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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2000

Oct 31 - Andromeda Bullets
'To Loose the Fateful Lightning' and 'D Minue Zero' reviews, interviews, screencaps, ratings, promos and more!

Oct 31 - New Sev Trek Competition
Check out this week's new Sev Trek competition

Oct 31 - Another 'Repression' Review
Cinescape Insider on last week's Voyager episode

Oct 31 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Green on 'Repression', news and rumors and 'New Frontier' novel

Oct 31 - Fred B. Phillips Memorabilia Auction posts more info on upcoming Christie's auction

Oct 31 - Robert Picardo Interview
Fandom talks to Voyager's Holodoc actor on 'Critical Care', 'Body and Soul' and 'Flesh and Blood'

Oct 30 - Site Columns
Back to Civilisation, BBS topics, TV listings and a birthday

Oct 29 - Star Trek Background Articles
Marina Sirtis convention report & two Voyager ending articles.

Oct 29 - News Bullets
Unknown DVD, book excerpt, Halloween, column, DS9 actors penning book & Forbes.

Oct 29 - Voyager Transcripts & Reviews
Delta Blues' Jim Wright returns with massive update & SyFy World reviews 'Repression'.

Oct 29 - Site Columns
Winter time problems, BBS info, TV listings & poll results.

Oct 29 - Gaming Bullets
Voyager interviews, .plan update & review, and DS9 screenshots.

Oct 28 - Rick Sternbach Fan Answers Online
Senior Illustrator on starship design, technical manuals, and career background.

Oct 28 - More 'Repression' Reviews
Jammer, Michelle Green & Jason Bates on latest Voyager.

Oct 28 - 'Repression' And 'Drive' Ratings Info
National Drive ratings hold steady, but Repression overnights sink further.

Oct 28 - News Bullets
Thompson, Ryan twice, UPN shows, Sci-Fi Channel and more.

Oct 28 - Site Columns
Favourite links, BBS info, TV listings & send Robert Picardo birthday wishes.

Oct 27 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Write down your wishes for the last X-Gen Movie!

Oct 27 - Posts 'System Error' Student Film
See Brannon Braga eat himself. We're not kidding.

Oct 27 - Trek Spinoff Reruns To Move To Cable Channels
Paramount offering modern-day Trek series for record-breaking $364 million license fee.

Oct 27 - Star Trek X Delayed Until After Strike
Patrick Stewart signs on for tenth film, but shooting start pushed back.

Oct 27 - Site Columns
The depressing poll results, BBS and TV listings

Oct 27 - Upcoming Episode News
New photos for 'Critical Care' and 'Inside Man', new 'Repression' synopsis

Oct 26 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS info, some TV listings & poll results.

Oct 26 - Gaming Bullets
Activision financials, sweepstakes, Bridge Commander, SFC 2 & Voyager.

Oct 26 - 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' DVD News
Special edition scheduled for Spring 2001 & other disc info. Plus: TNG delayed.

Oct 26 - 'Critical Care' Promo Video
Download the trailer for this season's first Doctor episode. Transcript inside.

Oct 26 - 'Inside Man' News
Cinescape provides new information and plot synopsis for upcoming Voyager episode.

Oct 26 - Three New Voyager Reviews
TrekWeb on 'Repression', The Tube Reviews and Ed Hines look at 'Drive'

Oct 26 - Robert Picardo Interview
The Great Link posts Star Trek Monthly interview with Holodoc actor (contains spoilers)

Oct 25 - UPN Bullets
UPN development deals, good 'Level 9' review, Utah problems & elections.

Oct 25 - Kenneth Biller Promoted To Executive Producer
Voyager writer officially heading final season & developing new Paramount projects.

Oct 25 - Review: Drive
One wedding and a race full of flashy starships ... oh, my!

Oct 25 - New 'Drive' Review
Read Jammer's take on last week's Voyager episode

Oct 25 - Julia Houston on the Voyager Mirror Crew guide takes a light-hearted look at the potential mirror conterparts of the Voyager crew.

Oct 25 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek comic competition

Oct 25 - New 'Lineage' Info posts article, synopsis and guest cast for upcoming episode

Oct 25 - Site Columns
Good Omens, BBS Times, New Voyager Episode Tonight and a Belated Birthday

Oct 24 - Hollywood Reporter Gene Roddenberry Ad
The Great Birth's death now nine years ago. New ad remembers Trek creator.

Oct 24 - News Bullets
Ear auction, PSA, WWF & the Dominion takes to the stage.

