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April 23, 2003 - 4:27 PM

Hello World!

Well, it's my final site column for the site. I'm finally going... but I'll still be lurking around like a bad smell I have no doubt. Michelle, as you've already seen, is quite competent at posting the news, so I have been perfectly replaced. Plus she probably gives Caillan less trouble than I do. :)

It's been good speaking to Trek fans again, in particular ones that remember me from my old Star Trek Central days. Although I've once again decided to move on, I'll try and hang around the Trek BBS now and again, and keep in touch.

I need time to prepare, as next month is when the US networks start culling programmes. One benefit of most of my favourite programmes being canned already, is that I have very little left to care about. The only one I'm worried about right now is Scrubs. Please, Scrubs, be renewed!

I will leave with one last comment. Controversial, maybe. But it needs to be said:

Deep Space Nine is still the best, and no doubt always will be. So there.

Cya around.

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