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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for December 2002

Dec 31 - 'Nemesis' Drops Out Of Top 10
Trek X makes just over $4 million on third weekend, total gross now $33 million.

Dec 31 - 'Strange New Worlds VI' Winners Announced
23 short stories included in the latest edition of fan-written anthology.

Dec 31 - Positive Trek X Press Across The Pond
British & Irish reviewers give 'Star Trek Nemesis' high marks. Contains spoilers!

Dec 30 - Tony Todd Joins 'Elite Force II' Cast
Kurn & Old Jake actor to provide the voice of Klingon Hazard Team officer in upcoming game sequel.

Dec 29 - Underwhelming Ratings For 'Cargo' & 'Catwalk'
Final two first-run 'Enterprise' episodes for 2002 watched by less than 5 million viewers.

Dec 29 - UPN Aims To Broaden Its Appeal
'Enterprise' network hopes 'Supermodel' and 'Platinum' will attract a young, multiethnic audience.

Dec 29 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, new poll, happy birthday & TV listings.

Dec 28 - UPN To Show 'Enterprise' Bloopers
Series V & 'Twilight Zone' among the UPN series featured in next month's 'Funky Flubs' special.

Dec 28 - 'Star Trek: The Magazine' Wraps Up
Official periodical's last issue scheduled for April 2003 after four years in print.

Dec 27 - 'The Catwalk' Review Roundup
TrekWeb, Television Without Pity, monkee, Trek 5, ScoopMe! & TrekPulse analyse the latest 'Enterprise' episode.

Dec 27 - News Bullets
Ron Jones, 'This Grey Spirit' review, 'Enterprise' article, 'Nemesis' photos, Moore & Trek's finest hour.

Dec 23 - Hobbits Run 'Rings' Around 'Nemesis'
Weekend estimates place Trek X in 9th position as 'The Two Towers' conquers all at the box office.

Dec 23 - First 'Canamar' Plot Details
Upcoming 'Enterprise' instalment reported to introduce new alien race. Spoilers inside!

Dec 22 - Ron Jones Criticises Current Trek Music
Former TNG composer 'underwhelmed' by recent scores, says 'Enterprise' theme 'sucks.'

Dec 22 - News Bullets
Auberjonois, Shatner, 'Nemesis' in Italy, 'Enterprise' review, TNG cast interviews, Mulgrew & more!

Dec 22 - Site Columns
Merry Christmas, classic TT news, new poll & TV listings.

Dec 21 - Velton Ray Bunch To Score 'Judgment'
'Silent Enemy' & 'Marauders' composer to create the music for season two's 19th episode.

Dec 21 - Article: Writing For Star Trek Part VI: Reflection & Self-Evaluation
Part VI in our series 'Do you have what it takes to write for Star Trek?' examines the inner writer.

Dec 21 - Baird Spills 'Nemesis' DVD Details
Trek X director talks cut scenes and extended ending to appear on DVD. Contains major spoilers!

Dec 21 - 'Dawn' & 'Stigma' Plot Info Revealed
Trip must survive in a hostile environment & T'Pol faces life as an outcast in these upcoming episodes. Spoilers!

Dec 21 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' photos, Berman, Ebert & Roeper, 'Nemesis' down under, Mulgrew, Shatner, Moore & Turkish Trek!

Dec 20 - Trek Stars Stand Up For Fans
TNG actors Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis & Brent Spiner say Trekkies get a 'bad rap.'

Dec 19 - Official 'Crash Landing' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers!

Dec 20 - Lacklustre Overnights For 'The Catwalk'
Wednesday night's outing scores 'Enterprise's' second-lowest overnights ever, series places fifth in its timeslot.

Dec 19 - Review: The Catwalk
Archer and crew sweat it out in close quarters.

Dec 19 - Stewart 'Sure' Trek X Is TNG's Last
'All of us are very sensitive about not wanting to outstay our welcome,' Picard actor says.

Dec 19 - SFC3 'Nemesis' Add-On Pack Released
Gamers can take the Scimitar for a test-drive in this new downloadable mission for 'Starfleet Command III.'