Oct 24 - 'A Briefing with Caillan'
New Trek Nation columnist on Neelix

Oct 24 - A Briefing With Caillan: A Briefing with Caillan
'A Talaxian for all Seasons'

Oct 23 - News Bullets
Timeless auction, UPN schedule, Stewart interview, Spiner pics, German DVDs & more.

Oct 23 - IGN Sci-Fi 'Drive' Review
Jason Bates looks at last Wednesday's Voyager episode.

Oct 23 - Burton To Direct?
Star Trek: The Magazine interviews 'The Next Generation' actor

Oct 22 - Site Columns
Games, BBS Listings, TV Times and a Belated Birthday

Oct 22 - Updates
Subspace Echoes, Slanted Fedora, Vampire flicks and Ashley Judd

Oct 22 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Take a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie Competition

Oct 22 - New 'Drive' review
The Cynic takes a look at last week's Voyager episode.

Oct 22 - News Bullets
Holodecks, Alfre Woodard, WarBand, Cast Photos and more!

Oct 21 - Voyager Actor Video Clips posts four new clips where Voyager actors speak on their characters (transcripts inside)

Oct 21 - Site Columns
Movie Madness, BBS listings, TV Times and Poll Results

Oct 21 - Galaxy Ball Report
Official site posts report on last Saturday's Down Syndrome benefit

Oct 21 - Partick Stewart Interview
Picard actor talks about his relationship with William Shatner

Oct 20 - Site Columns
Christian's holiday, BBS threads, TV listings and a birthday!

Oct 20 - Three New Voyager Reviews
IGN SciFi on 'Drive', Ed Hines on 'Imperfection' and SF Site on 'Unimatrix Zero II'

Oct 20 - 'Critical Care' News
UPN posts new photo and synopsis for fifth episode

Oct 19 - First 'Drive' Reviews
Michelle Green, Michael Marek, O.Deus & T'Bonz look at yesterday's Voyager.

Oct 19 - Voyager Ratings Sink After Season Premiere
Disappointing Nielsen ratings for 'Imperfection' and 'Drive'.

Oct 19 - 'Repression' Promo Video
Watch the UPN trailer for this season's fourth episode. Transcript inside.

Oct 19 - Review: Imperfection
Seven of Nine confronts the possibility of dying as well as some associated feelings of regret.

Oct 19 - Site Columns
Cricket, BBS listings, TV times and Poll results

Oct 19 - Brannon Braga Question & Answer Session Results posts the first part of Q&A session with Voyager producer

Oct 19 - Star Trek: Hypertext 'Imperfection' Review
Jammer takes a look at last week's Voyager episode

Oct 19 - Production Updates
New info for 'Shattered' and 'Lineage', plus two new slide-shows

Oct 19 - Roxann Dawson Interview
Cinescape magazine talks to B'Elanna Torres actor (spoilers)

Oct 18 - News Bullets
Cynic's Corner and PsiPhi updates, Seska article and UK Voyager news.

Oct 18 - Julia Houston on Spock guide looks at the legacy of the perfect first officer

Oct 18 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Competition

Oct 18 - 'Excalibur' Excerpt
PsiPhi posts excerpt from upcoming 'New Frontiers' Novel

Oct 18 - Site Columns
Camping, BBS Listings and TV times

Oct 18 - Mark Altman Interview
Fandom looks at the rise of 'Free Enterprise' producer

Oct 17 - Tim Russ Interview posts Q&A session with Tuvok actor

Oct 17 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green looks at ratings, the Voyager cast and 'Imperfection' (spoilers).

Oct 17 - New 'Body and Soul' Information
Cinescape Interview with Robert Picardo reveals new 'Body and Soul' information (spoilers).

Oct 16 - Voyager Recurring Character Returning In 'Shattered'
Fandom reveals major new guest character info for 'Shattered'. (Contains Spoilers)

Oct 16 - Site Columns
The lost PM, BBS Listings and TV times

Oct 16 - New 'Subspace Echoes' Column
2nd edition of new Fandom column looks at 'Imperfection', the Maqui and Gene Roddenberry's 'Andromeda'.

Oct 16 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie comic competition

Oct 16 - Delta Blues 'Imperfection' Review and Article
Heather Jarman reviews Voyager's latest and takes a look at Ken Biller's plans for Voyager.

Oct 15 - New Trek Nation Features
Trek in Sci-Fi article, Fred Shedian on second episodes & Ed Hines on season premiere.

Oct 15 - Site Columns
Ender's Game, BBS info, poll results & a birthday.

Oct 15 - New 'Imperfection' Review
SyFy World examines Voyager's latest offering.

Oct 15 - A Briefing With Caillan: A Place Amongst The Stars : New Trek and the Sci-Fi Canon
Caillan Davenport wonders how new Trek can win its place amongst other sci-fi.

