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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2003

Apr 30 - Pocket Books Announces New Releases
Omnibus editions, 'Enterprise' dominate new publication schedule.

Apr 30 - Nygard Talks 'Trekkies 2'
Roddenberry would be proud of fan documentaries, filmmaker says.

Apr 30 - News Bullets
Stewart's play, Sisko snub, franchise article, 'The Breach' review, Roddenberry highway, DVD competition & plush Porthos!

Apr 30 - Site Columns
Book bonanza, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & 'Enterprise' tonight!

Apr 29 - Stewart 'Biography' Well-Rounded, Says Reviewer
A&E airs installment on former TNG star tonight at 8 p.m.

Apr 28 - News Bullets
Stewart 'X2' publicity, Piller's 'Dead Zone', new web sites and more.

Apr 28 - 'Enterprise' DVDs Not In The Works
Updated May 2: Paramount Netherlands says there are no plans for 'Enterprise' DVDs.

Apr 27 - Brooks: 'Star Trek' Gives Us Hope
In rare interview, DS9 actor discusses peace and baldness.

Apr 27 - Site Columns
London in the springtime, Trek two years ago and more!

Apr 27 - News Bullets
Park on 'Jeopardy!', 'Enterprise' campaign, Borg encounter, Mulgrew, 'Horizon' review & more!

Apr 26 - 'The Breach' Wins Praise for Billingsley
Reviewers admired acting, directing, serious storyline of latest episode.

Apr 26 - Robert Beltran To Appear In 'CSI: Miami'
Chakotay actor will guest star as a judge in May 5 episode of forensic science series.

Apr 26 - Trek Alumni In 'Happy Family'
Larroquette, Gibney to play beleaguered parents for NBC.

Apr 26 - Review: Horizon
Mayweather goes home and T'Pol goes to the movies.

Apr 25 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' in NZ, sweeps preview, 'Enterprise' reviews, Billingsley, Stewart & Klingon at the NSA!

Apr 24 - Ratings Rebound In 'The Breach'
Last night's episode scored well in overnights.

Apr 24 - Crosby, Nygard Plan 'Trekkies 2'
TNG actress wants to portray fan generosity in sequel.

Apr 24 - 'Cogenitor' Trailer Released
Download the promo for the first 'Enterprise' of sweeps! Full transcript inside.

Apr 24 - 5-Minute Enterprise: The Breach
Everybody gives peace a chance except that Xemian guy.

Apr 24 - Review: The Breach
As Enterprise aids a trio of Denobulans, Phlox tries to save an alien who hates his kind.

Apr 23 - Stewart: Picard Won't Be Back
TNG actor says his Trek days are over. Plus: Fan encounters, typecasting & more from 'X2' press tour.

Apr 23 - McNeill On Helming 'The Breach'
'Enterprise' director talks tackling ambitious climbing sequences. Plus: Theatre plans with Connor Trinneer & auction!

Apr 23 - News Bullets
Jarvis passes away, kudos for Meany & Mulgrew, 'Horizon', Meyer chat, Roddenberry, SevTrek & more!

Apr 23 - Site Columns
Farewell from me, Trek BBS topics, new poll and more!

Apr 22 - Robert Picardo To Guest On 'Sabrina'
The Holodoc actor pays a visit to the 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' series finale.

Apr 22 - Sussman: Borg Episode Will Provide 'Food For Thought'
'Enterprise' writer addresses fans' concerns over Borg appearing in the show.

Apr 22 - Trek Bigwigs Talk SF's Future
Berman, Braga & Behr offer thoughts on the bleak outlook for science fiction and the revival of the fantasy genre.

Apr 22 - Trinneer Not Concerned About Ratings
'It's none of my business,' Trip actor tells British magazine. Plus: 'Nemesis', season two development & more!

Apr 21 - Article: Spotlight On Ray Bradbury
Joseph Di Lella bookends his 'Writing For Star Trek' series with this look at the inspiring story of one of science fiction's literary giants.

Apr 21 - News Bullets
Roddenberry highway, Stewart on TV, Russ auction, SyFy Awards, Spanish DVDs, 'Vulcan's Soul', Trek-inspired invention & more!

Apr 20 - Key 'Regeneration' Plot Points Revealed
SFX Magazine spills more details about upcoming 'Enterprise' Borg episode. Contains spoilers!

Apr 20 - 'Horizon' Review Roundup
TrekWeb,, Trek5, ScoopMe! & Television Without Pity analyse the latest 'Enterprise'.

