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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2004

Apr 30 - Montalban To Be Honoured At Theatre Gala
Khan actor will be feted at the grand opening of a theatre named for his work promoting Latinos in entertainment.

Apr 30 - News Bullets
Shatner, Combs, Auberjonois, Lakshmi, Monaghan, Robinson, Picardo, Dorn, Mulgrew, Vornholt, 'Enterprise' editorials and schedule, Paramount on the web and more.

Apr 29 - UPN Releases 'E' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 29 - Enterprise Actors Cautiously Optimistic
Keating and Trinneer discuss some positive signs about the show's fate. Details inside!

Apr 29 - UPN 'Forgotten' By Wednesday Viewers
Network finishes in last place as new 'Enterprise' episode brings in low overnight ratings.

Apr 29 - Review: The Forgotten
While Archer negotiates with the Xindi weapon's maker, Tucker tries to cope with its consequences.

Apr 28 - 'Voyager' Arrives On DVD in UK Next Week
First season boxed set contains footage of Bujold as Janeway, features on science and visuals.

Apr 28 - Site Columns
Lions in Winter, T'Pol's addiction, Trek Two Years Ago, new poll and more!

Apr 27 - Takei Takes On Trans-Cultural Projects
Sulu actor plans to produce a film about 'Tokyo Rose', narrates French and Japanese art exhibit.

Apr 26 - Armstrong Says Enterprise Will Likely Visit Earth
Admiral Forrest actor says Enterprise may be bound for home if the show returns for a fourth season.

Apr 26 - 'USA Today' Readers Rally To Save 'Enterprise'
Trek series dominated 'Save Our Shows' poll; 'Whoopi' didn't fare so well.

Apr 26 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' on the bubble, Picardo, Dawson, McDowell, 'Andromeda', 'Damage' review, books and more.

Apr 26 - Phillips Thinks 'Voyager' Holds Up Well
Neelix actor discusses theatre and television work since series concluded.

Apr 26 - Shatner Performs on 'Wayne Brady Show'
Kirk actor fakes a heart attack to demonstrate paintball strategy, says 'Practice' lured him back to serial TV.

Apr 25 - No 'Damage' To Reputation Of 'Enterprise'
Online critics strongly praise writing and direction of this week's episode, though express some reservations with the arc.

Apr 25 - Site Columns
'Alias' antics & 'Gilmore Girls' goodness (spoilers!), BBS threads, classic TT news and Berman & Braga poll!

Apr 24 - News Bullets
Blalock, Park, 'Enterprise' poll, Shatner, 'Voyager' DVDs, original series promos, Trek experience and UPN.

Apr 24 - Dawson Crosses 'Jordan'
'Voyager' actress directs forensic drama, but acting doesn't go missing 'Without a Trace'.

Apr 24 - Picard Makes It So On DVD
Box set focusing on TNG captain to be released in Region 1 on August 3.

Apr 23 - Viacom Posts Record Profits During First Quarter 2004
Paramount parent company cites television advertising revenues, renewed licensing for Trek shows.

Apr 23 - Bakula: Cancellation of 'Angel' Unnerving
'Enterprise' actors, crew were troubled when fellow Paramount lot show got the axe from its network.

Apr 23 - Burton, Osbourne Talk World Peace, AIDS Activism
TNG star is promoting Children of Uganda and Global Vision For Peace.

Apr 22 - Berman: Trek XI To Be Prequel Film
Star Trek producer in talks with two producers for next Trek film, also working on non-Trek SF series with Brannon Braga.

Apr 22 - UPN Releases 'The Forgotten' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 22 - 'Damage' Continues For 'Enterprise' Ratings
Media Insider puts show in loser's column as weak numbers continue for UPN.

Apr 22 - Review: Damage
Archer finds himself facing a moral dilemma in the pale moonlight.

Apr 21 - 'Voyager' Relaunch to Continue in 'Spirit Walk'
Cover images and summaries of Christie Golden novels are now available.

Apr 21 - Site Columns
DVD joy, debating older Trek, Braga's temporal cold war pitch, tonight's new episode and more!

Apr 20 - 'Trekkies 2' Director Finds Fans Positive
Documentary director met fans from around the world for the second installment of the documentary. Details inside!

Apr 20 - News Bullets
'Enterprise', Takei x2, Burton x2, Shatner, Biggs, Bakula, Doohan, The Rock, genre awards, 'Damage' promo and more.

Apr 19 - Sirtis, Dorn 'Walking On Water' Together
TNG stars will appear in action thriller set in an underwater ghost town.

Apr 19 - Blalock's T'Pol Wins Spacey Award
For the second consecutive year, 'Enterprise' performer is rewarded for her character's appeal.

Apr 18 - Moore 'Touching Evil' For USA
TNG and DS9 veteran serves as consulting producer on cable network's detective series.

Apr 18 - Site Columns
Welcome to 'Alias' (and 'Gilmore Girls') Sunday! BBS threads, classic TT news, 'Enterprise' poll & a birthday!

Apr 17 - Communicator Becomes A Reality
Vocera's Trek-like lapel badge communicator is proving to be a hit in hospitals.

Apr 17 - First Images Of Original Series DVD Sets
Three seasons of 'Star Trek' scheduled to be released in Region 2 in August, November and December. Plus: 'Voyager' pre-order details.

Apr 17 - 'Voyager' Relaunch Continues With 'Spirit Walk'
Christie Golden's two-book series, 'Old Wounds' and 'The Enemy of My Enemy', will be released in November and December.

