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April 11, 2004 - 11:42 AM

Hello World!

I just want you to know that I had written a really extensive Hello World! about today's staff announcement, complete with two fictional TrekToday readers discussing the quality (or lack there of) of my Site Columns and my views on Alias. It was very self-depreciating, and rather funny, in my not-really-terribly-humble opinion. But then I accidentally closed the window and lost the whole thing. So, loyal readers, I'm afraid you missed out on some of the best comedy writing since "Spirit Folk". No doubt you will each deal with this tragedy in your own special way.

Down to business then. Kristine, who filled in for me during my Canberra jaunt earlier this year, is coming back to the site! She'll be joining Michelle as part of our news writing team. "But Caillan," I hear you say, "don't new writers usually replace departing ones? Or is TrekToday about to expand Roman Empire-like into a sprawling bureaucracy? Who will be your Diocletian?" These are very good questions (bonus points for the Diocletian bit).

Kristine will be taking over from me as a regular news writer for TrekToday and CSI Files. I'll still be around as editor of both sites and weekend news writer. What does this actually mean for the site? Hopefully, things will run more efficiently and we'll be able to deliver better coverage throughout the week. And Sunday's Site Columns will my special "Alias Sunday" where we'll all try to guess the provenance of Melissa George's accent on Alias.

So, it's a hearty "welcome back" for Kristine, a big pat on the back for continuing stalwart Michelle and a hip, hip, hooray! for "Alias Sunday"! (You thought I was joking about that, didn't you? Just you wait...)

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