Oct 15 - A Take On Trek: Imperfection's Affirmation
This week, Fred comments on Voyager's Imperfection and the conclusion to Andromeda's premiere

Oct 14 - Gaming Bullets
SFC 2 preview & screens, Bridge Commander, Away Team & New Worlds.

Oct 14 - Site Columns
Dutch TV, BBS info & TV listings.

Oct 14 - News Bullets
Janeway vs R2-D2 & C-3PO, Andre Bormanis on space panel, Q&A session with senior tech consultant and more!

Oct 14 - 'Imperfection' Overnight Ratings
Though down on last week, Voyager is still doing better than usual in the rating's game.

Oct 14 - New 'Shattered' article
Official site posts short article on upcoming Voyager episode (contains some spoilers)

Oct 13 - Robert Picardo Talks 'Flesh And Blood'
Holodoc actor interview in Cinescape E-Newsletter.

Oct 13 - The Mothership, The Cynic & The Guide Review 'Imperfection'
Three more looks at second Borg episode of the season.

Oct 13 - Site Columns
Black Friday, BBS listings and TV info

Oct 13 - New 'Drive' and 'Repression' News and UPN post new photos and synopsis for next two Voyager episodes..

Oct 13 - Sotheby's Online Trek Auction kicks off sci-fi memorbilia special sale with over 50 Trek items

Oct 13 - Two More 'Imperfection' Reviews
Cinescape Online and IGN Sci-fi review Voyager's latest offering.

Oct 13 - Site Columns
BBS info, TV listings & Andromeda poll results.

Oct 13 - First 'Imperfection' Reviews
Mania, TrekWeb and Section 31 on second season seven episode.

Oct 12 - 'Unimatrix Zero II' Final Ratings
Best season premiere since 1997's 'Scorpion, Part Two'.

Oct 12 - Review: Unimatrix Zero, Part II
The final season begins with a fair start to the Borg civil war.

Oct 12 - New 'Drive' Promo
Media Trek digitizes new promo. Transcript inside.

Oct 12 - Gaming Bullets
'DS9: The Fallen' interview, 'Star Fleet Command II' demo preview, .plan update and loads of reviews!

Oct 12 - New Interview with Team
'Star Trek UK' magazine talks to the production team for the official Star Trek site

Oct 11 - Ron Moore Talks 'Roswell'
Two new interviews with former DS9 scribe & ratings success for WB series.

Oct 11 - Cynical 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' Review
David E. Sluss returns from summer hiatus with a look at the Voyager season premiere.

Oct 11 - News Bullets
Shatner stocks, Norman, eBooks, DS9 Companion, Visitor & UPN a winner again.

Oct 11 - Julia Houston on 'Vamps' in Trek guide has a look at female stereotypes in startrek, in particular, the seductress or 'vamp'

Oct 11 - New 'Shattered' Synopsis posts new information on upcoming episode, 'Shattered'

Oct 11 - Site Columns
The joy of music, BBS listings, New Voyager Episode Tonight and TV programming

Oct 10 - Site Columns
Chats, BBS discussions, TV listings, poll results & a birthday.

Oct 10 - RPG Update - Last Unicorn Games
More information on the effects of the loss of the Trek RPG license to Decipher

Oct 10 - News Bullets
Wang and Chao at 'Ammy Awards', 'Dr.' Spock, Frakes interview and more

Oct 10 - New 'Hailing Frequencies'
Michelle Green on 'Drive' and other rumors, 'Unimatrix Zero II', 'New Frontier' comic and more.

Oct 10 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek comic competition

Oct 10 - New 'Unimatrix Zero Part II' Review
Jamahl Epsicokhan gives Voyager season premiere 3 stars

Oct 9 - 'Critical Care' Video Clip
UPN 9 News talks to Dawson, Mulgrew and Picardo on Voyager and features clips from 4th episode(contains spoilers)

Oct 9 - Site Columns
Computers and why I'm looking for a new one, BBS listings and TV times

Oct 8 - Voyager Cast Reflect On Series posts three new interview videos.

Oct 8 - A Take On Trek Takes On Andromeda
Fred Shedian looks at modern vs. new Gene Roddenberry.

Oct 8 - News Bullets
No Mulgrew at conference, Unimatrix Zero credits, column, 'ST: TMP' rating & more.

Oct 8 - 'Flesh And Blood' Photos
British SFX magazine posts three set photos from November two-parter.

Oct 7 - 'Andromeda' Live Writer Chat & First Episode Reviews
New features from SlipstreamWeb on day of American Andromeda premiere.