Apr 16 - 'Trekkies 2' Gets Paramount Premiere
Crosby, Nygard, Keating, others talk about the film's scope and impact.

Apr 16 - News Bullets
Trinneer, Maiewski, Spaceys, Takei x2, TOS, 'Enterprise' in Sweden and on UPN, and more.

Apr 15 - UPN Releases 'Damage' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 15 - Fuller Signs Production Deal With Fox
Former Trek writer will develop shows for studio that cancelled his 'Wonderfalls'.

Apr 14 - Klingon Film About Ugly Humans To Debut In May
'Earthlings' will have its premiere next month at the Cannes Film Market.

Apr 14 - News Bullets
Bakula rescheduling, Armstrong, Shatner, Nygard, Wolfe, Mulgrew, stamps, DVDs, books and more.

Apr 14 - Site Columns
Spring break, wormhole questions, Trek's 35th anniversary, new poll and more!

Apr 13 - Auberjonois Garners Good Reviews For 'Sly Fox'
Critics give comedy mixed reception but praise DS9 actor's performance on Broadway.

Apr 13 - Borg Assimilator Intimidates U.S. East Coast
The first Star Trek-themed roller coaster has opened at Paramount's Carowinds amusement park.

Apr 13 - Mulgrew Calls 'Voyager' Very Hard Work
In Los Angeles in a new play, Janeway actress discusses her children's theatrical ambitions and her own.

Apr 12 - DS9 Vets' 'The 4400' To Launch This Summer
USA Network orders a limited run of Rene Echevarria and Ira Steven Behr's new sci-fi series.

Apr 11 - No Hugo Love For 'Star Trek'
'Enterprise' fails to score any nominations in Best Dramatic Presentation category.

Apr 11 - Site Columns
Exciting (or not, as the case may be) TrekToday announcement, BBS threads, classic TT news & 'Enterprise' poll.

Apr 10 - News Bullets
'Save Our Show' poll, DVD art, 'Spectres', live chat, Eden FX, 'Enterprise' in Spain and TV & book reviews!

Apr 9 - Bakula Goes On The Talk Show Circuit
'Enterprise' actor to appear on 'The Early Show' and 'Regis & Kelly' next week.

Apr 9 - Mixed Reception For Mulgrew's 'Royal Family'
Some critics say 'Voyager' actress is too over the top, but dish out praise for 'Enterprise' costumer Robert Blackman.

Apr 9 - : Foundations
Jackie Bundy revisits this 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' tale in novel form.

Apr 8 - Affiliate Claims 'Enterprise' Will Return This Fall
Seattle UPN programming coordinator says the series will be on UPN's 2004-5 schedule.

Apr 8 - News Bullets
Enterprise Project, ratings, Billingsley, Shatner, Mulgrew, New Zealand trekkers, stunt pilot, DVD rumours, book chat and more.

Apr 8 - 'Voyager' Season Three DVD Details Released
Features on 'Flashback', Neelix and Kes will be highlights of the third season boxed set.

Apr 7 - As May Sweeps Approach, Cancellations Continue
'Wonderfalls', 'Game Over' and 'The Parkers' are the latest shows to be given the axe.

Apr 7 - UPN Reveals Season Finale Spoilers
Synopses for 'Enterprise' May sweeps episodes: 'E', 'The Council', 'Countdown' and 'Zero Hour'. Contains major spoilers!

Apr 7 - Site Columns
Eternal Sunshine, B&B vs. UPN, April Fools two years ago, new poll and more!

Apr 7 - Billingsley Plays Voyeur On 'Damage' Set
'Enterprise' actor gives fans the lowdown on a romantic shower scene between two characters. Contains spoilers!

Apr 5 - Aims To Do Just That
New fan site logged 300,000 hits in a week, wants UPN to be aware of numbers beyond the Nielsens.

Apr 5 - Moore Cracks Hatch for 'Galactica'
Former Trek scribe is in talks to reunite old and new generations of sci-fi series.

Apr 4 - 'Deep Space Nine' Gets Spiked This Week
Third Trek series will begin airing tomorrow in all-afternoon marathons.

Apr 4 - Site Columns
Spring arrives, 'Wonderfalls' leaves, Baird confesses, new poll, new listings and more.

Apr 4 - 'Trekkies 2' Beams Down April 20
Documentary sequel slated to premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival before heading to the USA and LA film fests.

Apr 3 - Amidst 'Enterprise' Rumours, A New Fan Campaign
The Enterprise Project plans to 'bug' UPN while various critics guess at series' fate.

Apr 3 - News Bullets
Guest star movies, Auberjonois, Stewart, Hower, Mulgrew, Shiban, cons, sci-fi history, rumours and book reviews.

Apr 2 - DS9's Behr Consulted With 'Enterprise' Producers
Former Trek exec met with old colleague Berman and Braga to discuss newest Trek.

Apr 1 - 'Enterprise' Cancelled! And Other Big Stories
April Fool jokes appear on numerous Trek web sites today; official site hypes 'Klingon Eye for the Human Guy' series. Spoilers!

Apr 1 - UPN 'Still Alive' With New 'Enterprise' Lead-Out
Reality series will debut at 9 p.m. Wednesdays in April; 'Enterprise' will remain at 8 for May sweeps.

Apr 1 - Shatner Devises 'Enterprise' Pitch
James T. Kirk actor says he's come up with a way to appear on the latest 'Star Trek' series.

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