Apr 20 - Site Columns
On 'Elektra', jaffle irons & annoying TV schedules, BBS threads, new poll & happy birthday!

Apr 19 - 'Enterprise' Up For Two Hugo Awards
'Carbon Creek' and 'A Night In Sickbay' nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Apr 18 - Trek Alumni News Roundup
McDonough 'Walking Tall', Sadler in 'Wonder Falls' and more.

Apr 18 - Official 'Elite Force II' Web Site Launches
Web portal for new game includes storyline info, mission structure, character database & downloads. Plus: Alumni providing voices.

Apr 18 - No Ratings Upswing On The 'Horizon'
'Enterprise' scores lowest overnights since last November, series comes fifth in its timeslot.

Apr 18 - News Bullets
'Judgment' review, McGavin passes away, Roddenberry highway, Spanish campaign, sci-fi museum & more!

Apr 17 - 'The Breach' Trailer Released
Download the promo for next week's Denobulan-heavy 'Enterprise' outing! Transcript inside.

Apr 17 - Site Columns
Jaffle irons, BBS threads, classic TT news, 'Horizon' poll & a birthday!

Apr 16 - 'New Frontier' Anthology Details Released
Find out who's writing for an upcoming anthology. Plus: DS9 anthology update.

Apr 16 - Shatner And Nimoy To Horse Ride For Charity
Kirk actor snares Spock actor to join him at his annual charity fundraiser.

Apr 16 - Non-Starfleet Personnel To Join NX-01
Rick Berman says new 'Enterprise' crew will 'add a little muscle'. Plus: Character moments in 'The Expanse'. Spoilers!

Apr 16 - News Bullets
Koenig, TNN, Keating, 'Nemesis' in NZ & DVD, promos, Murphy, Luckinbill & more!

Apr 15 - Berman Promises 'Significant Changes' In Season 3
'Enterprise' creator says new mission 'may last many episodes' but won't be a 'serialised arc'. Spoilers!

Apr 15 - News Bullets
Mulgrew and 'Tea at 5', Stewart and the Baftas, Thunderbirds and more!

Apr 14 - Roddenberry Son Talks 'Trek Nation'
Rod Roddenberry talks Gene's legacy documentary. Plus: send a Trek script to troops.

Apr 14 - Braga Up For More Social Commentaries
'Enterprise' executive producer chats with fans about character dynamics, sexy cast and 'Enterpaws'.

Apr 14 - Article: The Sci-Fi Summit - Part 2
Joseph Di Lella reports on Sunday's events at Creation Entertainment's 11th Grand Slam convention.

Apr 14 - The Book Padd: Age Of Unreason
Jacqueline Bundy is unsatisfied by this latest 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' outing.

Apr 13 - Marina Sirtis Reflects On Trek
Troi actress wished for more personal development, and talks gay characters

Apr 13 - Site Columns
April Fools, Trek BBS topics, new poll and more!

Apr 13 - 'CSI' News Round-up
'Movies' pulls in the crowds, new 'Miami' trailer, Fox talks to 'Playboy', 'Precious Metal' review & more!

Apr 12 - 'Next Generation' Novel Series Slated For 2004
Pocket Books to release a new novel each month following the adventures of the Enterprise-E crew in the lead-up to 'Nemesis'.

Apr 12 - Critics Deliver Positive 'Judgment'
It's a case of TrekWeb, Monkee, ScoopMe, Trek5 & LowerDecks vs Television Without Pity in this 'Enterprise' review round-up.

Apr 12 - News Bullets
E-1 cancelled, Stewart fundrasier & play, Mulgrew appearances, book news, Shatner, promo & more!

Apr 11 - Bakula To Beam Aboard Real-Life Enterprise
Archer actor invited to tour the USS Enterprise CVN 65 later this month, with 'Entertainment Tonight' along for the ride.

Apr 11 - 'Enterprise' Ratings At Impulse
'Judgment' scores lower overnights than 'The Crossing', comes fifth in its timeslot. Plus: UPN last for the night.

Apr 11 - 'Horizon' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's Travis Mayweather episode! Transcript inside.

Apr 11 - News Bullets
Johnson Jerald, Hertzler, Koenig marathon, Mulgrew, McNeill, Dawson bike ride, 'The Crossing', composer interview, 'Dead Zone' & more!

Apr 10 - Finale Features Familiar Faces
'The Expanse' sees repeat appearances by Suliban, Klingons, Vulcans & Future Guy!

Apr 10 - 'Enterprise' Season Two In The Can
Production on 'ambitious' finale concluded on April 8, cast embarks on 10-week hiatus.

