must for dedicated fans.

Sep 19 - 'Extinction' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's new 'Enterprise' adventure. Transcript inside!

Sep 18 - Park 'Excited' About Arc-Based Storytelling
'Enterprise' actress hopes Hoshi Sato will come to the forefront in season three.

Sep 18 - 'Anomaly' Overnights Show Slight Drop
Second episode of season keeps most of audience, but UPN slips one place in rankings.

Sep 18 - 'Major Revelations' Ahead On 'Enterprise'
Brannon Braga says the Temporal Cold War plot line will return later this season. Plus: 'Smallville' showdown. Contains spoilers!

Sep 18 - Review: Anomaly
The NX-01 crew discovers one of the Expanse's best-hidden secrets.

Sep 17 - Frakes Open To Directing 'Enterprise'
Riker actor hopes his schedule will allow him to take on 'Trek' and other television projects.

Sep 17 - Eden FX Announces New Projects
'Enterprise' effects house produced VFX for 'Navy CIS', 'Wilder Days' and 'Homeland Security'.

Sep 17 - Site Columns
Emmy predictions, BBS threads, classic TT news, 'Anomaly' poll & TV listings.

Sep 17 - 5-Minute Enterprise: The Xindi
Archer and Trip get captured early this year.

Sep 16 - 'Enterprise' 21st Century Episode Coming
Rick Berman talks early season three outings, including tomorrow night's 'Anomaly'. Spoilers inside!

Sep 16 - Veteran 'Trek' Crew Member Passes Away
'Enterprise' first assistant director Jerry Fleck died on the weekend.

Sep 16 - News Bullets
'SCE' books, Picardo talks 'Lyon's Den', Stewart on 'Frasier', Keating, 'Enterprise' review, 'Trek' conference & more!

Sep 15 - Dawson Joins Picardo In 'The Lyon's Den'
B'Elanna Torres actress becomes the second 'Voyager' cast member to appear in NBC's new legal drama.

Sep 15 - News Bullets
McKean on 'Smallville', new 'Xindi' reviews, Mulgrew and Bakula.

Sep 14 - Emmys Elude 'Enterprise'
'Star Trek' shut out in VFX, music and make-up categories at last night's Creative Arts Awards. Plus: Alfre Woodard.

Sep 14 - Stewart, Goldberg To Be Cartoon Co-Stars
Trek alumni will voice characters in upcoming animated 'Racing Stripes'.

Sep 14 - UPN Debuts 'Anomaly' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Sep 14 - Official Details For 'The Shipment' Released
Synopsis, creative staff & guest cast info for this upcoming Xindi-Sloth episode. Plus: Production report. Spoilers!

Sep 14 - Site Columns
Future love, BBS debates, post-9/11 news, new poll and more!

Sep 13 - New Photos Show Upcoming 'Enterprise' Crises
Official images depict marauding aliens, changed Archer. Spoilers inside!

Sep 13 - 'The Xindi' Fails To Wow Online Critics
Initial reviews protest recycled storylines, call for new writers and riskier storylines.

Sep 12 - 'Parallel Earth' Sought For 'North Star'
Episode writer says Brannon Braga asked for TOS-style storyline with humans in the Delphic Expanse.

Sep 12 - Billingsley's Comic Talents Appreciated
Actor wins attention for 'Out Of Time', screened in Toronto this week.

Sep 12 - News Bullets
Ratings redux, Trek musicians, new projects for writers, interviews with crewmembers and more.

Sep 12 - New Video Clips Hype Season Three
Web sites provide clips of new 'Enterprise' opening, interviews, media galleries.

Sep 11 - 'The Xindi' Ties 'The Expanse' Overnights
Ratings hold steady from the end of last season, show slight drop from 2002 season premiere.

Sep 11 - 'Enterprise' Heads For 'North Star'
The crew discover a planet where humans and aliens live in a Wild West-style environment. Contains spoilers!

Sep 11 - Bakula: Keep Weapons Out Of Space
'Enterprise' captain speaks of interest in flight, character changes, favorite movies with fans.

Sep 11 - News Bullets
Name change clarification, Shiban gone, fan ad support, NYT bestseller, Roddenberry Jr., Shatner and more!

Sep 11 - Review: The Xindi
Archer and crew get shocking news about the world humans are supposed to destroy.