Oct 7 - New 'Drive' And 'Repression' Synopses
Online TV guides provide upcoming Voyager episode info. (Contains Spoilers)

Oct 7 - News Bullets
E:FC on Sci-Fi, auctions, schedule, Sev rifle, Trek tech, Nimoy, Stewart & more.

Oct 7 - Site Columns
Rick Berman's car, BBS info, TV listings & 'Unimatrix Zero II' poll results.

Oct 7 - Richard James Interview posts second half of Q&A session with Production Designer

Oct 7 - 'Imperfection' and 'Drive' News
UPN posts new 'Imperfection' and 'Drive' synopses and photos (contains spoilers)

Oct 7 - LeVar Burton Interview
Star Trek: The Magazine talks with TNG's Geordie LaForge.

Oct 7 - Star Trek Guide Reviews Voyager Season Premiere
Julia Houston is impressed by 'Unimartix Zero II'

Oct 7 - IGN Reviews 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two'
Returning reviewer Jason Bates not impressed with Voyager return.

Oct 6 - Ratings Success For UPN
'Voyager' increases 15% over last year, good Tuesday Movie performance.

Oct 6 - New 'Deeper Side of Trek' column
Jammer looks at war and the Federation

Oct 6 - Site Columns
Pool and why people who are tipsy shouldn't play, BBS & TV listings

Oct 8 - A Take On Trek: Modern Roddenberry vs New
Fred reviews episodes of modern Roddenberry shows and new Roddenberry adventures.

Oct 6 - Five New 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' Reviews
Jeff Bond, Michelle Green, Ed Hines, O.Deus & Rob Adams start new reviewing season.

Oct 6 - 'Imperfection' Promo Video & Images
Media Trek digitises UPN trailer & updates mission log. (Contains Spoilers)

Oct 5 - 'Unimatrix Zero II' Overnight Ratings
Ratings for season premiere strongly up from season six finale ratings.

Oct 5 - Kate Mulgrew Talks Final Season
Cinescape posts 3 questions with Kathryn Janeway actress. (Contains Spoilers)

Oct 5 - updates
New 'Nightingale' plot info, more Memorable Moments (contains spoilers)

Oct 5 - New List - 100 Reasons Why Kirk Should Return From the Dead
All-new list from Hemi and the Farkmaster.

Oct 5 - Article: Top 100 Reasons Why Kirk Should Return From the Dead
The creators of '100 Reasons why Kirk is Better Than Picard' return with an all-new list.

Oct 5 - Site Columns
Birthdays, BBS & TV listings and poll results

Oct 4 - Review: Unimatrix Zero
The tag ending involving the Away Team's assimilation was effective as VGR's sixth season cliffhanger.

Oct 4 - First 'Unimatrix Zero II' Reviews
Cinescape & Entertainment Weekly analyse season seven opener.

Oct 4 - Richard James Fan Answers Online
Voyager production designer talks at official Star Trek site.

Oct 4 - Site Columns
Unimatrix Zero Part II, BBS and TV listings.

Oct 4 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' interviews, reviews and tool updates, 'New Worlds' reviews.,

Oct 4 - News Bullets
Leonard Nimoy to host the LA Philharmonic, Robert Wise interview, Spiner on 'Insurrection', UPN out of Austin and more!

Oct 4 - Optical Data Network Bullets
Find out how much news we missed and Adam Bailey didn't.

Oct 3 - Site Columns
Miscellaneous ramblings, BBS info, a birthday & poll results.

Oct 3 - New Video Clips
Mulgrew, Russ, Dawson and Berman on 'Unimatrix Zero' (contains spoilers)

Oct 3 - New Sev Trek Competition
Sev Olympic Events of the 25th Century

Oct 3 - New Hailing Frequencies column
Michelle Erica Green on pon farr, rumors and Star Trek: Rihannsu: Swordhunt & Honor Blade

Oct 3 - Ask Brannon Braga Questions annouces Q & A session with Voyager and Series V producer

Oct 2 - Season Seven Spoilers
TrekWeb reports on episode changes.

Oct 2 - Brannon Braga on Series Opener
Fandom talks Unimatrix Zero part II with Braga.

Oct 1 - 'Generations' Region 2 DVD Release Tomorrow
Final TOS film & new episode tapes available in Europe.

Oct 1 - News Bullets
UPN 'Road Rage', list, German cynic, Takei and Wang.

Oct 1 - Site Columns
A poem, BBS & TV listings and a birthday

Oct 1 - New Sev Trek Comics
Have a look at this weeks new comics

Oct 1 - Gaming Bullets
Reviews, Screenshots of 'The Fallen', 'Elite Force' interview and CCG news.

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