Dec 19 - Dorn 'Fortunate' To Be Franchise Actor
Worf actor says he valued the freedom gained from a secure job & talks 'Nemesis' reunion.

Dec 18 - Berman: 'Enterprise' May Have Come Too Soon
Trek franchise head reacts to disappointing Series V ratings, and says Star Trek is still part of the popular culture.

Dec 17 - First Plot Details For 'The Crossing'
New alien life forms pose a threat to the NX-01 crew in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 16 - J. Lo Trek's Box Office 'Nemesis'
'Maid In Manhattan' takes the No. 1 spot on opening weekend, Trek X relegated to second place. Updated: Official takings released.

Dec 16 - 'Precious Cargo' Review Roundup
Jammer, O. Deus, Television Without Pity, Trek 5, monkee & ScoopMe! analyse last week's 'Enterprise' episode.

Dec 16 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, new poll & TV listings.

Dec 15 - 'Nemesis' Struggles On Opening Day
Preliminary figures place Trek X at No. 1, but film takes less than 8 million on its opening day & J. Lo flick isn't far behind.

Dec 15 - Nimoy Takes His Final Bow
Spock actor says he's retiring from acting and plans to concentrate on photography.

Dec 15 - Sideshow Toy To Produce Trek Busts
New Trek collectible line begins March 2003 with Kirk & Spock, followed by the remaining TOS & TNG crew.

Dec 15 - News Bullets
Spiner, DS9 DVDs, Berman, 'Nemesis' article, celebrity petition, Goldberg, ratings & science articles, Stewart, Shatner & more!

Dec 14 - Massive 'Nemesis' Review Roundup
TV Guide, New York Times, Cinescape, Roger Ebert, Washington Post, LA Times & over thirty more analyse the tenth Trek feature.

Dec 14 - Article: Five-Minute Star Trek Nemesis
Picard tries to persuade himself to donate blood, but finds it hard to make up his mind until he can get more data.

Dec 13 - Article: From Trek X To Nemesis
As 'Star Trek Nemesis' debuts in cinemas, we look at the film's development over the past four years.

Dec 13 - The Book Padd: War Stories One and Two
What the da Vinci did during the Dominion War...

Dec 13 - 'The Catwalk' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's new 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Dec 12 - Mixed Reception For 'Nemesis'
The Miami Herald, AP, Film Critic, Slant Magazine, AICN, the Trades & more weigh in with their thoughts on Trek X.

Dec 12 - Trek X News Roundup
Stewart & Hardy interviews, Logan chat transcript, professor on film's appeal, Wheaton, Florida events & AP villain articles.

Dec 12 - Review: Precious Cargo
Tucker rescues the perfect mate.

Dec 12 - Baird Talks Cinematic Influences
Director on using German, Polish & Japanese films for inspiration, car chases and the 'Nemesis' DVD! Contains spoilers.

Dec 11 - 'Nemesis' Stars Take To The Red Carpet
Tom Hardy, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, John Logan, Stuart Baird & more speak at Monday's world premiere! Contains spoilers.

Dec 11 - Trek X News Roundup
Spiner & Hardy interviews, updated chat schedule, Florida event, ET report, UK film show & villains article.

Dec 10 - Trek X Garners Positive Press
Hollywood Reporter & Popular Mechanics give 'Nemesis' the thumbs-up, Paramount takes out 2-page ad to promote the film.

Dec 10 - 'Nemesis' News Roundup (2)
McFadden chat transcript, upcoming chats, 'Enterprise' competition, development articles, Sirtis on money & Florida celebration.

Dec 10 - Stewart Doesn't Want Trek X To Be The Last
Jean-Luc Picard actor can't bear to say goodbye to the TNG family & says he'll be back if 'Nemesis' does well. Spoilers inside!

Dec 10 - 'Nemesis' News Roundup
Sirtis on Troi, box office article, Spiner talks getting older, Berman on future films & Time article.

Dec 9 - Paramount Releases 'Nemesis' Communicator'
New promotional mini-program features exclusive look at concept art, film stills & 'Nemesis' audio clip. Romulan senate concepts inside!

Dec 8 - Three New 'Nemesis' Clips Online
Download footage of Shinzon & Picard facing off, a key Deanna Troi scene & a dramatic space battle! Contains major spoilers!