Sep 10 - AICN Spoils 'The Xindi'
Reviewer 'Hercules' gives away plot points, episode ending, says title and song remain the same. MAJOR SPOILERS!

Sep 10 - Mixed Early Reviews For 'The Xindi' praises series' direction, 'USA Today' suggests 'Enterprise' should go away.

Sep 10 - News Bullets
Brooks and Mulgrew plays, Bakula on TV, new 'Enterprise' photos and Belgian premiere, Billingsley, games, book reviews and more!

Sep 10 - Braga, Berman Talk Trek Future
'Enterprise' execs hope MACOs, Xindi storyline will bring back drifting audiences.

Sep 10 - Site Columns
Faith of the heart, Riker-Riker grudge match, BBS threads, 9/11 news, season premiere tonight and more.

Sep 9 - UPN Puts the 'Star Trek' In 'Enterprise'
'Star Trek Enterprise' logo appears on UPN site, name change cited in memo to affiliates.

Sep 9 - Bakula: 'Enterprise' Firmly in Trek Tradition
Captain Archer actor speaks of new direction, Middle East parallels for next season.

Sep 9 - First 'Xindi' Review Mostly Positive gives show a higher grade than last season's premiere, praises new villains.

Sep 9 - MACO Actress Gets Swanky
Julia Rose talks about her hand-me-down uniform, hairstyle and relationship with Captain Archer.

Sep 8 - Brooks To Perform In Memory of 9/11
'Oedipus' exported to Athens in cultural exchange.

Sep 7 - Colm Meaney Turns Detective
After Irish crime caper 'Intermission', DS9 actor will star in TNT backdoor pilot.

Sep 7 - The Book Padd: Stargazer: Oblivion
Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed this 'entertaining adventure' which explores the relationship between Picard and Guinan.

Sep 7 - Site Columns
When in Rome, BBS threads, classic TT news & Trip/T'Pol poll!

Sep 6 - Crew To Face Assault and 'Extinction' Next Season
New reports on the third and fourth 'Enterprise' episodes reveal trouble for away teams. Spoilers inside!

Sep 6 - Trinneer Looks Forward to a Tougher Trip
Actor would like to lose the good-ole-boy characterization, explore Tucker's dark side.

Sep 6 - Patrick Stewart Warps To 'Frasier'
'Next Generation' actor recently filmed a guest appearance on Kelsey Grammer's sitcom.

Sep 6 - News Bullets
Book updates, 'Enterprise' scooter, cast pictures, competition, DVD shots, cartoon, 'Enterprise' Project ad & more!

Sep 6 - 'The Xindi' Promo Released
New trailer shows footage from early season three episodes, including 'Extinction'. Transcript & screencaps inside!

Sep 5 - Shatner To Play Kirk's Grandfather?
Actor says he was approached by Berman about possible 'Enterprise' guest appearance.

Sep 5 - 5-Minute Enterprise: A Night in Sickbay
Archer confronts his intense lack of sexual tension with T'Pol.

Sep 5 - Montgomery Lines Up Guest Appearances
'Enterprise' actor to appear in new seasons of 'Boomtown' and 'Half & Half'.

Sep 4 - Sato Finds Love In 'Exile'
Gothic sets, telepathic alien to feature in October 15th episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 4 - First 'Twilight' Plot Details
Find out about Jonathan Archer's surprise wake-up call in this upcoming episode! Contains spoilers.

Sep 4 - Is 'Enterprise' Losing Faith of the Heart?
Sources hint at possible new theme song for the third season.

Sep 3 - News Bullets
'USA Today', 'Trek V' news, 'Enterprise' wrap-up, NBC & Sci-Fi, Mulgrew, Shatner, Ryan and more.

Sep 3 - Site Columns
Autumn arrives, debating Smallville, Trip two years ago, new poll and more!

Sep 2 - News Bullets
Stewart, Shatner, Takei, Roush, Goldberg, Russ, contest and convention information.

Sep 2 - Braga: MACOs Will Enhance 'Enterprise'
Creator says previous security forces were 'a little lame', new recruits will provide onboard conflict. Plus: Daniel Dae Kim.

Sep 1 - DS9 Season Six DVD Set Details Released
Boxed set will arrive in stores November 6 with featurette on Worf and Dax's wedding.

Sep 1 - Ask Nick Sagan Questions
We'll soon be interviewing the TNG & 'Voyager' writer, and we're giving you the chance to ask the questions!

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