Apr 10 - Fox 'Falls' For Fuller
'Voyager' scribe's new dramedy picked up by Fox for a possible summer debut.

Apr 10 - Review: Judgment
Archer faces a Klingon tribunal rooting for his execution.

Apr 9 - Site Columns
Planet Star Trek, Old Star Trek, New Star Trek

Apr 9 - UPN Releases Official Synopsis For 'The Expanse'
Network publicity promises 'a finale that dares the Trekkie fans not to return'. Plus: Further details on 'Bounty'. Massive spoilers inside!

Apr 9 - Article: The Sci-Fi Summit - Part 1
Joseph Di Lella reports on Saturday's events at Creation Entertainment's 11th Grand Slam convention.

Apr 9 - News Bullets
Caruso passes away, Sherman, Spiner, 'Nemesis', Trek memorabilia, TNN schedule, Spanish site, Mulgrew & more!

Apr 9 - 5-Minute Enterprise: The Crossing
The fog's got Trip! Stay back or it'll get you too!

Apr 8 - Ask Mike Sussman Questions
Send in your questions for an interview with the 'Enterprise' writer-producer!

Apr 8 - Uneven Total Ratings For Reruns
March repeats brought 'Enterprise' lower shares and rankings.

Apr 8 - Trek Alums Dooley, Diol In Sitcom Pilot
Enabran Tain and Danara Pel actors will shoot NBC comedy next week.

Apr 7 - News Bullets
Nimoy's space address, Ellison appearances, 'Nemesis' DVD art, Bakula interview, Mulgrew in New York & more!

Apr 6 - Voyager Stars Release New CDs
Picardo, Russ offer comedy and blues on new releases.

Apr 6 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force II' previews, testing article, forthcoming trailers & new screenshots.

Apr 6 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, new poll & birthdays!

Apr 6 - 'CSI' News Round-up
'Double Cap' review, new deal for Bruckheimer, another ratings victory, scientific accuracy discussed & 'Forever' spoilers!

Apr 5 - Stewart: Roddenberry Would Have Problems With Berman
Picard actor talks Trek, future plans in German and British publications.

Apr 5 - 'The Crossing' Fails To Bring Many Reviewers Across
Acting praised but writing largely condemned in last Wednesday's episode.

Apr 4 - Spiner's 'Life (x) 3' Earns Praise For Actor
TNG's Data helps Broadway comedy to critical acclaim.

Apr 4 - Art Asylum Creates New Kirk Figure
Special Tribble-edition MiniMate figure will be released in June.

Apr 4 - Ask Jordan Lund Questions
Participate in a Q&A with the actor who plays Skalaar in the upcoming 'Enterprise' episode, 'Bounty'!

Apr 4 - News Bullets
Stewart, Trinneer, Mulgrew, Gorn article, 'Left Hand of Destiny', Hardy & 'Enterprise' in Italy.

Apr 3 - Mulgrew Nominated For Lucille Lortel Award
Voyager actress honoured for onstage portrayal of Hepburn, plus appearance news.

Apr 3 - 'The Crossing' Shows Drop In Overnights
First new episode after reruns earns disappointing ratings.

Apr 3 - NX-01 To Enter Uncharted Territories
British sci-fi magazine says Enterprise will head into a dangerous area of space in 'The Expanse'. Spoilers!

Apr 3 - 'Judgment' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's Klingon-centric 'Enterprise' outing! Transcript inside.

Apr 3 - Review: The Crossing
Non-corporeal aliens do what they do best -- snatch bodies.

Apr 2 - Site Columns
Hello World, tonight's Trek and fond memories.

Apr 2 - April Fools' Day Round-up
Porthos throws a hissy fit, 'Enterprise' becomes a reality show, musical episode in the works & more!

Apr 2 - Bakula Talks Acting Voyage
'Enterprise' star on leaving for New York at 21, 'American Beauty' and 'Life as a House'.

Apr 2 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Minefield
Archer and Reed have a game of Minesweeper. Reed wishes he'd stuck to Solitaire.

Apr 1 - Upcoming Auction To Include NCC-1701 Helm
Sale later this month will feature memorabilia from several Trek shows.

Apr 1 - Sussman & Lund Provide Tellarite Tidbits
Writer Mike Sussman and actor Jordan Lund drop hints about the return of the pig-faced aliens in 'Bounty'. Spoilers!

Apr 1 - Chris Black Defends 'Enterprise' Vulcans
Co-executive producer says logical aliens aren't being portrayed as a warlike race.

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