Dec 8 - Variety Calls Trek X 'Unambitious'
Trade paper says film feels like a 'suped-up episode,' but praises Stewart's 'regal' performance. Plus: Low box office predicted.

Dec 8 - Stewart On The Joys Of Off-Road Vehicles
'Nemesis' star talks 180 degree turns and driving Brent Spiner into the bushes.

Dec 8 - 'Nemesis' Bullets
Release dates, TNG companion, no midnight showings, novelisation review, Logan, Digital Domain & filk marathon.

Dec 7 - Official 'Cease Fire' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for this upcoming episode. Plus: Production report.

Dec 7 - Burton Talks Trek Freshmen
Geordi La Forge actor says 'Nemesis' writer John Logan is a 'real gentleman' & director Stuart Baird did a 'remarkable job.'

Dec 7 - 'Voyage Home' Special Edition DVD Announced
Two-disc set of fourth Trek feature arrives in March 2003 with new commentaries & featurettes.

Dec 7 - Logan: Trek X Wasn't A Job - It Was Pleasure
'Star Trek Nemesis' scribe tells how he took a fan's approach to the newest Star Trek movie.

Dec 7 - 'Enterprise' To Explore AIDS In 'Stigma'
Rick Berman and Jolene Blalock talk about opportunity to educate next generation. Spoilers inside!

Dec 7 - The Book Padd: The Brave and the Bold
Take a ride through all the Trek series in this new duology.

Dec 6 - 'Enterprise' Suffers From 'Vanishing' Viewers
With Thanksgiving travellers abandoning their TV sets, 'Vanishing Point' scores Series V's lowest ratings yet.

Dec 6 - News Bullets
Shatner times three, Nimoy, 'Star Trek III,' Moore, 'Brave and the Bold,' TNG in Germany & outsmart Scott Bakula!

Dec 6 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & TV listings.

Dec 6 - Baird Talks Trek X Director's Edition
'Star Trek Nemesis' director gives his view on a special edition of the movie, and hints at what might be on the DVD release.

Dec 5 - 'Vanishing Point' Meets With Critical Scorn
Eight new reviews of last week's 'Enterprise' episode online.

Dec 5 - 'Precious Cargo' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's new 'Enterprise' episode! Transcript inside.

Dec 4 - Stewart To Host 'Nemesis' Charity Premiere
December 11 debut of Trek X in New York to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research.

Dec 4 - 'Nemesis' News Roundup
Baird, Spiner & Sirtis interviews, cast & crew chat schedule, Hungarian premiere & Loews Cineplex celebration.

Dec 3 - TV Guide Marks 'Nemesis' Release
Latest issue features four collectible covers & interviews with Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner & John Logan. Contains spoilers!

Dec 3 - 'Nemesis' News Roundup
Stars discuss the 'final journey,' Frakes talks fighting, Stewart on Logan, AICN review, Premiere magazine & TV specials.

Dec 3 - Analysts Examine UPN's Ratings Woes
With 'Enterprise' & 'Buffy' down, commentators look for answers, while executives boost the sex quotient.

Dec 3 - TNG Season 6 DVD Reviews Appear
Despite disputes about whether season six was the best year, critics once again give the TNG sets high marks.

Dec 3 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Vanishing Point
Will 'remember me' be Hoshi's coda?

Dec 2 - Logan Wrote 'Nemesis' For Fans
Trek X scribe says he doesn't care what the casual viewer thinks, as long as the film appeals to Trekkers.

Dec 1 - Largest Trek Exhibition Ever Opens This Month
'Star Trek: The Adventure' begins its five-year world tour in London on December 18.

Dec 1 - 'Nemesis' Bullets
Stewart talk show appearances, Showtime special, novelisation review, soundtrack info, new images, poster & German release date.

Dec 1 - Trinneer On Keeping Trip Interesting
'Enterprise' actor would like to see the NX-01 engineer in one of his 'quiet moments.'

Dec 1 - News Bullets
DS9 DVD web site,, Psi Phi, 'Singularity' & 'This Grey Spirit' reviews, Ent-D in lego & Cult TV babes.

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